Teen Labeled ‘Absolute Animal’ For Attempting The 10,000-Calorie Challenge

TikTok user @vinniemurphy1 shares his fitness tips and also his healthy recipes, but since it was a 10,000-calorie challenge, he decided to do something that his followers could never really expect from a fitness freak like him. All in all, the video has also gone viral and more than 570,000 people have already viewed it. In the video, Vinnie begins by telling what he eats for a challenge like this.

To start off the day, he hops on to 200g of oats, M&Ms chocolate spread, and Hershey’s milk chocolate drops, and then eats three hot buns. And at just the beginning of the day, he had already consumed 1,939 calories which are almost equal to the recommended daily intake for a woman. Then he headed out to McDonald’s and ordered two double sausage and egg muffins, and then pancakes and sausage. This entire meal had totaled 1,785 calories.

“It’s just turned 10 o’clock and we’ve just demolished all of the McDonald’s,” he says. He adds that he might be feeling bad, but needs to see if goes well for the rest of the day. Following the same, he takes a bag of five white chocolate cookies from Tesco, a total of 995 calories. Now, after consuming 4,719 calories, he says that he has started to feel a little exhausted, but this was still not the end. He was only halfway there.

For lunch, he decided to take nuggets and chips covered in Nando’s barbeque sauce. So far, he was close to 6,000 calories. To do something about the sweet craving, he jumps onto three Turkish Delight bars and Galaxy Truffles from an Easter egg. Then he goes on for the Galaxy Easter egg and a tub of Turkish Delight ice cream from one of the local ice cream shops.

He finally says: “I did as much of it as I could. I’m at 8,500 calories – I’m not going to lie to you if I eat another mouthful of food I’m going to puke, so I’m going to leave it there. It has defeated me, but it is what it is.” The video has gathered more than 77,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

One of his viewers was curious to know how much he weighed after this challenge. Before the competition, Vinnie’s weight was 78 kgs. This was two days ago, now that he had eaten a ton of high caloric foods, his weight had increased to 80.2 kg. Vinnie also says in the end, that it might seem to be a lot of weight, but it’s just the weight of the food that would decrease and it’ll be down to what it was.