Woman Spent A Year Collecting Her Fallen Hair To Make Extensions

The pandemic has been life-changing for almost everyone. People were in their homes for a good amount of time and they had a lot to think about and do. Well, one person had another thing to do for the whole year on a whole new level. The woman has been collecting her hair to make hair extensions out of them.

She started collecting her hair in a bag and realized how much hair one loses just in a year. She calculated that approximately 40-200 hair fall out per day. Later she revealed that on average one person can lose up to a staggering 36,600 of hair. She shared everything on her TikTok video which has more than 21 million views making it viral.


She documented her journey of a year and shared it with everyone. People were stunned by the facts she shared and were more stunned by her idea. She started with the idea after she found how much hair she loses in a day and calculated how much she might end up losing in a year. Thus, decided to collect her hair and make hair extensions out of it rather than buying them.


She picks her hair wherever she spots one and it does not matter whether they are in the shower, on the floor, or her clothes, she makes sure to pick it up. She then puts it in a plastic bag until she cannot put any more in it. After that, she pastes them on a double-sided tape strand by strand. She even made a video of putting the DIY extensions into a ponytail in a recent video. It proved to be quite a challenge as the tape weighed down the hair.

Whilst some people were baffled as to why she was collecting her hair, others, who were stunned, were tempted to try it out for themselves. There were many questions and thoughts in the minds of the viewers and some even penned them down. One wrote: “I’m confused about what the point of this is.” Another wrote: “Yo! I think this is a good idea to donate later!” The third person related it to another famous trend and wrote: “Tell me you’re bored without telling me you’re bored.” And a fourth put: “You better make a wig.”