1 Skin care doesn’t always pan out

In recent years homemade face masks have gained popularity especially among individuals who prefer natural and organic products. Many people believe that using ingredients from their kitchen pantry can provide nourishment for their skin. However it's important to remember that just because something is natural and edible doesn't necessarily mean it's suitable for your skin.

Unfortunately not all DIY face masks are created equal. One example of this is a girl who didn't research properly before making a turmeric face mask. As a result she ended up with skin that resembled Bart Simpson's yellow complexion. It's crucial to do your homework and ensure that any ingredients you use on your face are safe and suitable for your skin type. So next time you're thinking of trying a homemade face mask make sure to research the ingredients and their effects before applying them to your skin.

2 Cooked the chopping board

Looks like this guy is in for a serious argument with his wife! It's no surprise - everyone knows that plastic cutting boards and heat don't mix well and stoves are an expensive appliance to replace. Simply saying "sorry honey" may not cut it this time.

A good idea might be to offer a thoughtful gesture like a gift card and covering the cost of a nice takeout meal for the evening. And if his wife decides she wants a new stove he should definitely be prepared to foot the bill for that too. It's important to show genuine remorse and take responsibility for the mistake.

3 Love conquers logic

It is a common occurrence for people to obtain fake IDs. While this may appear to be a serious offense especially when adults are involved law enforcement often overlooks it when it is just teenagers attempting to mimic adults. However when adults use fake IDs it can lead to more serious consequences.

In a recent incident police officers encountered a fake ID that was so poorly made that they couldn't help but chuckle. It seemed as though the individual had never seen a real ID before as it only featured one person - a dead giveaway that it was fake. Despite finding humor in the situation the police still took the matter seriously.

It is important for individuals to understand the implications of using fake IDs and the potential legal repercussions that may arise. It is always best to adhere to the law and avoid attempting to pass oneself off as someone they are not.

4 Education took a hit that day

Have you ever noticed that there's always that one word you just can't seem to spell correctly no matter how many times you try? It can be frustrating when you keep making the same mistake even after practicing multiple times. It's a common annoyance that many people can relate to.

For some individuals spelling may not be their strong suit like the person who thought that spelling "Atlanta" backward would result in "Atlanta." While it may not be the most accurate representation you have to give them credit for trying. They did manage to get the first two letters right so maybe they deserve a B- for effort. Spelling can be tricky but at least they gave it a shot!

5 There are rules you know

It appears that Karen's cousin Becky is visiting town. Despite the roped off area around the register most people would assume it's closed. But for Karen and her family any register is seen as an opportunity for discounts to speak with managers and potentially create viral social media content.

It's unclear what Becky is saying to the employee or what thoughts are going through the employee's mind. Likely the manager has already been informed of the situation and this interaction may end up being featured in a viral video soon.

6 That’s gotta hurt

In today's modern world finding the correct address has become more convenient thanks to technology. However there are still instances where people may end up at the wrong location especially if they are unfamiliar with the area. This was the case for two individuals who mistakenly arrived at the wrong address while trying to make a delivery. It seems like luck was not on their side that day.

The incident raises two important questions. Firstly why didn't they take the necessary steps to verify the location before heading there? It's always a good idea to double-check the address to avoid such mishaps. Secondly it's quite puzzling to think about how someone could allow a delivery of six thousand bricks to be made to the wrong location without realizing the mistake. Communication and attention to detail are crucial in situations like this to prevent any unnecessary confusion or inconvenience.

7 So close yet so far

We have all experienced the frustration of searching for something that is right in front of us. It could be due to being flustered or having a bias towards familiar surroundings. However there are times when someone takes this to an extreme.

Typically when searching for something it may have been left in an unusual spot or hurriedly placed in a different pocket. But there was a person who surpassed everyone else's absentmindedness by searching for his phone while holding his phone in his hand!

8 Happens to the best of us

It's a familiar scenario for many - the frantic search for the essentials before heading out the door. In this case our protagonist was in a bit of a bind as his keys were locked inside his car. So like any sensible person he reached for his phone to call for assistance.

Unfortunately the first person he called was also in a similar predicament - locked out of his own car. It seemed like a comedy of errors but at least they were able to commiserate while waiting for the arrival of a second helper.

It's moments like these that remind us of the importance of always double-checking before leaving a vehicle. After all no one wants to be stuck in a situation like this.

9 Never believe everything you see on the TV

Many people are aware that not everything they see on TV or the internet is always true but there are still some who believe everything they see. While the DIY science experiments showcased in videos may look impressive what they often don't show is the extensive preparation and cleanup involved in setting up these tests.

Despite this one determined DIY scientist decided to join the ranks of famous social media scientists in pursuit of internet fame. Although he achieved his goal the outcome was not what he had anticipated. In fact it ended up costing him his microwave.

10 Tesla is a car and Newton is a cookie

It's surprising how some people can be so misinformed or choose to ignore facts that contradict their beliefs. One individual made a glaring mistake by thinking that Americans were the ones who invented electricity. This misconception is already pretty bad but it gets even worse when they didn't realize that Tesla is not just a car brand but also the name of a famous inventor.

It makes you wonder who they thought Tesla was named after - certainly not a household object animal plant or political figure! Tesla of course refers to Nikola Tesla a renowned inventor and scientist known for his contributions to the development of alternating current electrical systems.

11 What would you choose

In the list of strange situations people find themselves in this one seems more understandable. In this establishment there are two separate directions for the self-serve bakery section. It may seem obvious that you can't reach the handle from that line but that doesn't stop one man from getting upset about the awkwardly placed signage.

It raises a valid point but also makes us wonder why he was even reading the directions in the first place. After all who really reads those directions anyway?

12 Be smarter cmon

Although it's not a common choice there are still many individuals who like to paint their rims a different color than their car every year. It seems like this guy wanted to stand out by not following the traditional route of removing the rims before painting them.

While we can appreciate his innovative approach to immediately painting his wheels it's clear that he must have realized it wasn't the most conventional look. After all the finished result resembled something you might find in a new home rather than on a car.

13 Science took a hit that day

It is a shame that sex education has been removed from many high school curriculums due to budget cuts and complaints from parents. Instead of being informative and helpful some programs are focused on scaring teenagers into abstaining from sex altogether. It is important to have a comprehensive education on this topic early on to benefit everyone involved.

Moving away from the topic of adult education it is concerning to see a lack of understanding in some individuals. For example a mother who is worried about her partner being unfaithful because the baby looks different from both parents. It is important to remember that you cannot cheat on yourself so these concerns may be misplaced.

14 More holes means more cooling

It's not uncommon for computers to overheat especially when they are older or trying to run too many programs at once. For many people buying a new computer isn't always an affordable option as they can be quite expensive. That's why updating or upgrading their current machine is often the best solution.

Unfortunately in this particular case it seems like the decision to try and repair the computer may have backfired. The repair person ended up causing more harm than good leaving the computer in worse condition than before. It's a frustrating situation to be in especially when trying to find a cost-effective solution to a common problem.

15 Genius undercover

Receiving a ticket is never a fun experience and parking tickets can be particularly frustrating. It's likely that the person who received this ticket was only parked for a short time and it can feel like a money grab when a meter maid swoops in to issue a fine on roads that have already been funded by taxpayer dollars.

In order to express their anger and frustration the individual turned to social media to share their outrage about the situation. While one might anticipate a fiery comment or a humorous meme in response to receiving a ticket the post made by this person might make you scratch your head and think "Really?

16 Space! What’s that?

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic began communication has become more challenging due to the use of face masks and social distancing measures. However rather than simply asking the employee to speak up one woman took an unconventional approach. She managed to contort her entire body underneath the protective plastic barrier in order to get a better view of the cashier.

While her determination is commendable it may not have been the most prudent decision given the current circumstances. In a time where safety and caution are paramount it is important to find alternative ways to effectively communicate without putting oneself or others at risk.

17 An accident waiting to happen

Many people believe in superstitions surrounding ladders for good reason. Ladder accidents are all too common given how frequently they are used for various tasks like changing light bulbs or undertaking home renovation projects. Any activity involving a ladder demands careful attention and caution to ensure safety.

Unfortunately there are individuals like the person in the story who dismisses these superstitions and safety precautions. It is concerning that he did not seek assistance from a friend to secure the ladder while working at a height putting himself at risk of a dangerous fall. It is crucial to prioritize safety when using ladders to prevent accidents and injuries.

18 Misinformation at its best

It is undeniable that the novel coronavirus has sparked numerous conspiracy theories in addition to the genuine gaps in scientific understanding. Questions surrounding the virus's transmission reinfection rate and origin remain areas of uncertainty in the scientific community.

However some of the theories circulating about the virus seem far-fetched. For example the idea that the virus is attracted to light is quite absurd. It is important to remember that the coronavirus is a contagious disease not a moth drawn to a flame.

19 Lost in translation

It is important to document the effects of a car accident for various reasons. Taking pictures from all angles can help accurately depict the extent of the damage and protect you from false claims made by the other party involved. Unfortunately in a recent case a woman seemed to have missed this crucial step. When requested to provide photos she did so but not the ones that were expected.

Perhaps there was a misunderstanding or she was distracted by something or someone else while taking the pictures. It is possible that she had a charming agent who caught her attention. Love has a way of surprising us even in unexpected situations like a car accident. Let's give her the benefit of the doubt and hope that she learns from this experience for any future incidents.

20 Covid doesn’t work on it’s warriors

A common dilemma that many people face is the feeling of unease that comes with embellishing their qualifications on a resume and then landing the job. It can be a mix of relief and apprehension as you realize that you now have to maintain the facade of expertise in certain areas that you may not actually possess.

Take for example a recent hire who claimed to have experience in procedural compliance and enforcing standards crucial skills in ensuring a safe work environment during the pandemic. During the interview he confidently stated that he would refuse service to anyone not wearing a mask and would diligently keep customers a safe distance apart. However his actions on the job tell a different story.

21 I do what I want!

One day a girl decided to create her own makeshift private parking spot in a crowded Walmart parking lot. However she didn't think about the fact that other shoppers and employees rely on that space for shopping carts.

It seems like karma caught up with her quickly as a tow truck was likely called to the scene unless she hurried to move her car. Getting your car towed can be a costly consequence for trying to claim your own personal parking space at Walmart.

22 How do I tell him

It was an innocent mistake that anyone could have made. The girlfriend's boyfriend went on a spring break trip to Florida and brought her a jar of sea shells as a thoughtful gift. It was a sweet gesture but little did he know that a few pistachio shells from the littered beach made their way into the jar.

The girlfriend couldn't bring herself to tell him that Florida beaches can be a bit dirty. Despite the mix-up the sentiment behind the gift was still appreciated.

23 Playing with Danger is a hobby

While there may not be a sign explicitly stating that sitting on the fragile glass mirror is prohibited common sense would suggest that it's not the best idea. However the woman in the photo seems unfazed by this notion.

Perhaps she didn't see the warning or maybe she's just a risk-taker. It's possible that she's had a long day of furniture shopping and needed to rest immediately. Or maybe she just enjoys living on the edge and taking risks that others would avoid. Whatever the reason it's definitely an interesting choice she's made.

24 When kids cook

Many mothers often remind themselves that "it's the thought that counts" as they navigate the ups and downs of their children's childhood. Kids despite their sweetness often make mistakes as they learn and grow.

One mother experienced this firsthand when her son tried to surprise her with homemade waffles one morning just like she had done for him countless times. However the well-intentioned gesture took an unexpected turn when the boy accidentally put a plastic plate in the oven. It was definitely a learning moment for him!

25 Magic of a charger

In today's world there is a noticeable divide between the younger generation and their elders and it all comes down to one thing - technology proficiency. The younger individuals seem to have a natural knack for handling smartphones computers and various apps with ease. On the other hand older individuals often find themselves perplexed when it comes to even the simplest tasks like turning on a laptop (much to the amusement of their children).

Take for instance a mother who mistakenly believed she was charging her phone but was actually doing something else entirely. This anecdote highlights the ongoing struggle that many older individuals face in keeping up with the ever-evolving world of technology.

26 Scared?Me? LOL

It seems that this man has no fear of heights at all. However we can't help but think that his issue in life is not too much fear but rather too little. Self-preservation is an important instinct to have and we don't recommend going against it. This man is clearly disregarding safety precautions by casually cleaning windows on a skyscraper without any safety equipment or even shoes.

It's like playing a dangerous game of Russian Roulette as a household chore and we fail to see the appeal in taking such unnecessary risks. It's important to prioritize safety and take necessary precautions when engaging in risky activities.

27 Is this real…?

We have to acknowledge that we are really hoping that this picture is either staged or some kind of strange practical joke between friends. Because what is captured in the image goes beyond just making a silly mistake - it is highly embarrassing and quite disgusting.

Urinals are a common fixture in many countries and even those who have never seen one in person have probably seen them in movies right? Despite this if this girl somehow missed that memo she definitely won't forget after receiving numerous comments after posting this photo.

28 How is that even comfortable

Staying current with the constantly shifting fashion trends can be quite the challenge. However it seems like this particular trend may not be sticking around for long. The candid remark made by the woman who captured this photo pretty much sums it up.

It's hard to deny that the way the girl's shoes are designed makes it appear as though she has hooves which is probably not a look most people are aiming for (unless they're going for a truly unforgettable Halloween costume inspired by the fantastical creatures of Fantasia).

29 Fill in the blanks

Many of us can admit to forging our mom's signature in high school but this particular case takes the cake. To successfully fake a permission slip it's important to fill it out correctly. It seems this rule breaker is still too young to have mastered that skill.

However you have to give them credit for their audacity and willingness to take a risk just to showcase their artistic talents on stage. It takes guts to go to such lengths for a chance to shine in the spotlight.

30 Solution to a problem? Lol no!

It's quite amusing how some people tend to overcomplicate things unnecessarily. When faced with a problem it's common to overlook the simplest solution that is right in front of us. For instance the manager of the office announced a mandatory meeting and one of the employees felt the need to take a picture.

The reason? The notice was taped onto a clipboard instead of simply using the clip that was already attached to it. It makes you wonder why even bother owning a clipboard if you're not going to utilize its basic function properly? Sometimes the most straightforward solutions are the most effective.

31 Don’t try this at home

In today's supermarkets there is a wide variety of easy-to-use homemade pizza kits that make it possible for anyone to whip up a delicious pizza at home. These kits have made it so simple that even those who have never stepped foot in a kitchen can create a masterpiece. However despite the foolproof nature of these kits there are still some who will somehow manage to mess up even the most basic steps.

It is truly a shame when you come across a pizza that looks like it was set to be a culinary delight with a perfectly thin and crispy crust only to discover that it has been ruined by a simple mistake. It's clear that the potential for a mouthwatering meal was there but unfortunately someone had to learn the hard way.

32 That is some heavy duty cooking

Here's a friendly tip for anyone considering purchasing a pressure cooker: be sure to thoroughly read the instruction manual before using it to avoid any accidents. It's always better to be safe than sorry as the consequences of not following proper safety guidelines can be costly.

It's ironic that pressure cookers are meant to save time and money in the kitchen yet a mistake in handling them can end up being quite expensive. So take the time to familiarize yourself with the proper usage of your pressure cooker to ensure a smooth and safe cooking experience.

33 Muslin terror

Finding the perfect fabric is crucial for seamstresses dressmakers and home décor enthusiasts. The quality of the fabric can make or break a project so it's important to choose wisely. While some may not understand the passion for finding the right fabric it is a significant aspect for many individuals. It's important not to judge others for their interests and passions.

In this particular situation it seems like there was a misunderstanding. The comment may have been taken out of context and perceived as more negative than intended. It's important to consider the intentions behind someone's words before jumping to conclusions. People are not as simple as a piece of fabric that can easily be wrinkled. It's always best to give others the benefit of the doubt and try to understand their perspective.


Ensuring that people are able to comprehend and follow road signs is undeniably important. However it's quite amusing when a mistake is made that actually draws more attention to the signage itself. In this particular case instead of the word "stop" being correctly displayed on the road it reads as "sotp". It's almost comical to think that two individuals could overlook such a glaring error.

One might feel a bit disheartened by the lack of attention to detail but on the bright side this mistake does provide some comedic relief. Perhaps the best course of action would be to snap a photo of the misspelled sign and bring it to the attention of the local city council during their next meeting. This would not only highlight the need for better oversight in taxpayer-funded projects but also serve as a reminder that even the simplest tasks require careful attention.

35 A sweet love story begins

In this world there are numerous inconveniences that we may encounter but one of the worst has to be having your car stolen. The process of dealing with insurance companies law enforcement and rental agencies while trying to secure a new vehicle can be incredibly stressful.

It's unfortunate that many car thieves often go unpunished but in a stroke of karma two thieves recently got their comeuppance when they ended up crashing into each other. Just picture the shock on their faces when the police arrived and they realized the consequences of their actions. It's a small victory in the fight against car theft but a satisfying one nonetheless.

36 I am enough for me

It's a common practice to share photos of your new partner on Instagram to show them off. Some people like to keep their relationship private while others are more open about it. However one guy found himself in a bit of a predicament when a mirror in the background of his photo revealed more than he intended.

The photo in question definitely raises some eyebrows. It's unclear who did his nails and it leaves us wondering about the dynamic of his relationship. It's a reminder that what we choose to share on social media can sometimes reveal more than we realize.

37 A soap so tasty

Nowadays soap bars come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some even resemble candy and can be quite tempting to look at. However it's hard to believe that someone could mistake a soap bar for a cookie. In a recent incident a girl shared a photo of a soap bar that she had given to her friend as a gift.

To her surprise her friend thought it was a cookie and took a bite out of it. The moment she tasted the soap she quickly realized her mistake. It must have been a rather unpleasant experience for her friend!

38 Microwaves now charge phones

In today's digital age misinformation seems to be everywhere. It's not just foreign actors and fake media spreading false information - sometimes it hits much closer to home. Take for example the individual who believed that microwaves could charge cell phones.

It's hard to imagine how someone could come to such a conclusion but perhaps it was just a silly Internet prank or a misguided dare. Regardless let's hope that their phone provider doesn't stumble upon this post and get the wrong idea. It's important to stay vigilant and discerning when it comes to information we come across online.

39 Make it rain honey

Being in the hospital can be a difficult and anxiety-inducing experience for everyone. It involves multiple doctor visits waiting for test results and focusing on getting better. During this serious time the grandchildren of a patient decided to surprise their grandmother by showering her with money.

While their intentions were good it's unlikely that money is what she needs most at the moment. The look on her face speaks volumes about her feelings. It's possible that grandma actually gave them the money they are now giving her adding another layer of complexity to the situation.

40 A private detail

Becoming pregnant is often a joyful and exciting experience for couples and the arrival of a new baby is a momentous occasion. For some couples revisiting the places where their relationship blossomed or where they made special memories can be a touching and sentimental experience.

However it's typically not expected for these nostalgic moments to occur in an abandoned building. While everyone has their own preferences for what brings them happiness publicly sharing the location where a baby was conceived is probably something best kept private.

41 You circles are different than ours

Explaining the meaning of life is no easy feat; it often takes years of wisdom and experience to even begin to grasp its complexity. Many wise individuals try to simplify this profound concept into easy-to-remember phrases but sometimes they miss the mark. Take for example the comparison of life to a circle.

While circles are known for their simplicity and consistency life is anything but straightforward. Life is full of unexpected twists and turns challenges and surprises that deviate from any predictable path. So when someone likens life to a circle you can't help but wonder what kind of circles they've been drawing. Life is far more intricate and unpredictable than a simple geometric shape.

42 The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

It is always important for parents to show love and appreciation to their children even for the small achievements. This can help boost their child's self-esteem and encourage them to continue trying their best. However it is also important for parents to be knowledgeable about what they are talking about before bragging in public.

While it is understandable for a parent to want to showcase their child's accomplishments it is not the best idea to do so if it exposes their own ignorance. Perhaps next time this parent should consider staying for their daughter's classes to gain a better understanding of her achievements. This way they can celebrate and support their child in a more informed and positive way.

43 That’s one cool weather man

Many people find watching the weather channel to be a dull experience so studios have resorted to various tactics to try and make it more entertaining. They have tried everything from wacky costumes to cheesy jokes and even bringing in guest appearances.

However one idea that hasn't been explored yet is making the weatherman a part of the weather report itself. While it's unclear if this omission was intentional or not it could potentially attract more viewers if implemented. Next time you tune in keep an eye out for any changes to the usual weather report format.

44 Make it secure enough that the car doesn’t move either!

Many individuals have resorted to creative methods of securing items to their vehicles even when it might have been more practical to use a truck or trailer. A prime example of this can often be observed in the crowded parking lots of IKEA stores on weekends.

However in the case of one particular individual the way in which he had fastened down his ATV seemed a bit unconventional. Although it is true that the ATV would likely remain secure during transit the same cannot be said for the man's truck which appeared to be equally at risk of not making it to its destination in one piece.

45 Damn, Will’s twin

In today's digital age safeguarding your personal information is crucial. The threat of identity theft is very real with hackers employing advanced techniques to steal sensitive data. Despite the sophistication of some cyber attacks classic scams such as the infamous Nigerian princess scheme still persist.

It may seem unbelievable that people could fall for such obvious ploys but the reality is that these scams continue to deceive individuals all around the world. It's important to stay vigilant and educate yourself on how to protect your private information from falling into the wrong hands. Remember it's not a matter of if someone will try to steal your info but when.

46 Oblivious is my middle name

Losing a friend or loved one can be a frightening experience leaving you constantly worrying about their well-being and whereabouts. In times of crisis communities often rally together to support each other even extending help to strangers in need because no one wants to imagine their loved ones in a similar predicament.

However when you find yourself actively participating in a search party for someone close to you it may raise some suspicions. Is it possible that they aren't actually lost and there may be a different explanation for their disappearance? Perhaps it was a practical joke that went awry or they simply had a wild night out that led to their absence. The uncertainty of the situation can be unsettling leaving you questioning the true nature of their disappearance.

47 Tooo sweet for the world

It's no secret that millennials often face criticism from older generations particularly baby boomers. While much of the negative commentary is exaggerated or simply untrue there may be a kernel of truth in some of the claims. It's important to acknowledge that millennials to some extent may be responsible for some of the criticisms they receive.

However it's unfair to paint an entire generation with a broad brush based on the actions or attitudes of a few individuals. It's important to remember that every generation has its strengths and weaknesses and it's not productive to generalize or stereotype based on age alone. It's important to have open and constructive conversations about intergenerational differences and work towards understanding and collaboration rather than division.

48 Take a close look

We've all been in situations where we needed to open a bottle but didn't have the right tools on hand. Whether it's at a family gathering a fancy dinner or a fun girls' night in there always seems to be a need for a bottle opener. Instead of resorting to using knives scissors or other unconventional methods that you see online it's best to first take a look around and see what you already have available.

In one particular instance a group of ladies found themselves in need of a bottle opener. They were on the verge of grabbing anything they could find to open their bottles when they realized the solution was right in front of them. Just by looking up they saw the perfect tool to solve all their problems.

49 Good splitting

Pizza preferences are a highly personal matter much like political beliefs. It's important to respect how others feel about their pizza choices whether they prefer pineapple anchovies or even no cheese at all. All these preferences are equally valid.

When it comes to sharing pizza with friends or family who have different tastes it may be necessary to order multiple pizzas to accommodate everyone. However ordering two pizzas split with different toppings may not be the most practical or cost-effective solution. It's all about finding a balance and compromise that works for everyone involved.

50 New energy in town

The universe is a vast and mysterious place constantly revealing new surprises and discoveries that keep us in awe. Every year dedicated scientists astronomers and researchers make groundbreaking advancements that contribute to our ever-growing knowledge of the world around us. Even technologies and processes that have been known for a long time can still hold hidden secrets waiting to be uncovered.

One such technology that continues to fascinate and intrigue is nuclear technology. Despite its long history and widespread use there is still a significant amount of misinformation and misconceptions surrounding this remarkable process. It is clear that scientists and experts in the field have their work cut out for them as they strive to educate the public and dispel myths about nuclear technology. Through continued research and exploration we can hope to gain a deeper understanding of this complex and powerful technology.

51 Wait, running was invented?

Running may not be everyone's preferred activity but it is undeniably valuable. It is a skill that people use daily for various purposes from exercise to escaping danger or even just getting back to the TV in time for the end of a commercial break. It may seem like running has been around forever but according to historical records humans did not start running until after 1748.

This begs the question how did people speed up in times of need before then? Perhaps they used alternative modes of transportation like Flintstones cars or other creative methods to get where they needed to go quickly. The invention of running has certainly revolutionized the way we move and navigate the world around us.

52 Wine that’s one of a kind

It is important to provide non-alcoholic drink options for various reasons. Some people may need to drive or simply choose not to consume alcohol on a particular day. It is a good idea to have a selection of sodas teas coffees and juices available to cater to different preferences. Non-alcoholic beer although not as popular is also a valid option for those who enjoy the taste without the alcohol content.

However it seems that the person mentioned in the text may not have fully thought through their request. Non-alcoholic wine is essentially just grape juice so it may not be the best choice for someone looking for a drink resembling traditional wine. It is important to consider the options available and choose a non-alcoholic drink that suits your preferences and needs.

53 A new map indeed

It's understandable that not everyone is well-versed in the geography of foreign countries. We can't fault people for not knowing everything about cultures they haven't encountered firsthand. However most of us have been exposed to world maps from a young age and have a basic understanding of how the world is divided.

While it's forgivable to confuse countries like Latvia and Lithuania or Cameroon and The Gambia claiming that an entire continent is one country is quite ridiculous. It's unclear whether this misunderstanding was due to a lack of knowledge about geography or simply a joke.

54 When you are 2 things at once

In the world there are numerous combinations that work well together and just seem natural. One classic example of this is the pairing of bows and arrows. These two items are inseparable as without a bow the arrow cannot be launched. While the variety of bows available may be overwhelming for some due to their different types understanding the basic concept of a bow and arrow particularly one resembling Cupid's bow is relatively straightforward.

It is a bit puzzling why the confusion mentioned in the text is present as the connection between bows and arrows is quite clear. The metaphor of Cupid's bow adds a whimsical touch prompting one to ponder the reasoning behind its use.

55 A mask so efficient

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to some extreme reactions from individuals. It's understandable that fear and concern can drive people to take drastic measures but it's important to pause and consider if those actions are reasonable.

For example there is a woman who believes wearing a snorkel will filter out the virus when she breathes. It's important to note that snorkels are not designed to protect against viruses. Hopefully someone will inform her soon so she can stop using the snorkel incorrectly.

56 An energy loop forever

For centuries individuals have been fascinated by the concept of a perpetual motion machine - a device that can generate its own energy indefinitely. Despite scientific consensus that such a machine is not possible many inventors and enthusiasts have sought to create one. Recently some individuals believed they had found a solution by using a solar charger to power their phone and then using their phone's flashlight to charge the solar charger.

However this setup is not sustainable as the phone will consume more power than it receives leading to a depletion of energy rather than a perpetual cycle. Ultimately the quest for perpetual motion continues to captivate minds even as practical limitations prevent its realization.

57 I need them all

It's not uncommon to witness various mishaps and blunders in grocery stores and supermarkets such as misplaced items abandoned carts in the middle of aisles and accidental spills. However one incident really takes the cake for its sheer absurdity. Picture this: a man instead of selecting a single basket and continuing his shopping opts to take every single basket available so they can all be conveniently placed in a wheeled caddy.

One can't help but shake their head in disbelief at such a bizarre choice. Wouldn't it have been much simpler to just grab a regular shopping cart? Or even better why not just carry a basket like the rest of the shoppers? Sometimes the choices people make in stores leave us scratching our heads in amusement.

58 Wait a minute

Eggs are a versatile and nutritious food that can be prepared in countless ways. One simple method is boiling them in water which is a quick and easy way to enjoy them. Recently someone was in the process of making boiled eggs but noticed that they were taking longer than expected. It turns out they had inadvertently placed the pot on the wrong burner which explained the delay.

Despite the minor mishap it was not the end of the world and a valuable lesson was learned. Cooking mistakes happen to everyone and it's all part of the learning process in the kitchen.

59 One number-Too much confusion

Have you ever received a text from someone who thought you were someone else? It can be frustrating to deal with mistaken identity but usually a simple "You have the wrong number" can clear things up. However some people just don't seem to grasp the concept.

Take for example this boss who accidentally sent their business schedule for the week to a complete stranger. Despite the person's attempt to inform them of the mistake the boss seemed to believe they had reached the correct person. It's baffling how someone could be so oblivious. One might even argue that such a lack of awareness could warrant dismissal from their position.

60 A new search engine you should surely try

In the year 2020 there has been a gradual shift towards greater acceptance of individuals who do not conform to traditional societal norms. LGBTQ+ individuals are being more widely embraced and understood which is certainly a positive step forward. However there are still some individuals who are not quite as informed on these issues.

For instance there was a recent incident where someone came across a transgender person on the dating app Tinder and was completely unaware of what being transgender entailed. When advised to look it up on Google they mistakenly thought it was a different search engine altogether. It's moments like these that highlight the importance of education and awareness when it comes to LGBTQ+ issues. It's crucial for everyone to take the time to learn and understand these concepts in order to foster a more inclusive and accepting society.

61 You can be anything you want to be

It's surprising how some people struggle with the simplest of responsibilities that come with adulthood. Take for example a recent incident where a woman's sister was expecting a baby but had not yet revealed the gender. The woman took to Twitter to express her excitement about becoming either an aunt or an uncle.

It seems she mistakenly believed she would be called an uncle if the baby was a boy and an aunt if it was a girl. It's a good thing she's not the one going through the pregnancy. It's important to educate ourselves on basic facts like these to avoid embarrassing misunderstandings.

62 Love is love

Halloween is always a blast with all the candy scary movies and dressing up in costumes. It's so much fun to get creative and come up with the perfect Halloween costume. Take this couple for example who decided to go for a romantic costume as the iconic comic book duo Superman and Supergirl. It seems like they were really excited about their costume idea but unfortunately they overlooked a crucial detail - Superman and Supergirl are actually related! Oops.

Looks like they didn't do their research before choosing their costumes. Maybe they should have Googled it first. After all who hasn't heard of Lois Lane? It's definitely a bit awkward now that they know the truth. But hey Halloween is all about having fun and making memories right? Maybe next year they'll choose costumes that aren't quite as well family-oriented.

63 Broken hot water can be hard to click a picture of

Although there are certainly some wonderful landlords in the world it's unfortunately a common belief that many landlords are trying to take advantage of their tenants. It's a tough world out there and both parties may feel the need to protect themselves. Tenants often feel resigned to the fact that they might be taken advantage of so they don't put up much of a fight.

However it's important to note that renters aren't completely passive in these situations. They may resort to humor and sarcasm when dealing with their landlords. For example when asked for a photo of the "broken hot water" in their home one tenant decided to send a picture of water running from the sink instead. This was likely a way for the tenant to subtly express their frustration with the situation.

64 Machine uprising

In today's world it's becoming increasingly common to question whether the individuals we are communicating with are actually human or robots. Whether we're engaging in a heated debate on social media or swiping through potential matches on dating apps the possibility of interacting with a bot is always lingering in the back of our minds. This is why many websites have implemented verification systems to confirm the authenticity of users.

While these verification systems serve a valuable purpose online some may argue that they are unnecessary when it comes to face-to-face interactions. After all it's pretty easy to tell if someone is human or not in person right? Just joking - we're not suggesting you pour water on someone to check if they're a robot. That's just silly.

65 New York is a new country okay

At times it can be disheartening to see shortcomings in the American education system. While it has undoubtedly produced brilliant minds there are cases where it has fallen short. Take for example a girl who recently took a trip to New York and mistakenly posted a photo with a caption claiming she was no longer in America.

It's a mistake that leaves us speechless. To make matters worse she attributed her lack of geographical knowledge to her geology class. It's moments like these that make us question the effectiveness of our education system.

66 An accidental piper fan

Attending a concert of one of your favorite bands is always an exhilarating experience. The excitement builds as you wait in line surrounded by fellow fans eagerly anticipating the moment when the music starts and you can sing along to all your favorite songs. It's a feeling that can't be matched! However imagine the surprise of accidentally purchasing tickets to a concert of an even more amazing band.

Such was the case for a music lover who mistakenly bought tickets to see the Red Hot Chili Pipers a bagpipe band. Initially disappointed she soon discovered the unique and awe-inspiring talent of this unconventional group. Sometimes unexpected surprises can lead to the most memorable and enjoyable experiences. And who knows she may have just found a new favorite band to add to her list of concert must-sees.

67 He’s rethinking his life decisions

As a teacher your main objective is to support and guide your students to achieve success. Despite the occasional humorous blunders they may make it is your responsibility to maintain composure and assist them in correcting their errors. However even the most patient teachers can reach a point of frustration.

Take for example this math teacher who was taken aback when a student confidently wrote "syntax error" as her answer on the board. To be fair she was simply transcribing the result from her calculator. Nevertheless one can't help but wonder how she failed to recognize her mistake. The expression on the teacher's face clearly conveys his exasperation.

68 A car that bends

While we may not be thrilled about the existence of parking tickets we do recognize their importance. In today's world some people park in such a way that it seems they have lost their minds. Just imagine the chaos if there were no consequences for irresponsible parking.

However it must be said that some law enforcement officers seem a bit too eager to hand out tickets. Yes the parking job in question may not be ideal but can anyone truly mistake it for a real car? This art installation deserved more consideration. Perhaps the officer was just trying to meet their monthly quota.

69 A mindful question

It's a classic case of being so close yet so far. The homeowner took the time to install a smoke detector on the ceiling of their home which is a crucial safety precaution. But then when it came time to fill in the sticker on the detector indicating when it was installed they made a rather interesting choice. Instead of writing the date they wrote the location of the detector - as if we wouldn't already know it's on the ceiling.

While technically not incorrect it does seem a bit unnecessary to note where the detector is installed. After all it's pretty obvious that a smoke detector would be placed on the ceiling. Maybe a friendly reminder to use common sense could have been helpful in this situation. After all the whole point of the sticker is to inform homeowners of the installation date not the obvious location.

70 Wait titanic wasn’t real

If you spend a significant amount of time browsing the Internet it's inevitable that you'll stumble upon people making wildly inaccurate statements. It's almost a daily occurrence if you frequent certain platforms like Facebook Instagram Youtube or really any website you can think of.

One particular individual posted a Facebook status claiming that those who believed the events depicted in the movie Titanic were real were incredibly foolish. Hopefully this person was just joking as it's hard to fathom someone actually thinking the sinking of the Titanic was a work of fiction.

71 How does one do that

There are moments when a lack of common sense goes beyond being humorous and becomes a significant threat to one's health. In this particular situation it seems that the person's roommate had good intentions but ended up causing a potentially dangerous situation. They decided to heat up a pot on the stove but then completely forgot about it leaving it unattended.

As a result the pot began to melt and even fused with the burner on the stove creating a chaotic and hazardous mess in the kitchen. The aftermath resembled a scene out of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant highlighting the severity of their lack of basic cooking skills. It's evident that immediate action needs to be taken perhaps in the form of finding a new living arrangement for everyone's safety.

72 The Burglar would never know

It's a good idea to have spare keys on hand in case of an emergency. While it's common to give spare keys to a trusted friend or family member some people prefer to hide a spare key near their home as an extra precaution. However it's important to choose a secure hiding spot to prevent unauthorized access to your keys.

While hiding a key under a doormat may seem like a convenient option it's not the most secure choice. This common hiding spot is easily accessible and could be easily discovered by someone looking for it. It's important to think carefully about where you choose to hide your spare key to ensure it's well-hidden and not easily found by others. Consider more creative and secure hiding spots such as a discreet spot in your garden or a hidden compartment in your outdoor furniture. By being strategic and thoughtful about where you hide your spare key you can ensure that it remains safe and secure until you need it.

73 A genius among us

At some point in our lives we all have those embarrassing moments where we say or do something that is just undeniably wrong. It's like our brains decide to take a little vacation and leave us hanging. In this case let's give the benefit of the doubt to the person who made this post and assume that their brain had a temporary glitch.

I mean why wouldn't a 0 birthday candle exist right? Maybe they were just trying to be funny or maybe they were having a really off day. Whatever the reason it's clear they made a mistake that they may never live down. Let's just hope they were joking because the alternative is just too painful to consider.

74 A sink that makes you stretch

I am completely baffled by what I am seeing here. I mean where even is this? It appears to be a sink and countertop just randomly placed in the middle of a park. And to top it off it looks like it must have cost a pretty penny.

So why is it that none of the presumably skilled professionals who constructed it noticed that the measurements were completely off? Not only is the sink in a completely impractical location but it is also far too small for a countertop of this size. It just doesn't make any sense. I have so many questions about this bizarre setup but unfortunately I have no answers.

75 When life gives you lemons

It's concerning to hear the sound of an ambulance approaching. When it comes to safety equipment protective glasses are not something you should cut corners on. Whether it's sharp splinters fire or harmful substances getting any of these in your eyes could cause lifelong injuries.

Our vision is something we rely on every day and losing it would be incredibly difficult to cope with. Unfortunately it seems like this person doesn't prioritize safety or maybe they are unaware of the potential dangers in life. Let's hope our concerns about the ambulance are unfounded.

76 Instructions never mean anything

It's fortunate that this individual's supervisor wasn't around when this incident occurred. It would have been quite difficult to justify why he was blatantly disregarding the rules and putting company property at risk.

Even though we're not exactly sure what these items are the fact that they are labeled with a clear "do not double stack" warning in all caps suggests that they are likely both valuable and delicate. Perhaps the person was in a hurry to finish their shift and decided to take a chance despite the warning. It's important to always follow guidelines and instructions to ensure the safety and integrity of company assets.

77 They look different

We've all encountered those overly confident home chefs who think they can just skim a recipe and then wing it. However there's a valid reason why it's always recommended to read through the entire recipe before diving in.

Failing to do so can lead to overlooking crucial details that are essential for the recipe's success such as oven temperatures or ingredient substitutions that aren't straightforward. It's always a gamble when someone decides to skip this crucial step as evidenced by the failed attempt at making a strawberry snowman dessert. It's evident that somewhere along the way a mistake was made.

78 Huge fan of Jon Bovi

Parents and grandparents often caution their younger family members against getting tattoos because they understand that it can be a decision with lasting consequences. Despite their warnings there are still some rebellious young individuals who refuse to heed their advice. They may defiantly declare "it's my life!" before storming off to the tattoo parlor. Unfortunately for one young man his impulsive decision led to a permanent mistake.

If only he had taken the time to properly spell out his favorite and inspiring song lyric before the tattoo artist began their work. The buzzing of the needle may have drowned out any potential warnings but the misspelled words now permanently etched onto his skin serve as a reminder of his hasty decision. It's a cautionary tale that serves as a reminder to always think twice before making a permanent mark on one's body.

79 Do you need to go to the loo?

Patterns on clothing can sometimes be a bit tricky to pull off. Whether it's subtle variations of the same color or more eye-catching multi-colored designs where the pattern is placed can make a big difference. Take for example this dark circle on the back of this man's pants.

At first glance it may look like he had a mishap. Instead of sneakily taking a photo it would have been more considerate to discreetly let him know that his pants may not be the most appropriate choice. It's always important to think about how a pattern or design may be interpreted before wearing it out in public.

80 Made some bread

One of life's simple pleasures is waking up to the enticing aroma of freshly baked bread in the morning. However in today's fast-paced world many of us struggle to find the time to enjoy a leisurely breakfast let alone bake bread from scratch at the crack of dawn. That's where store-bought loaves come in handy - simply pop one in the oven for a few minutes and you're good to go.

But for some the early morning fog can lead to some comical mishaps. From absentmindedly putting the toothbrush in the freezer to accidentally placing the entire plastic cutting board along with the loaf of bread in the oven the pre-coffee brain can be a bit scattered. It's moments like these that remind us to slow down and savor the simple pleasures in life like a warm slice of bread with a cup of coffee.

81 Camping is life

Typical dad behavior often includes telling dad jokes being stubborn about not using a map or taking directions because they believe they know the way and sometimes learning things the hard way - like when setting up a tent. One key element to successfully setting up a tent is making sure the tent poles are strategically and firmly placed in the ground.

Without them the tent is vulnerable to the wind. It seems this dad may have underestimated the importance of tent poles and ended up facing a challenging start to his camping vacation. It just goes to show that sometimes a little research and preparation can go a long way in avoiding unexpected mishaps.

82 Sometimes expectations kill

Honestly it's a bit puzzling as to what went wrong with this girl's attempt at making a bread snowman. It's clear that she put in a lot of effort and the dough on the left looks pretty good. However the end result is far from the cute snowman she was aiming for.

It's possible that there was an issue with the bread rising or maybe the oven temperature was off. Whatever the case may be it's evident that something went awry with this recipe and the girl is clearly disappointed with the outcome.

83 Risking is my game

Standing precariously on a stack of wine bottles is definitely not a good idea. Not only is there a risk of injury if the bottles break but it could also result in a costly loss of wine. It appears that the person attempting this risky maneuver may be an employee in the store possibly trying to hang a sign.

While it may seem like a hassle to remove all the bottles retrieve a ladder and climb up to reach the desired location taking shortcuts in this situation could lead to negative consequences. It's important to prioritize safety and take the necessary steps to avoid accidents or damage.

84 That’s not how we use the umbrella

An umbrella serves the purpose of shielding us from getting wet in the rain by creating a protective covering over our heads. It can be quite unpleasant to be caught in a sudden downpour without an umbrella. However in this scenario there is a man holding an umbrella in his hands yet he has failed to open it.

Despite the umbrella appearing to be in good condition its effectiveness is essentially lost because it remains closed. It seems as though the man is unaware of this crucial detail rendering the umbrella useless in protecting him from the rain.

85 When design conquers logic

In today's digital age with easy access to the internet and free interior design programs it has become more common for individuals to try and fake credentials such as a degree from a prestigious university or a professional certificate. It appears that someone may have also attempted to fake an architect diploma given the bizarre design flaw of a massive steel beam cutting through a hallway that is clearly meant for people to walk through.

While it may be possible to squeeze through the narrow space created by the beam it is definitely not convenient or practical for everyday use. This design oversight raises questions about the qualifications and expertise of the individual responsible for the layout of this space.

86 Jump for some money

This man is taking a risky chance by entering his code on the ATM keypad without looking at the keys. This could lead to him pressing the wrong digits and potentially having his card swallowed by the machine.

Even if he does enter the code correctly and receives his money reaching for the bills may present a new challenge. Personally we would have opted to find a different more conventional ATM rather than taking such a gamble. It's always better to err on the side of caution when it comes to handling sensitive financial transactions.

87 Not rare enough

Even basic frozen ready-made foods like french fries or pierogis have specific cooking instructions to ensure they come out just right. While cooking these foods may not require any actual culinary skills it is still important to set the oven temperature correctly and most importantly use a timer.

While some people may prefer their food to be a little more golden brown nobody wants their meal to be burnt to a crisp. Unfortunately this was the unfortunate fate of one optimistic home cook.

88 Heavy duty cutting

Upon closer inspection it is clear that the man in the picture used a machete to cut his fish as evidenced by the clean slice through the wooden board. While a machete was necessary to cut through the board it was certainly excessive for filleting the fish.

A fillet knife would have been more appropriate for the task and would have preserved the integrity of the cutting board. The simple knife shown in the picture does not seem capable of causing such damage. Something doesn't seem quite right about this situation...

89 Gangsta man

There are some individuals who are just naturally fearless and thrill-seekers. This person in particular falls into that category. While their actions may seem reckless and foolish there is also a sense of awe at their audacity. It's hard not to be impressed by someone who appears to be taunting danger with a smile on their face.

It's puzzling why they would attempt such a risky task without the proper equipment or expertise. It makes you wonder what could have been so urgent that they felt the need to take matters into their own hands perched precariously on a ladder near the edge. It's a dangerous and potentially life-threatening situation that could have been avoided with better planning and caution.

90 Barely Together

I strongly advise against renting from this truck company for your next move. The truck in the picture clearly shows signs of imminent breakdown as the driver seems to have neglected its maintenance.

The use of bungee cords to hold parts of the truck together is not reassuring at all. It's only a matter of time before a police officer pulls over this driver for such unsafe conditions. It's best to avoid such risks and find a more reliable rental company for your moving needs.

91 Danger is not dangerous

I wonder why that man is sitting alone in what appears to be a dunk tank at a fair with dangerous-looking electrical equipment nearby. The sign warning of danger only adds to the mystery.

It's hard to imagine why someone would willingly put themselves in such a risky situation for a game. Hopefully he managed to get out safely before anything went wrong. I'm curious to know the full story behind this unusual picture.

92 Up a ladder truly

If you don't have an SUV it can be tricky to transport a large ladder like the one pictured here. It's important to prioritize safety in situations like this. One option is to ask for help or hire someone with the proper vehicle to transport it for you. Alternatively you could take a risky route like the individual in the photo.

Just imagining the potential danger of abruptly hitting the brakes on the highway with a ladder precariously perched like that is enough to make anyone feel uneasy. It's always best to err on the side of caution in situations involving oversized or awkwardly shaped items.

93 Now that’s out of the box

While it may appear risky at first glance the unconventional method of stacking one forklift on top of another actually seemed to work in this situation. The individuals involved needed to transport some very heavy items to a higher level and regular forklifts were not tall enough to reach the desired height. By stacking one forklift on top of another they were able to successfully solve the problem.

However a potential mistake in this setup was having two individuals on the upper forklift which was already carrying a heavy load. This added weight could have posed a risk of the entire structure toppling over with them on it. It's important to consider safety precautions and weight limits when attempting such unconventional methods of lifting heavy objects.

94 Risking life for a concert

Attending a concert can be a thrilling experience but have you ever stopped to think about all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to make it all happen? Take for example the dedicated lighting technician who risks their safety to ensure that the lighting for the show is nothing short of flawless.

It's a job that requires serious commitment and skill as they navigate high above the stage to set up the lights. And while we may not know how they managed to get up there safely or how they plan to come back down one thing is for sure - their dedication to their craft is truly impressive. The show must go on and thanks to the hard work of individuals like this lighting technician concert goers can enjoy a truly unforgettable experience.

95 The sacrifice of the toe

When it comes to renovating or using tools it is important to prioritize safety by wearing sturdy shoes. Accidents can happen even if you are being cautious and heavy or sharp objects may fall unexpectedly.

It is crucial to protect your feet from potential injury. Unfortunately the individual in this situation appears to have learned this lesson the hard way. It is always better to take precautions and avoid unnecessary risks when working with tools or engaging in renovation projects.

96 I am independent

The situation depicted in this picture is both amusing and concerning. It appears as though the person in the image may have unintentionally locked themselves out while cleaning the window. While it may seem like a humorous predicament the reality is that the individual is in a potentially dangerous situation.

It's evident that climbing out onto the window ledge was not a wise decision but it's easy to imagine how it could have happened. Typically windows do not have handles on the outside so if the window were to suddenly close the person would be left stranded outside with no way to climb back in. It serves as a reminder to always prioritize safety and think twice before engaging in risky behaviors.

97 Balancing life

There is something about ladders that seems to give people a false sense of invincibility. It is concerning to see someone taking such risks with their life especially when using a dangerously tall and unstable-looking ladder.

Thankfully the person in the picture is at least wearing a helmet although it is questionable if that will truly protect them in case of a fall or electrical accident. One can only hope that they are being adequately compensated for putting themselves in such risky situations especially if this is not their first time doing so. It is important to prioritize safety over any job or task no matter how urgent or important it may seem.

98 Final destination waiting to happen

Wow that situation looks really unstable. The driver must be feeling the truck pulling to the right which must be quite frightening. Despite the risk they still chose to continue driving.

We all hope that this decision doesn't turn out to be a major mistake for everyone else on the road that day. It's not just the reckless driver who would suffer the consequences but also innocent bystanders. Let's hope for the best outcome for everyone involved.