Patrick Mahomes' incredible journey to becoming the NFL's most valuable quarterback is truly inspiring.

Tricky Brick / March, 27, 2024

Patrick Mahomes has become one of the NFL’s most-spoken players with his two Super Bowl achievements. Mahomes’ journey from a boy growing up in central Texas to the face of the Kansas City Chiefs has been nothing extraordinary. 

Mahomes signed one of the most amazing packages in professional sports history less than a half-century after being selected and he’s already turned his success and money to make major decisions both on and off the field. Whether you are a die-hard fan or simply enjoy a good victory story we are going deep into Patrick Mahomes' extraordinary narrative. 

1 A shining star is born

On September 17 1995 in the heart of Tyler Texas MLB pitcher Patrick “Pat” Mahomes and event director Randi welcomed a boy who would transform the face of football forever. They named the baby Patrick Mahomes in honor of his father.

Growing up in a little town in Texas life was not typical for Mahomes. Pat Mahomes’ early MLB career which began in 1992 introduced his parents to life in the spotlight. Patrick was sure to get involved with sports shortly. 

2 Beginning with sports

Like many other families the Mahomes strongly loved sports activities. Pat Mahomes encouraged his son to baseball and other sports from an early age. After becoming a well-known MLB pitcher in 1992 the pitcher was able to observe his father playing for clubs such as the Boston Red Sox New York Mets and Chicago Cubs. 

Patrick grew up in an athletic and competitive environment. The world was curious to see if Patrick would decide to follow in the path of his dad. 

3 Rapid skills

Mahomes had an interest in baseball and football at a young age. At Whitehouse High School in Texas he played both football and basketball just like his father. He was constantly appreciated for his outstanding throwing accuracy and strength in football as well as his impressive tossing ability on the baseball diamond.

These early qualities demonstrated Mahomes' ability to make it big but no one could have predicted how great he would become.

4 Problems at home

The Mahomes' life at home was challenging. The parents' relationship worsened with the birth of their second son Jackson Mahomes in 2000. The couple divorced in 2006 but they did not let their marital troubles affect their sons' well-being or Patrick's athletic talents.

They had not only high expectations for their son but they were also confident that he would be tremendously successful in his career. And they were right.

5 Star taking shape

Mahomes has 4619 passing yards 50 passing touchdowns 948 running yards and 15 rushing touchdowns as a high school senior. Patrick on the other hand was working on more than just his football talents. Mahomes threw a no-hitter in baseball with 16 strikeouts in one game that same year.

MaxPreps a website dedicated to high school sports named him Male Athlete of the Year in 2013. Before he even enrolled in college all eyes were on Mahomes and it was evident that he was a rising star—the one to watch.

6 Tough decision

Patrick Mahomes was set for an amazing undergraduate career regardless of which path he selected. He was anything but your average high school senior already gaining a reputation in the sports world as a quarterback and baseball genius with equally great potential.

In June 2014 Mahomes was left with a hard choice. He was a top prospect in the 2014 MLB draft while also having football scholarship offers from Rice Houston and Texas Tech University. Which contract would have a greater impact on his life?

7 Making his way out

Of course we now know that despite being taken in the 37th round by the Detroit Tigers in the 2014 MLB draft Mahomes did not sign with the team. Mahomes committed to Texas Tech and his future was secured. Mahomes was already a well-known athlete and his coaches recognized his potential.

Mahomes' Whitehouse High School coach told Yahoo Sports that Patrick is the poster child for the multi-sport athlete. He had his eyes set on the NFL since the time he committed to Texas Tech.

8 High school couples

Sports were not Mahomes' main goal throughout his engaged high school career. When he was a sophomore he met Brittany Matthews a junior at Whitehouse High. The teenage couple started dating and it was the beginning of a romance fit for a movie.

While things were quick and unsure in his athletic career Mahomes had his lovely connection with Matthews to depend back on. However things weren't always easy.

9 Set apart

Brittany Matthews graduated from high school and began playing football at the University of Texas at Tyler. At the same time Mahomes stayed close to home and began at Texas Tech the next year. Distance was never an issue for Mahomes on the pitch and it certainly wasn't for this couple. Despite their busy athletic schedules they made it work.

Matthews was building her path to professional sports achievement. She signed with UMF Afturelding a professional Icelandic football team after graduating from college in 2017. Mahomes was creating a name for himself in football.

10 Multi-sport superstar

Mahomes had an incredible college experience. He sent shockwaves through the NCAA as the starter for his freshman season taking advantage of an injury to starting quarterback Davis Webb. Throughout the season he passed for 1547 yards 16 touchdowns and four interceptions.

But that wasn't the most impressive fact: Mahomes continued to serve as a backup pitcher for the Texas Tech football and baseball teams. In his second year of college he continued to play and excel at both sports. People began to notice Mahomes and his allegedly divine arm.

11 Depart from baseball

During his junior year Mahomes dropped his bat and announced in 2016 that he was permanently leaving baseball to focus on football full-time. This football season he set many records as a quarterback in the NCAA and Big 12.

A year later in January 2017 Mahomes made another decision that wasn't entirely unexpected. Many followers who followed his journey felt it as expected.

12 Pick me

Mahomes chose to enter the NFL Draft instead of finishing his senior year of college. After his junior year he declared for the NFL Draft where he was expected to be selected in the middle rounds. However as he continued to engage people his draft value got higher and he was soon a hot prospect entering the 2017 Draft expected by several professionals and scouts to be a first or second-round choice.

After being named ESPN's third-best quarterback representatives from 28 different NFL organizations came to his Texas Tech pro day. Coaches from the Saints Bengals Cardinals and Bears among others visited and worked out with the emerging star.

13 Presenting The chiefs

There could only be one successful squad among all of the teams and coaches vying for the right to hire Mahomes as their quarterback. The Kansas City Chiefs chose Mahomes in the first round of the draft after trading up from their original 27th overall pick with the Buffalo Bills.

Mahomes becomes the Chiefs' first first-round quarterback selection since Todd Blackledge was chosen seventh overall in the 1983 NFL Draft. The Chiefs saw something remarkable in Mahomes.

14 Showing promises

The Chiefs were obsessed with Mahomes who soon became the most talented player in sports. They would have to make sacrifices and adjust their plans to obtain him moving up many slots.

Brett Veach a former Chiefs scout and current general manager felt he was on to something when he kept track of Mahomes' college accomplishments and figured out the best method to draft him. Even by NFL standards it was an unsafe move since while Mahomes had played football for five years he had only played full-time for one of them.

15 Unique talent

Unconvinced Mahomes' agent Leigh Steinberg recognised from the very first moment he met Patrick that he was a talented athlete and a key member of the Chiefs. He met Mahomes at Texas Tech.

During his time there Mahomes achieved a 3.71 grade point average and was recognized for his photographic memory which benefited him on the field. "Does that mean you recall every play you've ever played?" Steinberg thinks of asking. Mahomes said "Yes" according to Esquire.

16 Transformative contract

Mahomes signed his first contract which would change his life on July 20 2017. According to Spotrac the Kansas City Chiefs signed him to a four-year contract worth $16.42 million with a $10.08 million signing bonus. A good start for a newcomer!

The Chiefs had a plan for Mahomes which included keeping veteran Alex Smith as their starting quarterback. This meant Mahomes would spend the majority of the 2017 season on the bench—or so he assumed.

17 First career begin 

With a playoff spot and fourth seed secured the Chiefs announced on December 27 2017 that they were going to rest Alex Smith and give Mahomes his first career start against the Denver Broncos.

Mahomes completed 22 of 35 throws for 284 yards and one interception leading the Chiefs to a 27-24 victory. It was a fantastic start for an even greater player. The entire world was now watching Patrick Mahomes.

18 Touchdown!

When the Chiefs agreed to trade Alex Smith to the Washington Redskins in January 2018 Mahomes got promoted to starting quarterback. He won the AFC Hostile Player of the Week award after helping the Bosses defeat the Los Angeles Chargers 38-28. During this game he recorded his highest professional score.

This was the beginning of a string of victories for Mahomes who was awarded Player of the Week for the second time and became the first quarterback since Tom Brady to do so. Anyway this wasn't the first time Mahomes was compared to Tom Brady.

19 Excellent records

Mahomes transitioned from a backup to the official starting quarterback in 2018 marking a significant season for him. His exceptional performances consistently amazed everyone and during the Chiefs' game against the Oakland Raiders Mahomes made history by becoming the second quarterback in NFL history to achieve 5000 yards and 50 touchdowns.

In just his second year in the NFL Mahomes was already being compared to legends like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. While his record-breaking performances were undeniably impressive his impact went beyond just statistics.

20 First-time MVP

Mahomes undoubtedly stood out as the star player of the Chiefs' 2018 season winning over fans with his exceptional performance. He received numerous awards and was honored with the title of NFL MVP becoming the first-ever Chiefs player to achieve this feat. This moment truly defined his career.

In the NFL's Top 100 Players of 2019 list Mahomes was ranked as the fourth-best player by his peers. But just when he thought things couldn't get any better something even more incredible happened to him.

21 Five decades after 

The 2019 Super Bowl LIV will always be remembered in NFL history as the game where Patrick Mahomes achieved his childhood dream. He played a crucial role in guiding the Kansas City Chiefs to their first Super Bowl appearance since 1970.

At first the Chiefs were struggling against the San Francisco 49ers in the fourth quarter. But then Mahomes suggested running the play Jet Chip Wasp and in the final minutes of the game he led the team to a thrilling come-from-behind win.

22 MVP once more

Mahomes' remarkable performance in the Super Bowl throwing for 286 yards and two touchdowns while rushing for 29 yards and scoring a touchdown left fans in awe and earned him the well-deserved title of Super Bowl MVP. This incredible feat along with his endearing nickname "Mahomes Magic" showcased his exceptional talent and left everyone breathless. Not only did he become the youngest quarterback to win the award but he also became the third-youngest player in NFL history to achieve this honor. Exciting times were ahead for Mahomes as his journey continued to reach new heights.

23 Big deal

After their victory the Chiefs decided to exercise the fifth-year option in Mahomes' contract. In April 2020 Mahomes signed his fifth-year extension and just three months later the Chiefs officially committed to him with the largest contract in American professional sports history. On July 6 2020 Mahomes inked a 10-year extension valued at $477 million with an additional $26 million in potential bonuses totaling $503 million until the 2031 season. This deal even surpassed the previous record-holder Mike Trout's 12-year $426.5 million contract with the Los Angeles Angels as reported by

24 You win some, you miss some

At the age of 25 Mahomes was the youngest athlete ever to receive a $500 million contract. During the 2020 season Mahomes continued his meteoric rise winning two Pro Bowls and numerous other accolades for his play. The following season the Kansas City Chiefs went on to win Super Bowl LV where Mahomes suffered his first loss by more than 10 points. Despite his struggles on the field Mahomes' life off it began to take shape.

25 Two ring formalities

After Mahomes' LIV Super Bowl ring ceremony he asked his longtime love Brittany the big question. He later admitted on KCSP 610 radio that he was more nervous about the proposal than playing in the Super Bowl. Even though the Chiefs didn't win the Super Bowl Mahomes was still the highest-rated NFL player among the NFL's top 100 players last year by his teammates showing that his teammates still believed in him. With her fiance by her side she was unstoppable.

26 Enlarge the family

Despite the Cincinnati Bengals defeating the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2021 AFC Conference game it didn't overshadow Mahomes' achievements. Meanwhile his personal life was thriving as he and his wife Brittany welcomed their first child Sterling Skye Mahomes in February 2021. To keep fans updated they mentioned on social media that they would only post pictures of her at the appropriate time.

27 Feeling pressure

Mahomes has a jam-packed sports schedule and a newborn baby at home which might make anyone believe that things are quite complicated for him. And let's not forget the immense pressure that comes with having the most expensive contract in sports history.

However surprisingly Mahomes didn't feel any extra burden after signing the contract. According to him "It's not about the money for me. It's about going out there giving my best and winning not just for myself but also for my teammates" as he shared with Sports Illustrated.

28 One more on the way

The contract played a role in Mahome being able to organize and execute his amazing wedding ceremony in March 2022. After a decade of being together Brittany and Patrick finally got married in a small ceremony in Maui Hawaii.

Brittany looked stunning in a Versace dress and little Sterling made her way down the aisle in a toy car as a flower girl. Just a couple of months later in May 2022 the Mahomes shared the news that they were expecting their second child a baby boy. On November 28 2022 the couple happily announced the birth of Patrick “Bronze” Lavon Mahomes III.

29 Even Brady can’t beat

Mahomes showed that having a baby at home didn't stop him from dominating on the field during the 2022 football season. He led the Kansas City Chiefs to win against the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl LVII while also earning the Super Bowl MVP and NFL MVP awards for the second time. Mahomes even surpassed Tom Brady by leading the league in passing yards and touchdowns in a history-making season.

30 Patrick’s luck

Patrick Mahomes has undoubtedly proven himself to be a true football prodigy. With his exceptional skills he has emerged as a shining star for the Kansas City Chiefs. Under his leadership the team has achieved remarkable milestones including five consecutive AFC Championship appearances three Super Bowl appearances and two championship victories.

Not only is Mahomes a force to be reckoned with on the football field but he has also captured the hearts of fans off the field. His charisma and talent have made him a prominent figure in the world of sports and entertainment.

31 Tread carefully

Mahomes and his fellow NFL players have gained an incredibly large fan base and following. Mahomes himself is often a hot topic on the popular sports update site Bleacher Report even for non-sports-related news.

But with fame comes scrutiny and every move Mahomes makes in his professional and personal life is closely watched and discussed. Whether it's a positive or negative decision there are always passionate fans or critics with strong opinions.

32 In the public eye

Being a professional athlete brings along fame which is an integral part of their lives. NFL players are just as much celebrities as famous individuals outside of the sports world. This aspect of their lives can be truly amazing as they have the opportunity to engage with fans both during games and in their everyday lives.

However being constantly in the public eye can also lead to controversy especially when someone like Mahomes possesses immense wealth and influence. Mahomes with his groundbreaking contract has faced significant scrutiny for the way he chooses to spend his fortune and maintain his public image.

33 Popularity and ketchup

In 2018 when he was still new to the NFL and way before he signed his record-breaking contract Mahomes' fun-loving personality was evident to everyone. It turned out to be quite profitable for him too. One of the things that attracted fans to his quirky off-the-field persona was his constant talk about his love for ketchup.

Mahomes made his love for ketchup known to the public through an ESPN magazine feature. He revealed that he had always been a fan of the condiment but now that he was constantly under scrutiny he felt a bit embarrassed about openly ordering ketchup. 

34 Spend, spend, spend

Mahomes doesn't limit himself to promoting just ketchup. As per Forbes he secured $20 million in sponsorship deals in 2021 alone ranking second among NFL athletes only behind Tom Brady. Mahomes has collaborated with various brands ranging from headphones to sportswear and even water.

Given his numerous partnerships and sponsorships it's no wonder that he has built an impressive investment portfolio. Currently Mahomes boasts a net worth of $59.3 million. Now the question arises: how does he choose to spend his wealth?

35 Move to baseball

In 2020 Mahomes decided to reconnect with his roots in multiple ways by using a portion of his major deal with the Chiefs. At just 24 years old he became the youngest owner in MLB history by purchasing a stake in the Kansas City Royals.

Mahomes' passion for baseball is widely known and this move was a wonderful opportunity for him to showcase it once more. In his statement following the deal he expressed his love for the city and its people emphasizing that this venture allowed him to further establish his ties within the community. It's something he's genuinely excited about!

36 More investments

But Mahomes wasn't the sole family member utilizing their wealth to make significant strides. In addition to showing love for their cherished Kansas City Brittany Matthews also secured a stake in the women's soccer team Kansas City Current in January 2021.

In a heartwarming gesture in 2023 Mahomes being both a loving husband and a sports enthusiast joined his wife as a co-owner of the Kansas City Current. "I'm thrilled to be a part of another championship-caliber club that is constantly making history" he expressed in his Instagram announcement.

37 Not just sports

Patrick Mahomes isn't just investing his fortune in sports. His passion for ketchup played a role in his decision to enter the restaurant industry. Being a Texan Mahomes has had a fun social media exchange with Whataburger culminating in the chain opening four locations in Kansas City in 2021. What a win! 

Version 1: Patrick Mahomes isn't just putting his money into sports. His love for ketchup influenced his choice to invest in the restaurant business. As a Texan Mahomes has had an entertaining social media interaction with Whataburger resulting in the chain opening four locations in Kansas City in 2021. What a victory!

38 Here for a good time

Even if fans have strong opinions on Mahomes' spending choices it's his decision on how to use his money. Mahomes proves he's just a regular guy who enjoys having fun off the field. From buying a new property to horseback riding in the ocean with his wife attending the Miami Grand Prix and socializing with celebrities he's staying in the spotlight. His friendship with fellow Chiefs legend Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift only adds to his star power.

39 Looking to the future

Patrick Mahomes has truly solidified his place as one of the most thrilling quarterbacks and valuable professional players in sports history. His extensive background in childhood sports and remarkable journey through college has only added to his impressive legacy. With his contract secured until 2031 we eagerly anticipate what more Patrick Mahomes has in store for us. We send our best wishes to him and his family hoping for continued record-breaking performances and legendary moments in the years to come—both on and off the field.

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