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Wife Furious After Realizing Husband Sells His Homemade Lunch To Buy Fast Food

Packing lunch is one of the first things in the morning if you’re heading out for work. And it can be an arduous task to follow every day and obviously, a woman would be frustrated if you’re selling her hard work just to get some bucks for your fast food. The woman told in the beginning that she and her husband were adding money to buy a flat together, so they had to cut expenses on such unusual things and put all of it towards buying the house.

Her husband goes to his office and prefers to buy fast food instead of eating his lunch. After she calculated, she figured out that it had been costing him £200 every month just to get a good piece of lunch. They had a talk about it and it was decided that her handmade sandwiches would be a better option so that he avoids crappy foods. This would eventually help them save more money for their apartment.

Everything seemed to be alright for the time being, but she noticed one thing that he tends not to respond to when she asks if he liked the sandwiches or not. He would just ask her to make more sandwiches rather than two, as he feels hungry throughout the day. Soon, the whole pretense got over when one of his coworkers came home for dinner and talked about how good her sandwiches taste. She thanked him for the same but he added that the price was a bit much.

Being a little puzzled, she asked him to explain further and he told her that her husband used to sell sandwiches to all his coworkers and gets the money to buy his lunch from a restaurant. “I was stunned. My husband denied it. I began arguing with him after his friend left. He said there was nothing wrong with it,” she added. She simply told her husband that she would be no longer be making the sandwiches. And he argued that it wasn’t right for her to be so angry. And he says that he was still not using their savings for his lunch, so it wasn’t a bad idea.

She asked people on the Internet for a piece of advice and everyone approved that her husband is in the wrong. A person wrote that he was earning a profit from her kindness and labor. He also kept it hidden from everyone just because he knew it was wrong in the first place. The second person advised her to let him make his own sandwich to sell if he’s so eager to get money for his fast food.

Moreover, someone else wrote that her husband is ridiculous, but also asked the recipe for the sandwiches that could be sold so easily and that too at a higher price.