25+ Facepalm Social Media Posts We Can't Believe Exist

Tricky Brick / March, 29, 2024

There’s no denying that social media has changed the way people communicate with each other. Between Twitter Instagram and Facebook we can’t believe some of the things posted on social media these days. Nothing is off-limits and people aren’t afraid to embarrass themselves—there is no filter.

From not understanding basic biology and math to posting personal details and being gullible these social media posts left people facepalming. Try your best not to laugh at these users’ expense.

1 On the Table

Buying used goods requires a fair share of haggling and some people have no shame when it comes to naming their price. In some cases price negotiations can get awkward especially when the buyer doesn’t understand figure of speech.

They seemed confused as to what piece of furniture was actually for sale making it clear they were interested in the washer and dryer.

2 Really Hurt

Wow! This person thought they were on to something brilliant! They finally figured out the word “hurt”. Indeed it doesn’t change between past present or future tense but not because hurt never stops.

It’s because they were not using it as a verb but rather as an adjective. Even still were the comments really necessary? There’s no need to call people stupid. Now that hurts!

3 Multi-Millionaire

We guess we’re not the only ones who are bad at math. While we applaud this person’s generous thinking about trying to spread the wealth of the lottery—because really why should only one person get $900 million?—their math is a bit faulty.

This person must’ve missed a few too many math classes thinking that $900 million divided by 300 million equals $3 million. In case you’re wondering each person would actually only get $3.

4 Orange You Gullible

Haha—are we the only ones that actually tried to say “gullible” slowly? Clearly it’s been a long day and we’ll admit—we’re pretty gullible. Sadly we can’t even laugh at these Facebook users who also tried it because we’re just as bad as they are.

We can’t get over how obvious this one was. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book but we still fell for it.

5 The Real Birthday

First of all have you ever met a kid named Bhrandhey? It sure is an odd way to spell Brandy. And if that girl wasn’t already going to get picked on for her name she’s bound to be confused about her birthday with her mother telling her it is when she was in the womb.

How did the mom even get an exact date for this? We feel bad for this precious innocent child.

6 Serving Thanks

Now this offends us for all the veterans out there that served our country. While it’s nice that this “vet” wished other veterans a Happy Veterans Day while saying they considered themselves a vet we’re pretty sure you have to first graduate boot camp and then serve to be a vet.

And their buddy wasn’t shy about calling them out for it. Now that’s what friends are for.

7 Time Travel

Wow! This person seems to be a die-hard Back to the Future fan. But on second look if they were such a big fan they should’ve known that this movie wasn’t released until 1985 (and not 1989 as stated in the post but we'll let it slide). And even after their faulty logic was pointed out on Facebook they still went with it.

We can’t help but think they’re a bit confused as to how time works. Just to clear things up 1989 comes after 1955 and 2015 comes after 1989.

8 The Bee’s Knees

What other means of communication could humans possibly need? Is talking not enough? Sure elephants are known as one of the smartest animals and they communicate with each other through sounds like rumbles barks roars and snorts but that doesn’t mean they are more advanced than humans.

This user was mesmerized by the fact elephants make a specific noise to announce that bees are coming but they failed to remember that people can just use their words when bees are around.

9 The Fresh Prince

Really!?! No way! Who would’ve thought that Will Smith looks like the guy from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? What a coincidence. Maybe it’s because it’s the role that made the actor a household name. And if that wasn’t already crazy his character is named Will Smith!

What are the odds of that happening? This user must’ve felt like they were on to something when they made this discovery but sadly they were late to the party.

10 Remaining Anonymous

The word anonymous is pretty straightforward and in case you need a refresher it means not named or identified. This is why it’s so strange to see a person’s name used in the same sentence as anonymous. Something just doesn’t add up here.

This source must’ve been pretty upset when they asked to remain anonymous and their name appeared right there in the paper. What’s even worse is it was then shared on social media.

11 “Gotta Catch ‘Em All”

Do you remember when everyone was walking around looking for Pokémon? It seems like it was yesterday! And if you recall everyone was obsessed with the game at the time so imagine the frustration of the gamers when they learned they had to spend four hours without Pokémon GO.

And while it would seem like the best time to update it would be at night how are you supposed to do that when you’re serving Australia the United Kingdom Europe and South Africa? It’s not nighttime around the world at the same time.

12 The Ghost of Snapchat

The whole gimmick of Snapchat is that the messages and pictures are only available for a short time before they completely disappear into the deep webs of the internet never to be seen again. But this user must’ve missed the memo and unfortunately they filmed a whole wedding on the platform only for it to of course be deleted.

Let’s hope they weren’t the official photographer of the wedding. At least they saved some of them on their phone.

13 Here Comes the Sun

We’re not sure if any of these users are serious about walking in the sun. Sure we’ve heard about walking on the moon and Mars but the sun? Why would anyone even consider that? It would be unbearably hot!

And how would the winter be any better? Do they not understand how the sun works? And the answer is even better—“It would have to be a night.” People these days.

14 #Hashtags

It’s hard to imagine a time before Twitter and hashtags but believe us when we say it existed and it wasn’t too long ago. It was only 15 years ago!

While hashtags have become associated with social media they originated on phones and are known as the pound sign. Like it or not they’re nothing new and they were around back in the ‘90s and way before then.

15 “Because I’m Happy”

Do you remember when your coach would say there’s no “I” in the team? Were we the only ones who found that annoying? Well this person tried to apply the same logic to “there’s no “I” in happiness.”

While the sentiment behind it is nice there is an “I” in happiness when you spell it correctly. Plus you shouldn’t have to rely on others to be happy.

16 In Debt

What is it with the latest generation and not knowing that some things are meant to stay private? Why would anyone post their credit card for all to see on the internet? They’re pretty much asking for someone to steal their details.

This lady was so excited about her new blue debit card that she posted it for her followers to see without blocking out the numbers. We wonder if she also gave out the security code on the back and her Social Security Number.

17 Bite Me

It's crazy to think about how humans have evolved over thousands of years to adapt to our surroundings. We certainly can't imagine Neanderthals arguing about whether we should be vegan or eat meat.

One thing we know for sure is that our entire digestive system is designed to break down and absorb the nutrients in meat but our stomachs are certainly not designed to break down grass or foliage. Teeth just don't do that much of the heavy lifting anymore—especially now that we can cut our food with knives and forks.

18 Hold Me Close

Women go through so much to birth to their children. Nine months of carrying another human takes an insane toll—but our partners go through it with us to a certain extent.

This man may not have physically carried the baby himself but his joy is just as genuine as his smile shows. We’re not sure who this woman thinks she is but it’s probably best she takes her opinion elsewhere.

19 Happy Baby Shower

We’ve never really put much thought into the crazy stuff that happens in zoos when the public isn’t watching. But thanks to the wonders of Reddit now we have the inside scoop.

This is the kind of stuff you don’t get to see in nature documentaries. There’s so much we don’t know about the animal kingdom. We couldn’t even make something this crazy up! Animals are brutal man.

20 Something in the Air

Things are bound to get heated when the topic of global warming is brought up. Everyone seems to have an opinion and they're not afraid to voice theirs regardless of how wrong they may be.

Not only did Mark Thomas get this fact about CO2 so wrong but he continued to back it after being called out on its inaccuracy.

21 Having Pride

When it was announced the FIFA World Cup was taking place in Qatar we knew there would be all sorts of issues. And it wasn't just the sale of adult beverages that caused a stir—a U.S. sports journalist wearing a rainbow t-shirt caused quite the commotion.

This Qatari nationalist accused him of not respecting universal values. We can't believe all of this was over a rainbow shirt.

22 Pregnancy Brain

While we can’t help but smile at this sibling’s excitement about her sister being pregnant logic seems to have gone out the window when they said they couldn’t wait to see if they were an “auntie or uncle”. We guess they meant they were excited to see if they were going to have a niece or nephew…

And here we thought the person pregnant was supposed to be the one with a pregnancy brain. We guess they’ll have to wait and see what happens.

23 Welcome to Miami

Sure when we think of Miami Florida automatically pops up which makes sense as it is one of the most well-known cities in Florida. But this person seems to be confused about how states work thinking they could drive from Miami to Florida.

We can’t help but think they’re in for one heck of a road trip. We wonder if they eventually found their destination.

24 "The Very Hungry Caterpillar"

The Very Hungry Caterpillar was one of our favorite books to read with our parents when we were kids and this little guy seems to be the very epitome of that caterpillar. He's too busy eating all day and getting huge to pupate and become a beautiful butterfly.

Why someone posted this on the internet we'll never understand. Let the fellow take his good ole' time growing!

25 Paternal Rights

While most people have a basic understanding of how biology works by high school—and if not there’s sex ed to fill in the gaps—this person seems to be a bit confused.

Sure we’re all for equal rights for men and women and if men should have to take a DNA test women should have to also. But we can’t help but think it’s pretty clear who the baby belongs to after the mother’s been pregnant with the baby for nine months and the baby comes out of the mother.

26 Based on a True Story

Titanic is one of the most famous films to ever be released which is why it comes as a huge surprise that this person didn’t seem to know the movie was based on a true story about a ship that struck an iceberg and sunk in 1912.

This media user was confused as to why no one filming didn’t try and help. We guess they didn’t realize the 1998 movie was just based on the story from almost 100 years prior.

27 Outdated

It’s hard to imagine how long the earth has been around but one thing we know is it’s been way longer than whatever year we’re in now. And in case you didn’t know different cultures and religions start their calendars in different years.

Calendars haven’t been around forever and neither have humans. Here’s another history lesson—dinosaurs predate humans by many millions of years.

28 UFO

If this person thought cashpoints in the middle of nowhere were odd we can just imagine what they thought when they saw the strange UFO-looking figure looming above the ATM. Aliens need fast cash too!

While it would have been awesome if it was a UFO the reality is far less cool as it’s just a can in their car that is reflected in the window. Do you see the bottle tab?

29 Geography Lessons

Here’s yet another social media user who could use a geography lesson and this time it has to do with Dallas and Texas.

They didn’t that Dallas is a city in Texas and not only are they staying in the same state but they’re also staying in the same country as both Dallas and Texas are in the United States. It looks like Ebola is the least of their problems.

30 Trainwreck

There’s nothing worse than missing your train and this woman thought she hacked the system by throwing her bag in to stop the doors from closing.

The only problem is her bag made it on the train but she was still left behind on the platform which is even worse than missing it. Perhaps she should’ve held on to her bag and pushed her way onto the train.

31 Let There Be Light

Yet again someone who’s confused by how the sun works. Even though it would be nice for the sun to come out at night when it’s dark that’s not exactly how it works.

Here’s another lesson for you about the sun: we see the sun during the day because our part of the Earth is turned toward it and it rotates. Also let’s state the obvious: if the sun was out at night it would be dark during the day which would be just as useless.

32 Basic Math

Here’s another person who seems confused by basic math. We get it—we’ve been there. Sure the idea of a quarter till is a bit confusing as a quarter is worth 25 cents and a quarter till means 15 minutes until the time but a quarter just means 1/4.

Hence a 1/4 of $1 is 25¢ and a 1/4 of an hour (60 minutes) is 15. Here’s to basic math!

33 The True Meaning of Labor Day

Every year we look forward to Labor Day which is celebrated on the first Monday in September. While it’s nice to have time off of work and school we’re willing to bet most Americans don’t know the history behind the federal holiday.

Like take this person who thought it had to do with mothers who went into labor. So Mother’s Day!?! Well that’s not exactly what the holiday is—it’s to recognize the American labor movement.

34 Sunrise, Sunset

While we can appreciate a beautiful sunrise and nighttime sunset what is a morning sunset? What is it about the sun that people just don't understand how it works? How can the sun possibly set in the morning? By this logic it would rise in the evening.

This user needs her morning coffee. Or maybe she prefers a nighttime Cup of Joe. Either way we hope someone clears up her confusion so she can change her caption ASAP.

35 Laser Focus

Whether it’s Giant Trader Joe's or Aldi most people have their preferred grocery store. While we think Whole Foods is overpriced it attracts a certain kind of customer like this one who was afraid the price barcode scanner would put lasers into their food.

They’re a bit confused about how scanners work. Can you imagine how long it took them to check out having to read the barcode for each item in their cart? We feel bad for the supermarket employee.

36 Voice Messages

Oh Kimber. This good Samaritan was just trying to have your back so you didn’t show up unannounced at your friend’s house. If it were us we probably wouldn’t have bothered to send Kimber a text that she called and left a message to the wrong number.

While the recipient was probably accepting a thank you Kimber couldn’t understand how they could message back from the same number if the number was wrong.

37 The “Real Mom”

We can’t help but think this user is the same as the one who asked why women don’t have to take DNA tests to see if the baby is theirs. How does she not know if she is the “real mom”?

Maybe she missed some sex ed classes? Or perhaps she was given too much pain medication during labor and couldn’t remember giving birth?

38 Getting Ticketed

Parking tickets are the worst! Sometimes it can be confusing where you can park and there’s nothing worse than getting a quick bite to eat and then heading back to your car and seeing a ticket. And to get a parking ticket your car has to be parked—not moving.

So while we can relate to this Facebook user’s curiosity how fast you were driving would be completely irrelevant.

39 Well Insured

If you thought parking tickets were bad what’s worse is getting into an accident. When they happen you better hope you have insurance. Luckily Susan did but she must’ve been so shaken up by the accident that she didn’t understand the auto insurance agent wanted photos just not of her of her car.

Eva handled it like a real champ being the professional she was and she even complimented Susan.

40 Micro Problems

Oh come on. How could someone think putting a phone in the microwave to charge it would be a good idea? Talk about being gullible. There’s a reason why phones have chargers.

In case you were wondering here’s what happens when you try it at home. It will damage your phone or worse your electronic device will explode and cause a fire. Try explaining this to the fire department.

41 Wrong Number

What is it with people texting the wrong number and not understanding that they have the wrong number? Here’s just another texter that can’t seem to figure out the idea of a wrong number. While technically they texted the “right” number it’s not the person they were trying to reach.

Most of the time this conversation ends after the texter realizes that they have the wrong number but they didn’t seem to understand. Hopefully they ended up reaching who they were trying to message.

42 Transgender: A Search Engine

We’re having a bit of trouble believing that people let alone Twitter users in this day and age wouldn’t know what transgender is.

While we’re loving the opening like “Damn are you even real” Harry’s flirting game lost major points after he didn’t know what transgender was and then thought it was a search engine. At least there’s Google to fall back on for questions like this.

43 In Hot Water

When you’re renting an apartment finding a good landlord is as important as finding a place to live—they’re a package deal. You never know when you’re going to need your landlord’s help.

While we applaud this landlord for being so attentive to the renter’s needs and replying back so quickly how do you take a picture of the hot water being broken? We can’t fault the tenant for sending this sarcastic photo of the faucet running back.

44 Not a Robot

We’ll admit it—at first we were confused as to why checking off that you’re not a robot with a pen on paper is a big deal. We do it all the time online. But that’s when we realized that the seller should’ve seen that a person was buying a car if they bought the car in person at the dealership.

Even still there’s a very slight chance a robot could’ve been disguising itself as a person. Better safe than sorry.

45 The Big Apple

You would think people would understand geography by now but yet again here’s another user that seems confused by it. Our education system is lacking.

When we think of America New York is one of the first states that come to mind. But apparently some people see it differently. “Goodbye America Hello New York!”—we have nothing more to say than welcome to the Big Apple.

46 Rock On!

Going to see your favorite band in concert is super exciting but sometimes with all the excitement things can go wrong. However usually that doesn't include buying tickets for the wrong band.

Imagine expecting to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers but instead of Anthony Kiedis Flea Chad Smith and John Frusciante coming on stage a bagpipe band called the Red Hot Chili Pipers does. What a huge disappointment for any rock fan!

47 Signing Off

Wait—are we missing something? While it’s a nice gesture to acknowledge all of your followers it’s a bit tone-deaf to post a comment to blind people on social media that they can’t read.

We’re pretty sure Diego meant to write “to my deaf followers” which would’ve made posting sign language make a lot more sense. We guess it’s an honest mistake. But even after being called out Diego couldn’t understand the problem.

48 Taxi!

Were you one of the first ones out of your friends to get their license? If you did driving everyone around was all too real for you and you may have felt like a taxi service.

This Facebook user decided to vent their totally valid frustrations but there were some flaws in their logic and another user clapped back. We agree—technically if they asked for money for their driving they would be a taxi service.

49 Hugs Not Drugs

“Hugs Not Drugs”—do you remember when that anti-drug campaign was taught in schools? While we’re against recreational drugs some drugs are necessary especially when they’re vital to your health like epilepsy medication.

Sure doing drugs in front of kids is a huge no-no but being unconscious on the floor is way worse than taking epilepsy drugs. “Medication is just a crutch” and “mind over matter”—really?

50 Really Saucy

Smoking marinara? Now that’s something we haven’t heard of before. Is it the new hip drug all of the kids are trying these days? Marinara sure seems a lot healthier than grass and it’s a pantry staple. So it’s a win-win. But wouldn’t the acidity of marinara hurt your throat?

Either way we’re loving the comment about only smoking mozzarella. Throw in some pizza dough and you’ve got yourself a pizza!

51 Same Name

Oh Ginger. She just wanted to toot her own horn or maybe she wanted a reason to get a raise. Either way she could’ve at least made a fake user or left a review of McDonald’s from a friend’s account.

While it’s possible it’s just a coincidence that the reviewer and the employer’s names are both Ginger it’s pretty unlikely. Plus the user left her last name … we’re willing to bet it’s the same as Ginger the employees. Whoops!

52 All Mapped Out

We get it—it’s hard to imagine a time before Google Maps. It certainly has made our lives easier. Can you even remember how people traveled before Google Maps? We got lost more often and had to stop and ask for directions along the way.

This is the most Gen Z post we’ve seen yet! Let’s hope this person doesn’t get stuck in a dead zone or their phone doesn’t lose battery during their journey.

53 Austria Not Australia

When it comes to places outside the United States we’re not the most knowledgeable. Even still we do know that visiting Germany and Australia on one trip is pretty unlikely as they are on opposite ends of the world.

But visiting Germany and Austria makes more sense because they are right next to each other. Even still we can’t deny that Austria and Australia sound way too similar and we can see the confusion.

54 We’re Not Following

Who even has 800 people on Twitter to follow? Now that’s a lot of accounts! But there’s a huge difference between 759 and 800 … this user is 41 followers away from reaching 800 making the question of who to follow a bit premature.

Again they seemed to have missed some vital lessons in math class thinking that time works the same way as everything else and that 759 would magically turn into 800 with one more follower.

55 One Day at a Time

Sometimes when you find the one you can’t help but post on social media about how in love you are like this Facebook user did. While we’re skeptical about someone falling in love after a few months of dating who are we to judge?

Even though this person’s love for their girlfriend is undeniable they’re a bit confused about the way months work thinking that two months was less than one month and six weeks.

56 No Bones About It

Sure X-ray machines have been around for a while but they don’t date back to the Middle Ages. While X-rays have allowed us to look at bones and joints they’re not the only way to see skeletons.

When people pass away dead bodies decompose into skeletons which has been happening since the beginning of time. Therefore there’s no need for an X-ray machine to see a skeleton.