Woman Holding The Record Of The Longest Nails Chops Them Off

Ayanna had nails measuring 733.55cm which she had cut them off, but was elevated saying that she will still be the queen even after losing her nails. Ayanna had grown her nails from past 3 decades which had ceased her from doing basic things like washing up and switching the bed sheets. However, she came to the decision that the time had arrived to chop them off for a new beginning.

The new beginning will bring up new opportunities. She accepted that she will be missing her nails but it’s just a phase and she will get over with it. She told how cautious she had to be with her motion. She always had to plan the next move so that she doesn’t break her nails.

Ayanna even said that she’ll forever be a queen as she made the nails and nails didn’t make her. The great-grandmother Ayanna required three to four bottles of polish to paint her nails. The task took a lot of time and sometimes it got spilled over next few days. However, she hadn’t refused to grow nails in future. William’s nails will be displayed at the Believe It or Not Museum in Florida.

Ayanna got the title in the year 2017 after beating Lee Redmond who still holds the label for the longest nails in the history. Lee started growing them in the year 1979 which measured up to 8.65m. Lee used to follow a routine like dipping her nails in warm olive oil, using multiple bottles of strengthen and nail polish to keep them in spotless condition.

Lee used to set dates for chopping off her nails but she couldn’t do it as they started becoming a part of her. She told that there was a time when her fingernails used to define her and she was knowns as the fingernail lady. But there was more to her. Unfortunately, in a horrifying incident Lee, from Salt Lake City in the US, had her place in the record books cut short when she met in a car accident and her nails were ripped off.

The car bumped into 3 vehicles and she was thrown on the road. The first thing that she noted was a finger nail and she started weeping. She explained to the passer-by that her nails were record breaking, and the woman started collecting all the pieces of nails. Lee now keeps them in a plastic bag to remind her of the time in the Guinness book of fame. Lee told that she lost a part of her but she accepted that she couldn’t change anything.

Lee and Ayanna faced same challenges like going to the toilet on a plane, their nails didn’t fit into the small cubicles and hence they couldn’t eat or drink for 24 hours before every long flight. However, Lee also managed to do other things like looking after her grandchildren, washing etc. She used to use long pencils with rubbers on the end to type. A frequent question she came across with was that how did she went to loo and her answer was, ‘Carefully’.