Woman Found Sarcastic Note Left By Teacher In Her School Leaving Book

Friends and classmates leave signed t-shirts and books for each other while leaving school. Every school has some tradition to make memories and keep some last good memories with each other. Though everyone cribs about sitting in the classrooms but those are some of the best times in one’s life.

Sometimes even teachers leave a message but, in a cliché, professional way wishing the best for everyone’s future. But a teacher has left everyone stunned. A woman found a sarcastic note in his book left by a teacher. She shared it on social media. The woman shared a picture on Twitter of her book and said: “Still can’t believe this is what my English teacher wrote in my book when I left school.”

The note read: “Ashleigh, sometimes I go home and can’t sleep because your annoying voice that just doesn’t stop keeps ringing in my ears, like the worst torture known to man. That is all. Good luck. Mr. Seedat.” The post gained a lot of attention, with more than 50,000 likes. And many comments were questioning the teacher. The student clarified the questions.


She wrote: “Sarcasm at its finest because I barely even spoke in that class. Can I add, Mr. Seedat was a funny and sarcastic teacher, I’m almost certain he wrote something just as funny in everyone else’s books.” But then some people are always in doubt. They commented and said that the whole thing did not even happen.

To prove the whole thing the former student tracked down the teacher on social media and sent him the photo, asking him to confirm that he had been the one to pen it. The student shared the screenshot of the conversation with her teacher. The teacher messaged saying: “Oh my god I could only ever DREAM of being this annoying. Followed you, what an icon.”

A person commented: “Bet you didn’t see that coming when you asked him to write in there.” Others also revealed their memories and one said: “I can’t stop thinking about our second lesson together when you accused me of having a mid-life crisis and since then, you caused me severe anxiety but you always fell for my jokes.”