Tenant Sabotages Flat Viewings To Oppose Rent Increase Proposal

Irrespective of the miseries a tenant might be facing, several landlords just look forward to maximizing their gain, overlooking other aspects. But when it happened with Katie, she knew that it’s time when she needs to show what’s wrong with the proliferation in what she’d been paying for so long. Living in the run-down basement flat and compromising several facilities, apart from being in the middle of a global crisis, Katie decided to post a video on TikTok.

Although she could simply reject the offer and look for other places to live in, she gave an inkling of the amenities the new tenants would be offered as soon as they move into her present accommodation. In her TikTok account @Cornchipsandcorgis, she shared a glimpse to save others from the issues she had been facing. She wrote: “Can u tell I live in a basement apartment with landlords that have the audacity to increase rent next year?”


Her video explains in brief what she needs us to assimilate and she adds: “Things I do to sabotage my landlord’s showings that just make sense.” She puts in strenuous efforts to hide the difficulties that exist in the room. A bottle of drain unblocker shows that draining water is in itself a thing that needs help. Then she puts her bathroom bin aside to show the paintwork and plaster that needs a fix but her landlord seems to ignore it all.

And the same story continues inside her room as well. There are cracks in the wall hidden behind the shelves. Even the dehumidifiers need to be placed on a fixed coordinate. And there’s another huge crack in the wall that she covers up with her pride flag. Moreover, finding a big nail in the closet and turning another dehumidifier to full blast are still some add-ons. The video has gathered more than 400,000 views and several comments.


A person jokes by calling them all as the features and not sabotage. Others had similar stories to share with one admitting that they had once gone to see a room and as soon as the landlord left the place, the existing tenant gave them a handwritten note that had reasons to not live there. Also, someone had visited a place where the tenant had put up a piece of paper on the bedroom door that showed the number of spiders that lived along with him. Another person commented: “Anyone confused and thinking she’s petty has never rented. Most landlords will never fix a thing, no matter how much you show them.”