Woman Shared Her Life In A Town Where Everyone Lives In The Same Building

Popularly known as ‘town under one roof’, the town of Whittier in the US is one of its kind because most of the people reside in the same building with the resources aplenty to make a good living. The Begich Towers isn’t only full of people, but it also has a post office, police station, health clinic, church, and a market. Traveling via boat or walking through a 2.5-mile-long tunnel are the only possible ways. As said by one of the bloggers, the tunnel is also closed between 10 pm to 5 am, so no one can enter or leave the town during this interval.

TikTok user Livvontheedge had shared a video showing how people live in the 14-story building. When the video had been viewed a million times, it got the attention of another TikTok user Messy.nessy who then considered showing the life where everyone’s living under the same roof.


Messy.nessy further added that the Begich Towers was previously used for military reasons during the Cold War, and further in response, she also posted a bunch of videos, informing that 318 people are living in her building. It’s not just the residential area with people having their apartments, there’s also a school, post-office, supermarket, all inside the Begich Towers. The tunnel makes everything accessible whereas the town is about an hour away from Anchorage in Alaska, which has all the proper facilities.

She later explains that there are two apartment buildings in the town but the other one comprises only five percent of the town’s population. So, it means that there’s no concept of buying land to build own house or own a property. Buying a flat in these two buildings is the only option. Well, there are employment opportunities on the railroads, tunnel, school, clinic, and in other areas as well. Some people also have a job in Anchorage, so they commute every day to make a living.

Staying in the town for almost seven years, Messy.nessy sees the benefit of living in the same building as your best friend’s. Also, no one dates anyone in the town because they all grew up together and know each other so well. People were curious to know more about it with a person thinking about the kind of gossips that happens at the place. The second person joked that there’s basically no way to ignore another person because you can’t even say that you’re yet to reach your home. Moreover, one of them also requested to make a TikTok describing her life inside the town.