Students Capture Teacher Roasting Their Work During Virtual Session

Honest feedbacks are appreciated only if you have the guts to take them and channelize them positively. Not everyone can take criticism in a good way, but that does not mean the criticism should not be constructive. A graphic design teacher went viral after sharing his honest opinion on his student’s work.

But according to the student who shared the video, students of his class look forward to the class because of the honest opinion of the teacher. Otherwise, they found online video classes very boring but this one interests everyone because they await how the teacher will roast a student. The student shared the video on TikTok and said: “the only reason I go to class”.

The students were assigned to work on a logo and everybody had submitted their logos. The class was there to discuss the logos and the teacher shared his famous honest opinions and roasted the kids. He started by “boring, but it works.” He commented on another design and said: “mostly look like a butt.” His student filmed the part of the class and shared it and one can be heard saying “Oh Monica, no. Sorry.”


Other students got the remark as “feels like a logo for a corporation that is proudly polluting the environment” and one student is asked: “As far as this goes, the question is; why?” Some other remarks were “It sort of just looks like the personification of a fart” and “it mostly just looks like a spider that got its legs ripped off”.

The video went viral and has more than 13 million views and a lot of comments. One person said: “I mean he’s harsh but this helps them to improve immensely AND it makes the class entertaining.” Second wrote: “Still feeling bad for Monica.” A third wrote: “Had a teacher like this. Not going to lie my design skills improved dramatically because of him.” And another pleaded: “Please make this the entirety of your content. Thank you.”

The students enjoy the honest feedback as they know that the honest feedback will help them to make better graphic designs and it will help them. He knows his limits and roasts in a way that his students can take.