40+ Hilarious world history memes that'll leave you on the floor laughing

Tricky Brick / June, 27, 2023

Who doesn't like to laugh and learn right? We are obsessed with both history and memes so what if we told you we'd combined the two to create the ultimate comedic experience that will leave you on the floor laughing? Our history memes will have you in stitches whether we're taking a trip back to ancient times or exploring more recent events that will definitely go down in history. We assure you you will be entertained and educated all at once so don't miss out on the funniest and most educational memes about world history and get on with the article now.

1 1. The no-cross line.

The Cuban missile crisis was an electrifying moment that defined the 20th century had it happened; the world would be a different place today. The entire world was on the brink of nuclear war with just inches separating us from disaster. The U.S. placed nuclear weapons near the USSR in Turkey to which the USSR responded by sending ships carrying nuclear warheads toward Cuba. The U.S. drew a no-cross line that would have set off a nuclear war. But thankfully the war was avoided and countless lives were saved.

2 2. Rules as strong as Jenga

World War 2 was something that left the world shaken; the lives of countless men were gone and broken houses; it feels as if it was just about yesterday from our grandparents! To prevent such a catastrophe from happening again NATO and the United Nations sprang into action to make sure that kind of devastation never happens again.

They laid down the law for countries to abide by and set some serious guidelines for modern combat to protect humanity from crimes against it. But even though there are rules and regulations they are of no use as they are as flimsy as a house of cards! There's no U.N. group with the authority to enforce them! So what do they do to avoid genocides and war you ask? They send a strongly worded letter. Amusing isn't it?

3 3. Wonders of the Wonder Woman

Wonder Women's sexuality has been a point of debate for so long now. So let's just dive into it already shall we? She's lived on an island consisting of only women her whole life; they fought they used to hunt ride horses and whatnot you name anything you think is badass and we're sure that the women of that island must've done it. So for someone who has always been amongst women her entire life why should she be into men automatically? 

Hollywood's constant push of heteronormativity is so outdated that it now bores us. It would've been more realistic to see her not have any attraction to Steve Trevor because she was still figuring things out having only left the island for a little time you know? But Hollywood and its love for prince charming always fails to amaze us. Why not break down these societal norms and embrace diversity already?

4 4. Explosives or video games? Your call

Do you know what we think about time again? It's what it was like growing up as Irish kids in the '70s! When explosives were so common and no we're not just talking about video games you see. Do you know what must've been an adventurous thing? 

It was dodging the Peaky Blinders who wasn't exactly thrilled with the cause. But hey the IRA provided some serious excitement for bored kids looking to get their combat fix right? So we're not complaining.

5 5. Brainwashing at best

To this day whenever we think about what the Nazis did it still boils our blood with rage. Can you imagine the sheer power of Nazi propaganda back in the day? They managed to convince an entire nation to blame their troubles on a secret ruling class while also dehumanizing them to the point of being considered sewer rats! 

It's both shocking and infuriating that such an odd twisted logic led to the loss of six million innocent lives. We must never forget the atrocities committed during that dark time and strive to always fight against hate and discrimination.

6 6. Just a bunch of kids

Can we just discuss how World War I was just a group of young kids who wanted to fight for their country and die a hero even if it meant pretending to be older? They bravely fought in a war that lasted longer than necessary and for what? Two misguided countries? 

Although their war may have been overshadowed by the epic World War II we can still cherish the amazing movie 1917 that came out of it and be thankful for them as their honor for their countries brought us the freedom that we enjoy today.

7 7. The stolen marvels

When we are young we don't realize how messed up colonialism actually is but as we grow up we start to realize that it is nothing less than a devil's deal. The Europeans came in and took over countries leaving them worse off than ever before. They pretended to be helping Africans but we all know they were just taking advantage of them and depleting them of their resources to make their lives better. 

Man what an awful thing to do using someone else's resources to flourish one's self and leaving them worse than they ever were. There are so many countries that have still not come over from their loss after decades of being left behind by the Europeans.

8 8. CIA wasn't involved

President Kennedy was without a doubt one of the most adored political figures in all of American history! But let's talk conspiracy theories shall we? One of the most widespread ones about his assassination is that the CIA was involved in some way. 

Now let us tell you what we think about it; it's nothing but all baloney. There is absolutely zero evidence to support such a claim. It's crystal clear that a president who wanted to cut the CIA's budget would be in their good books and they would never ever ever want anything bad to happen to him right?

9 9. The early computer

Back in the day The Enigma machine was THE ultimate encryption device ever created! It was so complex that the allied forces had to actually invent the digital electronic calculating machine just to crack it in easier terms the early computer. 

But let's be real here; looking back it probably wasn't as difficult as they made it out to be. Like lord the last two words were always the same; anyone could have figured out the code! 

10 10. Is that clear?

Sometimes you gotta send a message loudly and clearly in order to be understood clearly without any doubts! And that's exactly what the United States did to Japan at the end of WWII. It may have cost lives but it sure got the job done! The first nuke didn't quite cut it so what did they do? They dropped another one and BOOM! Japan surrendered. 

It's not a complex military tactic. It's just basic common sense you see. But now the world is trembling at the thought of a third nuke. Let's just hope we never have to go there but if we do you better believe we'll do whatever it takes to protect our country!

11 11. Wait, what?

Say what you want to about Japan but the Japanese just love to keep things interesting with their city names! It's a bit confusing though; take the two cities: Kyoto and Tokyo for example. 

What is interesting is that Tokyo was actually called Kyoto at one point meaning "capital city"? It's enough to make one's head spin! But fear not; we've got a hilarious The Simpsons meme that'll help clear things up and bring some energy to the mix. 

12 12. We still use Latin

The Roman Empire! It's hands down our top pick when it comes to historical periods to dive into. There are just so many captivating stories that emerged from that era (P.S.You need to see the epic HBO series "Rome"? It's an absolute must-watch!). 

However we have to admit their impact isn't quite as massive as they might have believed. That being said let's set the record straight: the meme that claims otherwise is dead wrong. We continue to use the Latin alphabet to this day. Talk about impact now?

13 13. Women's Day and Age

Living in today's world does feel like a woman's dream even though we still have a long way to go when it comes to women's empowerment because there was a time when half of the human race wasn't given the respect and basic human rights they deserved. 

Women have been treated like second-class citizens for far too long while men have focused solely on themselves. But now with women finally having their own voices they are showing the world that they are just as talented - if not more so - than the men who have been running the show for far too long! 

14 14. I demand fun.

Eastern countries may not have been the most welcoming of gay rights in the past but that didn't stop them from trying to fake it during the Cold War with a state-owned gay disco bar! Yet it's no shocker that the experiment failed. 

Who in their right mind would flock to a place where authorities were actively seeking out and targeting them for violating extreme policies right? But hey let's not dwell on the past. We'll just have to keep pushing for progress and better luck next time!

15 15. No chance to stand

Paris and their treaties are a never-ending story! But let's be real can we even trust any of those agreements? We all know the French have a tendency to surrender at the drop of a hat. 

And with a record like Paris's it's no wonder those treaties can't seem to stand up to the test of time. So why not shake things up and start signing real powerful treaties in Oslo right? Let's go!

16 16. Who won the game?

We all know that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – but when it comes to war all bets are off. So when the U.N. decided to go after North Korea's MiG-15 they knew they had to bring their A-game. 

They came up with a bold plan which was to offer a juicy sum of money to any pilot who defected to South Korea. But did it work? Nope not a single taker. So who came out on top in this game of high stakes? Who really won?

17 17. I invented the helicopter

Let's give a round of applause to the legendary Leonardo de Vinci! This Renaissance genius deserves more recognition than just being known as the head of the Ninja Turtles kidding. He was an incredible pioneer who literally invented helicopters! 

Despite his groundbreaking work he didn't receive the appreciation he deserved. But we won't forget his immense contributions to the world of art and innovation. So here's to you de Vinci! Thank you for inspiring us with this meme tribute!

18 18. The next Europe in line?

Europe is a goldmine for meme-worthy content! With all those powerhouse countries crammed into one small area there's never a dull moment. From the Brits' blunders to the French's faux pas and let's not forget the Spaniards' slip-ups Europe's history is full of hilarious mishaps just begging to be turned into memes. 

But let's not kid ourselves; power struggles and violence happen everywhere on every continent. It's high time the rest of the world got some recognition for their meme potential too!

19 19. I play from both side

Isn't it amusing to think about how Italy managed to play both sides of the war during World War II?! They were total strategists who got away with it! Talk about a bold move! Plus they got a massive boost from America's McCarthy industry after the war so it was definitely a wise choice to switch sides when they did. 

Sure there may have been a little uprising that helped them out but let's focus on the fact that Italy pulled off an incredible feat!

20 20. Generational gap

We absolutely love how spot-on the uniforms and weapons are for each duo but hold on tight because the final response at the bottom blew us away! 

It's got all the elements we hate to love: war generational gaps and even the use of the word "Daddy." Who would have thought that generational gaps would give us such hilarious memes?

21 21. Nothing is sadder than Poland's fate

It looks like the high power has favorites and some places that they just hate. Natural disasters wars and all sorts of bad luck seem to follow certain countries around. But let's talk about Poland - they've had it rough! 

Every time a world war breaks out sadly they're the first to get trampled on. It's almost laughable how often they get invaded but we can't help but feel sorry for them. Hang in there Poland; you're tougher than anyone else!

22 22. The deep dark secrets

German companies and their involvement in the second world war aren't something hidden anymore. It's no secret that many of them had ties to unsavory affiliations but it's time to hold them accountable. 

They may try to sweep their murky origins under the rug whether it's Fanta BMW or even Hugo Boss. We won't let them off the hook that easily. So let's keep calling them out not only to keep them in check but also for some good laughs. 

23 23. Never to be forgotten

The incredible dedication of Japanese pilots during World War II is what we think about sometimes how they were brave for their country selfless for their country and didn't for even a second think about giving their life up for freedom! 

These brave warriors fearlessly dive-bombed their planes into American ships refusing to give up until they sunk their targets. Their unwavering commitment to their cause and country is truly inspiring.

24 24. Just print more money, they said

Money is a never-ending desire for everyone yet it's just never enough. Some may suggest printing more money but that's a terrible idea! It only leads to inflation and decreases the value of money. Remember the German Republic of Weimar after World War I? 

They suffered from hyperinflation! Even Reddit faced a similar situation in 2019 when they offered free coins for upvoting posts and their coin lost its value. So let's be smart and not fall into the trap of printing more money.

25 25. RIP Modern Medicine

When we come across folks doubting the latest medical advancements and clinging to their granny's old remedies we can't help but laugh. The whole point of science is to evolve and improve so why settle for less? 

Trusting in science is the only smart choice. Any other option is just plain arrogant and could lead to disaster. Imagine having machines that scan your brain activity with great accuracy yet you choose to smack yourself with a bunch of mints and expect to be healed.

26 26. All these reasons only for hate

History is filled with reasons why people have hated Jews! In the beginning some folks didn't like them because they had different beliefs about the New Testament and were blamed for the death of Jesus. 

As time went on they were even accused of bringing diseases and causing plagues. And now because of their success in finance people think they have control over the banks. It's no wonder they have faced such intense persecution!

27 27. What if we were still swinging ropes?

Isn't evolution amazing and amusing at the same time?! We're living proof of its power! We shouldn't even be this successful but thanks to our incredible brains we've surpassed all other animals and taken over the world. 

And it all started with something as simple as throwing rocks! Can you imagine if we were still swinging from trees while super smart rats ran the show? We lucked out big time!

28 28. Even Grandpa

Even though we think that learning about World War II and the Holocaust in the third grade is a bit too intense imagine the shock on those kiddos' faces when they discover their own grandpa was actually a villain! 

It may seem daunting but it's way better to learn the truth now than be fed twisted lies later on. And let's just hope that the teacher was easy on them and didn't feed them the gut-wrenching details of the horrific incident all at once. 

29 29. An open theft

Have you heard about the Englishman who boldly colonized a country and snatched all their treasures? Oliver of course! It was the norm for the British to take whatever they pleased from their controlled territories. 

And let's be real; the locals didn't see it as some innocent souvenir taking but rather a massive theft. British museums now have an incredible collection of fascinating artifacts from all over the world yet it's funny how someone the most historical artifacts of some countries are in the British museums not theirs.

30 30. I win

The epic rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union was nothing short of legendary! Known as the Cold War it was a fierce battle of who had the biggest stick. 

Although it wasn't exactly a laughing matter back then it's still hilarious to look back and chuckle at this silly quarrel between two ideologies that really had no business caring about each other.

31 31. Warm hugs? No?

It's common knowledge that the early settlers of America didn't exactly give the natives a warm welcome. They fought and stole their land and to make matters worse they ignored them for centuries. But hold up; now there's a shift happening in the United States. 

They're finally owning up to their past mistakes but let's not forget about those other countries who did the same thing and got away with it. It's time to give the natives the respect they deserve and make things right!

32 32. Under the influence

Did you know that during World War II Hitler was basically knocked out 24/7? Now we're not saying that what the Germans did was okay but it sheds some light on how they were able to commit such heinous acts. 

They were fueled by a hefty dose of performance enhancers! On the other hand the United States waged war against substances they were actually trafficking while the United Kingdom had to invade a country just to sell them. Crazy right?

33 33. Identity crisis

America's leaders from the early days are causing America to now have an identity crisis! They owe everything they have today to these great people but let's face it they had some serious skeletons in the closet. 

Unlike Europeans who embrace their troubled past they need to find a middle ground too. Let's acknowledge and accept our past but strive to be even better moving forward.

34 34. 5 years of war

World War I may have been marketed as the war to end all wars but history showed us otherwise! It was supposed to be a short fight but the combination of ancient tactics and modern technology turned this battle into a grueling five-year war with little progress made. 

And to top it off just a decade later history's biggest villains stole the show.

35 35. The Player of all players

Let's talk about Disney's take on Zeus for a hot minute shall we? This meme gives us the perfect opportunity to let off some steam. Sure the characters may be fictional but the tales behind them are real. 

And let's be real - Disney really dropped the ball when it comes to portraying Zeus. In the movie he's all about family love but historically Zeus was a total player who couldn't stay faithful to just one lady. Come on Disney - why change the truth like that and make it into a fairytale that you're so obsessed with?

36 36. Potter heads

Every single kid out there knows about Harry Potter! It's the most mind-blowing book series ever made. We've all been Potterheads as a team; from fighting to being a Gryffindor and not a Slytherin is how we grew up. Imagine not being introduced to the World of Wizards as J.K 

Rowling was rejected by so many publishers before the books finally hit the shelves that she had really lost all hope. Can you believe it? Well maybe it's because she showed up to the pitch meeting with nothing but scribbles on napkins! But even that takes some serious determination!

37 37. A genuine thought

At some point or the other we have all thought about how taking a phone back in time to the medieval period would be cool but when you think about it harder you'll know how it will be a total waste! For real come on - no internet no electricity - it would be dead in a day! 

Instead what we think would make them lose their minds is our modern medicine our supermarkets or even our modern weapons now that would really leave a lasting impression!

38 38. A gold meme template

The United States finally recognized something that has been long overdue! It's a historical moment and we love it! And since we don't like getting into political drama let's just say that this meme template is just pure gold! 

But we gotta keep our fingers crossed because we all know how the internet tends to overdo a good thing. So let's hope this one stays fresh and we get to enjoy more hilarious memes!

39 39. Not all whites are the same

White people may seem similar at first glance but they are a diverse bunch that one can easily get lost in! We've got the stunning Scandinavians with their luscious blonde locks and piercing blue eyes that make everyone jealous of their looks. 

And let's not forget the Irish who not only have their famous McNames but also have a love for beer like no other. And don't even get us started on the Jews - they may look white but they come from all different backgrounds including the Middle East. So don't you dare think that all white people are the same!

40 40. The glorious Roman Empire

We all know that modern Italy wishes to claim the prestigious title of the successor to the Roman Empire but let's be real here - it's just not happening. The Holy Roman Empire doesn't even come close to the greatness of the original Roman Empire. 

Come on let's give it up for the real deal! Sorry Italy but you need to tone it down a notch. And can we take a moment for the multi-universal meme here explaining the true glory of the Roman empire to us?

41 41. Is it just shadows?

This one's a deep cut that's gonna leave some folks scratching their heads. If you've got even a basic background in philosophy you're gonna love it. So this one's for all you smarty-pants out there! 

If you're up for the challenge go ahead and look up Plato's Allegory of the Cave and try to crack this code. We're not gonna spoon-feed you all the answers but here's a clue: studying brings you pure bliss!

42 42. The slow hero/villain walk?

Who doesn't love that epic moment in an action movie when the hero walks away from a massive explosion without breaking a sweat? Well imagine the rats leaving Europe after the black plague hit - they owned that moment like true bosses. 

With a deadly virus that took down almost a third of the population the rats left the continent in utter awe. And mark our words; the bats will soon follow suit.

43 43. The world was too slow for his inventions

Leonardo Da Vinci - he's not just a Ninja Turtle name! This guy was a total genius innovating during the middle ages in ways that wouldn't be seen for centuries. 

He even cooked up designs for a freakin' helicopter in 1489AD but the tech wasn't there yet to bring it to life. Still we gotta give props to his genius even today!

44 44. Space race

The space race was an electrifying and exhilarating event that captivated the entire world during the '60s! And it all began with the Russians launching dogs and cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin into space but the Americans weren't about to back down! 

President John F. Kennedy boldly declared that they would put a man on the moon by the end of the decade and NASA was determined to make it happen! And boy did they deliver! In 1969 Neil Armstrong made history as the first man to set foot on the moon! What a time to be alive!

45 45. Boomers and their complains

Boom! Do you know what boomers are really good at? Complaining! They love to whine about how everything was better in their day and how superior they are to us millennials. But guess what? 

We can totally one-up them by pointing out that they're not even as skilled as the generations before them. It's like everyone thinks their generation is the bee's knees no matter what. But let's show 'em who's boss and bring some serious energy to the table!

46 46. The charming prince story-Disney

Disney loves to feed us with movies that have the perfect love the perfect men and the perfect stories and they did that in the case of Zeus too! Sure it's not the most historically accurate film but that doesn't mean it's not an epic adventure. 

The characters may not have existed in real life but their stories sure did and boy did Disney take some liberties with them. Take Zeus as an example- in the movie he's a loving family man but in REALITY he is a manipulating cheater who couldn't keep his hands off tons of women. Can you believe it?!

47 47. Colonialism

The sun truly never set on the British Empire and how? With territories all over the world the sun never set on the British Empire. And let's not forget about their awe-inspiring collection of relics gathered from all corners of the earth. 

Although they may be a bit sheepish about it now there's no denying the impressive legacy left behind by the British Empire even though it is full of colonialism mooching off and theft.

48 48. Caesar ceases again

Romans have always been about democracy! But then here comes Julius Caesar thinking he could just snatch up all the executive powers for himself and declare himself dictator. 

The Romans were NOT having it and took matters into their own hands by assassinating him. But hold on to your togas because things got even worse when Julius's son Augustus Caesar stepped up to the plate and became a dictator in everything but name. Yikes!

49 49. A cakewalk

Conquering a continent is a monumental feat and only the boldest nations have dared to take it on. But what sets them apart is their technological advancements compared to their opponents which gives them an edge over their rivals. 

When a nation with superior weaponry wreaks havoc the path to colonization becomes a cakewalk. It's like watching Indy take down his sword-wielding opponent with ease by just shooting him down!

50 50. The darkest moments in American History- The Civil War

Hold on tight because we're about to dive into some controversial territory! Let's talk about one of the darkest moments in American history: the Civil War. This epic conflict tore our nation apart and created a deep divide between the North and South. 

While it may seem obvious now the root cause of the war was the Southern states' support of slavery which the Northern states aggressively opposed. But even today some people still try to argue that there were other reasons for the war.

51 51. Open arms?

Get ready to feel the energy of the land of the free! They're all about spreading freedom. But let's be real; it's not always met with open arms. Take Cuba for example where the U.S.-appointed ruler was overthrown by a dictator. 

Or some countries in the Arab peninsula. But that won't stop the land of the free from fighting for what they believe in!

52 52. Hide my tea

Can you believe that the USA and England are now best buds? But let's not forget that it wasn't always this way. The young union fought hard to gain independence from the British in the War of Independence. 

And what sparked this epic battle? None other than the legendary Boston Tea Party! No wonder the British have been keeping their tea hidden from the Americans ever since. 

53 53. Stereotypes that stuck in the world

Let's face it; humans are natural-born stereotypes! Our minds are wired to categorize everything we see which helps us make sense of this crazy world we live in. 

But let's not forget that these stereotypes often turn into societal norms that are hard to break even though they have no basis in reality. But you know what they say all roads lead to Rome and that's one truth that will never change!

54 54. U/N and it's cherry picking

The United Nations needs to step up and take action on all global events not just cherry-pick which ones to get involved in. It's hypocritical and unethical to turn a blind eye to crimes that clearly deserve punishment. 

And this meme hits the nail on the head - the U.N. stays silent like some letters in words but unlike silent letters their silence is unacceptable. It's high time for the United Nations to make some noise and show the world they're ready to take on any challenge for the betterment of society.

55 55. All these fights and for what?

This one might be a sensitive subject so let's try and be easy about this. Throughout history wars have been waged over differing faiths and beliefs all revolving around the same deity. Ironic isn't it? 

These different followings don't always get along but let's not dwell on that. Instead let's find some humor in this hilarious meme and power through the tough stuff!

56 56. Happy to be born in this day and age.

Old folks love to crib about today's youth and how they're grateful they grew up with books and playgrounds instead of smartphones and the internet. 

But hold on a second; young people can easily clap back by reminding them that they're lucky enough not to have to worry about being drafted and fighting in a war. Boom! That's how you show them that growing up today is so much better than growing up in the past.