1 A kid from Texas

On a warm September day in 1995 in the bustling town of Tyler Texas a star was born. MLB Pitcher Patrick “Pat” Mahomes and his wife Randi welcomed their first child a son who would soon make his mark on the world of pro football. In a tribute to his father they named him Patrick Mahomes.

Raised in the heart of Texas young Mahomes had anything but a typical childhood. With a father making waves in Major League Baseball since 1992 the Mahomes family was no stranger to the limelight. It was only natural that Patrick would be drawn to the world of sports from an early age. The stage was set for a future filled with athletic greatness.

2 A sports star since childhood

The Mahomes family shared a strong passion for sports with Pat Mahomes instilling a love for baseball and other sports in his son from a young age. As a Major League Baseball pitcher in 1992 Pat Mahomes garnered fame while playing for esteemed teams such as the Boston Red Sox New York Mets and Chicago Cubs.

Growing up Patrick Mahomes was immersed in an atmosphere that valued athleticism and the thrill of competition. With a father who excelled in professional sports all eyes were on Patrick to see if he would continue the family legacy and pursue a career in sports like his father. The world eagerly anticipated to witness if Patrick would indeed follow in his father's footsteps and make a name for himself in the world of sports.

3 True talent

Since he was a child Mahomes displayed a passion for sports excelling in both baseball and football. Following in his father's footsteps Mahomes balanced his time playing both sports in addition to basketball during his time at Whitehouse High School in Texas.

His remarkable arm strength and accuracy on the football field paired with his impressive pitching abilities on the baseball diamond quickly caught the attention of coaches and fans alike. These early talents hinted at Mahomes' immense potential foreshadowing the incredible success that would soon come his way. Little did anyone realize at the time just how massive Mahomes' impact on the world of sports would become.

4 Splitting Up

Upon returning home life for the Mahomes family was not always smooth sailing. In 2000 they welcomed another son Jackson Mahomes but shortly after the parents' relationship began to deteriorate. By 2006 they made the difficult decision to divorce. Despite the challenges they faced in their own relationship they were unwavering in their commitment to ensuring the well-being of their sons particularly Patrick and his promising athletic career.

The Mahomes parents held high expectations for their son believing wholeheartedly in his potential for future success. Their unwavering faith in Patrick's abilities proved to be well-founded as he went on to achieve remarkable accomplishments in his career. The determination and support of his parents undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping Patrick Mahomes' path to greatness.

5 Making a name for himself

During his senior year in high school Patrick Mahomes showcased his exceptional athletic abilities both on the football field and the baseball diamond. With an impressive 4619 passing yards 50 passing touchdowns 948 rushing yards and 15 rushing touchdowns in football Mahomes was already making a name for himself as a standout player. Not content with just dominating in football Mahomes also excelled in baseball throwing a no-hitter with 16 strikeouts in one game.

His outstanding performances did not go unnoticed as he was honored with the title of Male Athlete of the Year by high school sports specialist website MaxPreps in 2013. Even before committing to a college Mahomes was already being hailed as a rising star in the world of sports with all eyes eagerly watching his every move. It was clear to all who witnessed his talent that Mahomes was destined for greatness and was definitely the one to keep an eye on in the years to come.

6 A hard choice

Patrick Mahomes seemed to have a future destined for greatness no matter which path he decided to take in college. As a high school senior he was already attracting attention and fame in the sports world for his extraordinary skills as both a quarterback and a baseball player. In June 2014 Mahomes found himself in a difficult position having to make a crucial decision that would shape his future.

On one hand he was a top prospect for the 2014 MLB draft with the opportunity to pursue a professional baseball career. On the other hand he had received offers to play football at prestigious universities such as Rice Houston and Texas Tech University. Each option presented a life-changing opportunity for Mahomes and he had to carefully weigh the pros and cons before making his decision. Ultimately Mahomes chose to pursue a career in football a decision that would ultimately lead him to becoming one of the most successful and talented quarterbacks in the NFL.

7 Securing his position

It is now common knowledge that Patrick Mahomes despite being drafted by the Detroit Tigers in the 37th round of the 2014 MLB draft decided not to sign with them. Instead he opted to attend Texas Tech solidifying his future in football. Even before reaching college Mahomes was already a celebrated sports figure with his coaches recognizing his immense talent and potential.

His high school coach at Whitehouse High School praised him as the epitome of a multi-sport athlete highlighting his versatility and skill. With his commitment to Texas Tech it was clear that Mahomes had his sights set on a career in the NFL.

8 High school love

Throughout his demanding high school years Mahomes had more than just sports on his mind. As a sophomore he crossed paths with Brittany Matthews a fellow student at Whitehouse High School. Despite their youth a special connection blossomed between them leading to a relationship that seemed straight out of a fairy tale. While Mahomes navigated the ups and downs of his athletic pursuits he found solace and support in his loving bond with Matthews.

Their relationship was not without its challenges as they faced the uncertainties and pressures of teenage life together. However the strength of their connection only grew stronger as they weathered the storms that came their way. Mahomes and Matthews' love story was a source of stability and comfort for both of them proving that even amidst the chaos of high school and sports true love can endure.

9 Making it work

After graduating high school Brittany Matthews pursued her passion for soccer at the University of Texas at Tyler while her boyfriend Patrick Mahomes stayed close to home to play football at Texas Tech. Despite the distance between them both on the field and in their personal lives they were able to make their relationship work. Matthews continued to excel in her soccer career signing with the professional Icelandic team UMF Afturelding after graduating college in 2017.

At the same time Mahomes was making a name for himself in the football world. Their dedication to their respective sports did not hinder their love for each other as they supported each other through their hectic athletic schedules. As Matthews paved her way to success in professional sports Mahomes was also rising to fame in football. Their commitment to their careers and each other proved that distance was no obstacle for this power couple.

10 A star of both games

During his time in college Patrick Mahomes made a lasting impact that left spectators in awe. His journey began as a freshman when he unexpectedly took over as the starting quarterback for Texas Tech due to an injury to the previous starter. Despite the pressure and high expectations Mahomes rose to the occasion and delivered an outstanding performance. Throughout the season he showcased his exceptional skills by throwing for an impressive 1547 yards 16 touchdowns and only four interceptions. What made Mahomes's college career even more remarkable was his dual participation in football and baseball.

Not only did he excel on the gridiron but he also served as a relief pitcher for the Texas Tech baseball team. His ability to juggle both sports and excel in each of them highlighted his exceptional athleticism and dedication to his craft. As Mahomes entered his sophomore year he continued to shine in both football and baseball solidifying his reputation as a multi-talented athlete. With each game more and more people took notice of Mahomes and his incredible arm strength. His performances on the field and on the mound captured the attention of fans coaches and scouts alike setting the stage for his future success in the world of professional sports.

11 Dedicating himself to football

In 2016 during his junior year Patrick Mahomes made a pivotal decision that would change the course of his athletic career. After excelling in both baseball and football Mahomes decided to officially leave baseball behind and dedicate himself fully to football. This decision proved to be a wise one as Mahomes went on to set numerous records as the quarterback for his college team dominating both the NCAA and the Big 12 conference.

Just a year later in January 2017 Mahomes once again made a decision that seemed almost predestined. Fans and analysts alike had been following his journey closely and it came as no surprise when Mahomes announced his intention to enter the NFL draft. With his incredible talent work ethic and determination Mahomes was destined for greatness in the world of professional football.

12 Third-best quarterback

Patrick Mahomes made the bold decision to leave college early and enter the NFL Draft foregoing his final year of eligibility. Initially projected as a mid-round pick after declaring following his junior year Mahomes quickly rose in the ranks as he impressed scouts and analysts with his talent and potential. By the time the 2017 Draft rolled around he was considered a top prospect with many experts predicting he would be selected in the first or second round.

ESPN ranked Mahomes as the third-best quarterback in the draft class attracting attention from representatives of 28 different NFL teams who attended his pro day at Texas Tech. Among those in attendance were coaches from notable teams such as the Saints Bengals Cardinals and Bears all eager to see firsthand what the rising star was capable of on the field. It was clear that Mahomes had captured the attention and admiration of the football world with his impressive skills and potential for greatness.

13 Chiefs had a keen eye

Among the numerous teams and coaches competing for the opportunity to have Mahomes as their quarterback only one would emerge victorious. That team turned out to be the Kansas City Chiefs who made a bold move in the first round of the draft by trading up their 27th overall selection with the Buffalo Bills to secure Mahomes.

This decision marked a significant moment for the Chiefs as Mahomes became the first quarterback they had selected in the first round since Todd Blackledge back in the 1983 NFL Draft. It was evident that the Chiefs recognized something exceptional in Mahomes and were willing to take a chance on his talent and potential. This strategic move would prove to be a game-changer for the Chiefs and Mahomes' career.

14 Going the extra mile

The Kansas City Chiefs were captivated by the potential of Patrick Mahomes who was quickly solidifying himself as one of the most exciting players in the NFL. Recognizing his talent and potential the Chiefs decided to take bold action to secure him even if it meant making significant sacrifices. Brett Veach the team's general manager and former scout had closely followed Mahomes' rise during his college career and devised a strategic plan to ensure they could draft him successfully.

Despite the risks involved in taking such a bold move Veach and the Chiefs were undeterred. Mahomes may have only had one full year of experience as a starting quarterback but his natural talent and potential were undeniable. The team was willing to go the extra mile to secure their future franchise quarterback knowing that he had the potential to lead them to great success on the field. It was a calculated risk that ultimately paid off handsomely for the Chiefs.

15 Photographic memory

Despite any doubts Mahomes' agent Leigh Steinberg was unwavering in his belief in Patrick's potential as a standout player for the Chiefs. Steinberg's confidence in Mahomes was evident from the first time they met at Texas Tech. During his time there Mahomes not only excelled on the field but also maintained an impressive 3.71 grade point average. Known for his exceptional photographic memory Mahomes' ability to recall plays with precision was a key asset in his success as a quarterback.

Steinberg vividly remembers a conversation with Mahomes where he asked about his ability to remember every play he had ever made. Without hesitation Mahomes confirmed that he could indeed recall every detail showcasing his determination and dedication to his craft. This anecdote as reported by Esquire highlights Mahomes' exceptional talent and commitment to his game. It was this unwavering confidence and belief in Mahomes that ultimately led to his success as a valuable member of the Chiefs.

16 A contract that changed his life

On July 20 2017 Patrick Mahomes' career took a monumental turn when he inked his first major contract with the Kansas City Chiefs. The deal worth a guaranteed $16.42 million over four years included an impressive $10.08 million signing bonus as reported by Spotrac. This significant financial commitment from the Chiefs marked a major milestone for the young quarterback who was just beginning his journey in the NFL. Despite the lucrative contract Mahomes was not immediately thrust into the starting quarterback role.

The Chiefs had a strategic plan in place for his development opting to keep veteran Alex Smith as their QB1 for the time being. This decision allowed Mahomes to observe and learn from the sidelines during the 2017 season a valuable opportunity for growth and improvement. While Mahomes may have initially expected to spend most of his rookie season on the bench fate had other plans in store for him. As events would later reveal he would soon find himself in the spotlight and on the field ready to showcase his exceptional talent and lead the Chiefs to new heights.

17 His first chance

The Chiefs had already clinched a playoff spot and secured the fourth seed in the playoffs when they made a bold decision on December 27 2017. They announced that they would be resting their veteran quarterback Alex Smith and giving the talented rookie Patrick Mahomes his first career start in their upcoming game against the Denver Broncos. This move raised eyebrows and sparked excitement among fans and analysts alike. In his debut as a starting quarterback Mahomes did not disappoint.

He showcased his arm strength and accuracy by completing 22 of 35 passes for an impressive 284 yards. Although he did throw one interception Mahomes showed poise and confidence on the field leading the Chiefs to a thrilling 27-24 victory over their division rivals. It was a glimpse of the potential that Mahomes possessed and a sign of great things to come. The performance put Mahomes in the spotlight and garnered attention from football enthusiasts around the world. His debut as a starter was not just a win for the Chiefs but also a statement that a new star was emerging in the NFL. As Mahomes prepared for his future in the league all eyes were on him eager to see what he would accomplish next.

18 First career touchdown pass

In January 2018 the Kansas City Chiefs made a bold move by trading their veteran quarterback Alex Smith to the Washington Redskins. This decision paved the way for the young and talented Patrick Mahomes to step into the spotlight as the team's starting quarterback. His debut as a starter was nothing short of spectacular as he led the Chiefs to a thrilling 38-28 victory over the Los Angeles Chargers. During that game Mahomes showcased his incredible talent by throwing his first career touchdown pass setting the stage for what would become a remarkable season. His performance didn't go unnoticed as he was quickly recognized as the AFC Offensive Player of the Week.

This accolade was just the beginning of a string of successes for Mahomes as he went on to earn the Player of the Week title once again solidifying his status as one of the league's rising stars. One of the most notable comparisons drawn between Mahomes and legendary quarterback Tom Brady was their shared achievement of being named Player of the Week multiple times in a single season. This rare feat had only been accomplished by Brady before Mahomes highlighting the young quarterback's exceptional talent and potential. As Mahomes continued to impress on the field the comparisons to Brady only grew stronger solidifying his place as one of the most promising quarterbacks in the league.

19 A force to be reckoned with

In 2018 Patrick Mahomes made the transition from a backup quarterback to the official starter for the Kansas City Chiefs marking a significant milestone in his career. Throughout the season Mahomes consistently delivered outstanding performances that left fans and critics alike in awe. One of the standout moments of his season came in a game against the Oakland Raiders where Mahomes achieved a remarkable feat by becoming only the second quarterback in NFL history to throw for 5000 yards and 50 touchdowns in a single season. Despite being only in his second year in the NFL Mahomes was already drawing comparisons to legendary quarterbacks such as Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

However his success went beyond just statistics and accolades. Mahomes' style of play and his ability to make jaw-dropping plays on the field set him apart from his peers and solidified his status as one of the most exciting players to watch in the league. Overall the 2018 season was a breakout year for Mahomes as he proved himself to be a force to be reckoned with in the NFL. His combination of talent skill and charisma made him a fan favorite and a rising star in the world of football.

20 Title of NFL MVP

Undoubtedly Mahomes emerged as the shining star of the Kansas City Chiefs' 2018 season capturing the hearts of fans with his exceptional performance on the field. His talent and hard work did not go unnoticed as he received numerous accolades and was ultimately awarded the prestigious title of NFL MVP a historical first for the Chiefs franchise. This momentous achievement marked a significant milestone in Mahomes' career solidifying his place as a standout player in the league.

As if being named NFL MVP was not enough Mahomes continued to impress in the following year. In the NFL's Top 100 Players of 2019 list his fellow players acknowledged his remarkable skills by ranking him as the fourth-best player in the league. This recognition further solidified Mahomes' position as one of the top talents in the NFL. Just when Mahomes thought things couldn't get any better he was in for a pleasant surprise. His success and talent continued to shine brightly propelling him to new heights in his career. His journey from a promising rookie to a bonafide superstar was nothing short of remarkable and his future in the league seemed brighter than ever.

21 Jet chip wasp

In the annals of NFL history the 2019 Super Bowl LIV will always be remembered as a pivotal moment for Patrick Mahomes a young quarterback who had dreamed of this opportunity since he was a child. Mahomes played a crucial role in leading the Kansas City Chiefs to their first Super Bowl appearance in nearly half a century dating back to 1970. Despite their impressive journey to the championship game the Chiefs found themselves trailing behind the San Francisco 49ers in the fourth quarter. It was a tense moment for fans and players alike but Mahomes remained calm under pressure.

With unwavering confidence he called for a play known as Jet Chip Wasp a bold move that would change the course of the game. In the final minutes of the match Mahomes showcased his talent and leadership skills guiding the Chiefs to a remarkable come-from-behind victory. The thrilling turnaround not only solidified Mahomes' status as a rising star in the NFL but also cemented his place in Super Bowl history. The triumph of the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LIV will forever be a testament to the power of perseverance teamwork and the ability to rise to the occasion when it matters most.

22 Mahomes magic

In a stunning performance Patrick Mahomes showcased his exceptional skills on the field during the Super Bowl throwing for an impressive 286 yards and two touchdowns. His extraordinary talent was further highlighted by his rushing abilities as he gained an additional 29 yards and scored a crucial touchdown. Fans were left in awe of his prowess often referring to his incredible plays as "Mahomes Magic." As a result of his outstanding performance Mahomes was rightfully awarded the title of Super Bowl MVP solidifying his status as a rising star in the NFL.

This achievement also marked a significant milestone in Mahomes' career as he became the youngest quarterback and the third-youngest player in NFL history to receive this prestigious accolade. Despite already achieving great success Mahomes' journey was far from over. With his remarkable skills and unwavering determination he was poised to continue breaking records and making a lasting impact in the world of football. The future was undoubtedly bright for this talented young quarterback.

23 Largest contract in American sports history

After their momentous victory the Chiefs made a strategic decision to exercise the fifth-year option in Patrick Mahomes' contract. This move solidified their commitment to their star quarterback as they officially inked a fifth-year extension for Mahomes in April 2020. But the real game-changer came just three months later when the Chiefs made headlines by offering Mahomes the largest contract in American professional sports history. On July 6 2020 Patrick Mahomes made history by signing a groundbreaking 10-year extension worth a staggering $477 million.

This monumental deal also included an additional $26 million in potential bonuses bringing the total value to an unprecedented $503 million. This lucrative contract is set to keep Mahomes with the Chiefs through the 2031 season solidifying his place as the face of the franchise for years to come. This record-breaking agreement surpassed the previous highest-paid athlete contract held by Los Angeles Angels' superstar Mike Trout whose 12-year $426.5 million deal was dwarfed by Mahomes' historic contract. The significance of this deal cannot be understated as it not only reflects the Chiefs' unwavering belief in Mahomes' talent but also sets a new standard for player contracts in professional sports.

24 Bouncing back stronger

At the young age of 25 Patrick Mahomes made history by becoming the first professional athlete to sign a contract worth half a billion dollars. Despite the high expectations that came with such a lucrative deal Mahomes did not disappoint during the 2020 season. He consistently showcased his exceptional skills earning Pro Bowl titles and other accolades for his outstanding performance on the field. The following season Mahomes led the Kansas City Chiefs to Super Bowl LV marking a significant milestone in his career.

However the game ended in a disappointing double-digit loss for Mahomes which was a rare occurrence in his otherwise stellar NFL career. Despite the setback Mahomes remained focused and determined to bounce back stronger than ever. While Mahomes faced challenges on the field his personal life was flourishing. His popularity and influence continued to grow leading to numerous lucrative endorsement deals and opportunities off the field. Mahomes' success both on and off the field solidified his status as one of the most prominent and promising athletes of his generation.

25 Nervous about the proposal

After the Super Bowl LIV ring ceremony Mahomes mustered up the courage to propose to his beloved girlfriend Brittany in a heartwarming moment that captured the hearts of fans everywhere. In an interview on KCSP 610 Radio Mahomes admitted that he was more nervous about asking for her hand in marriage than he was about playing in the high-stakes Super Bowl game. Despite the Chiefs falling short in the championship Mahomes' exceptional talent and leadership on the field earned him the honor of being the top-rated NFL player by his peers in the NFL Top 100 rankings that year.

This recognition was a testament to the unwavering faith that his fellow players had in his abilities. With Brittany by his side Mahomes seemed to have an extra boost of confidence and support that made him virtually unstoppable on and off the field. Their love story was a shining example of how a strong partnership can elevate one's performance and inspire greatness in all aspects of life. As they embarked on this new chapter together Mahomes and Brittany were ready to face any challenges that came their way knowing that they had each other's backs through thick and thin.

26 Their first child

Despite the Cincinnati Bengals' victory over the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2021 AFC Conference game the spotlight remained firmly on Patrick Mahomes and his burgeoning success. As the star quarterback continued to make waves on the field his personal life was also blossoming. In February 2021 Mahomes and his wife Brittany celebrated the arrival of their first child Sterling Skye Mahomes.

The couple aware of the immense interest from fans and followers made a deliberate decision to keep their daughter's privacy protected by announcing that they would only share photos of her at the appropriate time on social media. This joyous milestone in the Mahomes' family life added a new dimension to the quarterback's already impressive career demonstrating his ability to balance his professional achievements with his growing role as a father.

27 Calm under pressure

Despite juggling a demanding sporting schedule and adjusting to life with a new baby Mahomes seems to handle it all with ease. Many would assume that the pressure of having the most expensive contract in sporting history would weigh heavily on his shoulders but Mahomes is unfazed.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated Mahomes revealed that the money is not what drives him. Instead his focus remains on winning games and leading his team to victory. He understands the importance of not only achieving personal success but also lifting up his teammates and working towards a common goal. This mindset speaks volumes about Mahomes' character and dedication to the sport.

28 Dream wedding

The contract that Mahomes signed likely played a significant role in helping him plan and execute his extravagant wedding ceremony in March 2022. After a decade of being together Brittany and Patrick Mahomes finally exchanged vows in a beautiful private ceremony in Maui Hawaii. The bride Brittany Matthews looked stunning in a Versace gown while their adorable daughter Sterling made a grand entrance riding down the aisle in a toy car as a flower girl.

Just two months following their wedding in May 2022 the Mahomes shared the exciting news that they were expecting their second child a baby boy. Then on November 28 2022 the couple joyfully announced the arrival of their son Patrick “Bronze” Lavon Mahomes III completing their growing family. The contract not only helped make their dream wedding a reality but also paved the way for their expanding family and future endeavors.

29 Better than Brady?

Despite having a newborn at home Mahomes did not let that stop him from showcasing his skills on the field during the 2022 football season. The pressure did not faze him as he led the Kansas City Chiefs to victory against the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVII. This victory not only solidified the Chiefs' success but also earned Mahomes the prestigious titles of Super Bowl MVP and NFL MVP for the second time in his career. Mahomes' performance throughout the season was nothing short of exceptional leading the league in both passing yards and touchdowns.

His incredible achievements set him apart from other quarterbacks making history by accomplishing a feat that no quarterback has ever achieved in a single season - not even the legendary Tom Brady. Despite facing challenges both on and off the field Mahomes proved his resilience and determination solidifying his place as one of the greatest quarterbacks in the league. His dedication and talent have cemented his legacy leaving fans and critics alike in awe of his remarkable abilities.

30 His impact

Patrick Mahomes has undeniably proven himself to be a standout player for the Kansas City Chiefs showcasing his talent and skill on the football field. With him at the helm the Chiefs have achieved significant success making five consecutive AFC Championship appearances three Super Bowl appearances and securing two championships. Mahomes' prowess on the field has solidified his reputation as a star player in the NFL.Beyond his impressive athletic abilities Mahomes has also garnered attention off the field emerging as a prominent figure in popular culture.

His charisma and charm have contributed to his rise as a celebrity captivating audiences both on and off the football field. Mahomes' influence extends beyond the realm of sports as he continues to make a mark in various aspects of entertainment and media. In essence Patrick Mahomes' impact transcends mere athletic achievements as he continues to excel as a multifaceted figure in the world of sports and entertainment. His talent dedication and charisma have cemented his status as a true powerhouse both on the field and in the public eye.

31 Always in the public eye

Mahomes along with his fellow NFL players has garnered an incredibly massive following and fandom. He stands out as one of the most discussed sports figures of all time on popular sports update site Bleacher Report even for non-sports related news.

However with great fame comes intense scrutiny as every move Mahomes makes in his professional and athletic career is met with widespread attention. Whether it's a positive or negative decision there are always passionate fans and critics ready to voice their opinions on the matter. The spotlight on Mahomes is unrelenting showcasing both the highs and lows of his journey as a prominent athlete in the NFL.

32 Not all glitz and glamor

Being a professional athlete often means being in the spotlight and gaining fame. In the case of NFL players they are just as much celebrities as famous individuals in other industries. This aspect of fame can be both thrilling and challenging for those in the public eye as they have the opportunity to engage with fans both on and off the field. However with fame also comes scrutiny and controversy. This is especially true for someone like Patrick Mahomes who not only has a record-breaking contract but also a significant amount of money and influence.

How he chooses to spend his fortune and maintain his public image can be subject to intense scrutiny. Being a pro athlete means navigating the complexities of fame wealth and public perception. It requires a balancing act of staying true to oneself while also being mindful of the impact one's actions can have on fans and the wider community. In the case of Mahomes his choices and behavior are under constant observation making it even more crucial for him to make thoughtful decisions both on and off the field.

33 Ketchup and sponsorship

Back in 2018 Patrick Mahomes burst onto the NFL scene with his infectious personality long before he landed his massive record-breaking contract. His charisma and fun-loving nature endeared him to fans with one of the highlights being his quirky obsession with ketchup. In an ESPN magazine feature Mahomes candidly revealed his deep love for the condiment admitting that he had always been a fan but felt a bit self-conscious about openly expressing it now that he was in the spotlight. Despite his reservations Mahomes' ketchup obsession only added to his charm and it wasn't long before he caught the attention of Hunt's Ketchup who saw an opportunity to capitalize on his genuine love for their product.

This partnership not only solidified Mahomes' status as a relatable and down-to-earth athlete but also opened up new avenues for lucrative endorsement deals. Mahomes' journey from ketchup aficionado to sponsored athlete is a testament to his authenticity and the power of embracing one's unique quirks. As he continues to dominate on the field his off-the-field antics and love for ketchup have become a defining part of his persona endearing him even more to fans and cementing his status as a beloved sports icon.

34 Finer things in life

Patrick Mahomes is not just the face of ketchup but also a highly sought-after brand ambassador in the world of sports. In 2021 Forbes reported that Mahomes raked in a whopping $20 million from various sponsorship deals placing him second only to the legendary Tom Brady among NFL athletes. His endorsement portfolio spans across a diverse range of products including headphones sportswear and even water. With such a lucrative array of partnerships and sponsorships it comes as no surprise that Mahomes has also diversified his financial portfolio.

His current net worth stands at an impressive $59.3 million a testament to his success both on and off the field. But how does Mahomes choose to spend his fortune? From luxury cars to designer clothes Mahomes certainly enjoys the finer things in life. However he also values giving back to his community and supporting charitable causes. Whether it's through philanthropic endeavors or investing in his own future Mahomes is certainly making the most of his financial success. With a bright career ahead of him it's safe to say that Mahomes will continue to make waves in the world of sports and beyond.

35 A deep connection to baseball

In 2020 Patrick Mahomes the star quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs made a significant investment in his hometown by purchasing a stake in the Kansas City Royals. At just 24 years old Mahomes became the youngest owner in Major League Baseball history. His passion for baseball has always been evident and this move allowed him to further demonstrate his love for the sport and the city of Kansas City.

In a statement following the announcement of his ownership stake Mahomes expressed his deep connection to the city and its people. "I love this city and the people of this great town. This opportunity allows me to deepen my roots in this community which is something I'm excited to do" he said. This investment not only solidified Mahomes' ties to Kansas City but also showcased his commitment to giving back to the community that has supported him throughout his career.

36 Supporting local sports communities

In addition to Mahomes his wife Brittany Matthews also leveraged their financial resources to make significant investments. Demonstrating their love for Kansas City Matthews purchased a share of the women's soccer team Kansas City Current in January 2021. This move was followed by Mahomes joining his wife as a part-owner of the team in 2023 showcasing their commitment to supporting the local sports community.

In an Instagram announcement Mahomes expressed his excitement about becoming part of another championship-caliber club that is making history. Their joint ownership of the Kansas City Current reflects their shared passion for sports and their dedication to the city they call home.

37 A foodie

Patrick Mahomes the star quarterback known for his incredible talent on the football field has not only been investing in the sports industry but also in the restaurant industry thanks in part to his love for ketchup. Hailing from Texas Mahomes has had a playful and ongoing social media exchange with the popular Southern chain Whataburger. It all started when the chain asked where to send him a ketchup lovers' bundle to which Mahomes jokingly replied by suggesting they bring a store to Kansas City.

To everyone's surprise Mahomes' wish became a reality when Whataburger announced the opening of four locations in Kansas City in 2021. This unexpected turn of events has certainly added to Mahomes' already impressive list of accomplishments proving that his influence reaches far beyond the football field. With his knack for making things happen it's no wonder that Mahomes continues to be a force to be reckoned with both on and off the field.

38 Having the time of his life

Despite the scrutiny from fans regarding how Patrick Mahomes chooses to use his wealth the decision ultimately lies with him on how to enjoy his earnings. Mahomes is not hesitant to demonstrate that he is just like any other person who enjoys having fun when he is not playing football.

From acquiring a new property to engaging in adventurous activities like horseback riding in the ocean with his wife attending high-profile events such as the Miami Grand Prix and socializing with celebrities Mahomes knows how to make the most of his time off the field. Currently he continues to stay in the limelight alongside his wife Brittany as they cultivate a strong bond with the popular couple of the moment Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift adding to their already impressive list of celebrity connections.

39 The future is bright

Patrick Mahomes has undeniably solidified his place as a legendary quarterback and one of the most valuable players in sports history. From his early days in childhood sports to his meteoric rise in college football Mahomes has consistently demonstrated his exceptional talent and dedication to the game. His tenure with the Kansas City Chiefs has been nothing short of remarkable with numerous accolades and achievements under his belt.

With his current contract set to extend until at least 2031 the future looks incredibly bright for Mahomes. Fans and analysts alike eagerly anticipate what more he has in store for the football world. We send our best wishes to Mahomes and his family hoping that he continues to break records and make unforgettable moves both on and off the field. Mahomes' legacy is already impressive and it's clear that there is so much more greatness to come from this exceptional athlete.