Woman Decides To Call Granddaughter ‘Sushi’ And Mum Is Angry

A woman took over social media platform, Reddit to share how she found herself in a topsy-turvy situation when she got into an argument with her mother over her baby’s name. The woman said that she was trying for a baby. She and her husband had already agreed on two names. They had decided not to reveal the name until their child was born and the name was on the birth certificate.

But the woman’s mother found the list of names they had picked up. She even started telling the names to the rest of the family members. The woman said that her partner was Irish and that they both loved the name “Saoirse”. She further told that they thought it would not be that big of a deal because there was also a popular actress with the same name.

However, the woman’s mother said that if the gender of the baby was a girl, she would never call her Saoirse, rather she would call her ‘Sushi’. The woman’s side of family was totally against this name. And they started agitating her about the name.

The woman added by saying that she should not worry too much as there was a fifty – fifty chance and she might have a boy. But she was exasperated by the chaos around the name. And the fact that her daughter was going to be bullied just because she had an Irish name made the woman infuriated and uncomfortable.

The woman described that the last time her mother asked her if her pregnancy report was positive, she answered it with a no. To which her mother responded saying that she was hoping it won’t be a girl because then she would be Sushi to her.

The woman expressed her disbelief towards her mother and said that she never really cared about her opinion because her own taste was obnoxious in terms of choosing names. She also went ahead to say that she hated her own name as well.

The woman was lashed out by this whole occurrence. She asked Reddit users if she was the cruel one here. The users in comment section seemed to be with the woman. A user wrote that if her mother called her daughter sushi, she should call her the grandmother they were not able to see. Another one wrote that Saoirse was a beautiful name and that she should not change it.