Hacking Amazon: Today’s Best Lightning Deals (Updated Daily)!

Lifestyle Tricky Brick / January, 30, 2024

Sometimes it’s hard to know when a deal is really a good deal vs when it’s just an over-inflated price tag that gets “marked down” (to the price it should be anyway) to make us feel like it’s a deal. Well that sucks. And I wanted to do something about it.

We happen to write about a lot of products on Amazon (and yes we’re Amazon affiliates that’s a part of how we make a living) and we also get to see a lot of trends on some of the most popular products out there. So I wanted to evaluate the deals that are out there right now and compare them to the average prices we’ve been tracking on that product. So that’s exactly what I did!

I’m focusing on lightning deals because those tend to be some of the biggest discounts that sellers are willing to give. But the catch is they only give them for a day or often just a few hours. This is what Amazon calls Lightning DealsSo what I’m going to do is setup some real-time searches to find lighting deals that are below the average price (not just the list price) of the prices we’ve seen on that product in the last 12 months. If the so called “deal” isn’t lower than the average I won’t list it. I just won’t. But if there are some killer products out there that have very rare below-average price tags you bet your a(mazon account) I’m going to bring it straight to you!

Sound good? Good! Let’s get to it. Here are the goods!

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