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Woman Freaked Out After Discovering A Creepy Briefcase Sealed In The Kitchen

Many a times when one shifts to a new house, one may witness something or the other that would have been left behind by the previous owner. A woman who recently got into a new house witnessed something scary. It was the time when the house was still renovating; she found a metal briefcase which was hidden beneath the kitchen wall. Adding more it, the place where the briefcase was hidden was sealed by wooden planks. The woman was totally in a shock when she discovered it.


She shot a video showing the wooden panels that were fixed beneath the oven, dropped out and fell on the floor. She saw a gap and could see something kept inside. As she searched what was inside, she got hold of a metal briefcase. She opened it and found an unidentified pink colored metal bar inside. Looking further into the gap left behind, she found an assortment of metal items. It included a knife and a long fork with two sharp prongs. Everything that she found looked shady.

The video that she posted, gained more than 600,000 views. As soon as she shared the video of such creepy findings, she started checking out for unsolved mysteries of murder in her local area. People started discussing in comments and gave their viewpoints about how they would have reacted to the situation and what they thought about it. Some viewers compared the metal findings to a legit ‘murder’ kit! And on the other hand, some said that space below ovens are often used as drawers, which might have been sealed up and forgotten.


After taking out all the things that she found, she put on her pair of gloves and laid everything out on a plastic sheet. She posted another video showing all the items. People commented and asked her to reassure the items as they even looked to be a grill set that might have been removed from its case. The woman was totally confused and couldn’t decipher. The mystery of those items wasn’t resolved.

She questioned people asking if it at all it was a grill set that might have been removed from the case, why would it be replaced with one pink metal bar and then sealed behind wooden panels?! Not everyone was convinced about the mystery. People urged her to call the police at the earliest as many found the things to be suspicious and questionable. A person commented saying that all of it seemed to be murder weapons. Another one said those maybe torture devices for a serial killer!

As many people told her to report it to the police, the women went forward and called the non-emergency line. She narrated the case but the police seemed uninterested. They didn’t find anything that could lead to an investigation as they said the previous owners were not connected to anything of that sort.