Woman Modified Ordinary Looking Residence Into A 1940s Replica Home

Hannah had handpicked each item of the décor. She designed the kitchen using items from the 1940s like a whistle kettle, an operable rotary phone, an old-fashioned oak wardrobe, an open pantry along with vintage black and white tiles, and modified wooden beams for the ceiling.

The spotlight of her kitchen is the 1940s gas cooker which she had purchased on eBay and it’s a symbol for her to live a simplistic life. She added that the cooker is operated even when there is a power cut which provides them an advantage over others on the street.


She shared that her interest in the 1940s era was kindled by her grandparents when they introduced her to the lifestyle, music, fashion, and cinema of the era. She revealed that some of the unique furniture kept in her home were given to her by her grandparents. She felt that even though she has a modern TV, she is more concerned about using the old technology.

She felt as if the home is a depiction of her grandfather’s wisdom who was born in 1936 and was behind Hannah’s keen knowledge of the era.

Hannah is used to listening to comments like she is retrograde, has an old-school taste, and a vintage personality. She added that when the house was bought it was completely different from what it is now. She and her mother had unraveled its potential.

Hannah and her mother initially decided to transform only the kitchen but when they saw its finished look, they planned on extending the vintage theme to the entire home. Hannah wanted the entire home to be something unique as it was her mother’s first self-owned house, she had only spent her life in rented houses until then.

She tries to involve the retro theme in her life in each possible way, usually, she also dresses eccentrically. She felt that being vintage is not everyone’s cup of tea in this era as people have extreme tastes now.

Inspired by the kitchen, Hannah and her mother started collecting vintage items for the entire house that included a 40-year-old tin opener, wallpapers, paintings, etc.

The house is still evolved each day as there’s a store of ideas in Hannah’s mind like using a 1940s front door and modifying the garden using her grandfather’s Raleigh bike.

Hannah shared that people are always keen to come and visit their place as it gives them retro vibes once in a while. Her family calls the house a time capsule as everything has a vintage touch to it.

Initially, when the house was bought from an old family friend, it was entirely beige, and modifying it brought it to life and added the charm it needed.

Hannah uploaded the videos of the house on TikTok saying, “Vintage items have a bit more soul than modern things I always feel surprised by learning the story behind it. I’m a firm believer that we should honor the past and I don’t think the younger generation appreciate how different things used to be.”

Hannah felt that making people appreciate the past would make them respect the change and feel grateful for how far the world has come.