Strangers Faked Proposal For Free Drinks And The Internet Is Divided

The world loves to be a part of happy and thrilling moments. People get to their best when they see others sharing an auspicious experience. Thus, it is not a surprise to see people showering their love and kindness on others with free drinks and meals in restaurants and bars. Grabbing this generosity, a pair of strangers staged a fake moment to exploit the goodness to its best.

Some strangers stumble across one another while enjoying their night out. They caught up with each other to work out some freebies for them in a crowded bar. Making strides in that direction, they planned to stage a fake marriage proposal to grab the eyeballs around. They hoped to make them shell out free drinks for them in the rush of emotions. After planning the essential bits, they went ahead to play it.

The man in a grey jumper and baseball cap got ahead with the woman. He went down on his knee and proposed to his female counterpart with emotions. As planned, she accepted it. Then, they sealed their proposal with a kiss. To add to the moment, their friends jumped in to make way to celebrate the moment. Their proposal act took in the people around them. They got in the rush of emotions and cheered up for them. Not just that, the bar staff also joined the celebrations with congratulatory messages dropping in for the couple.

Then, they turned to get some free drinks for them. The couple cherished themselves to the full with the free drinks. Hence, their plan worked in the best way to yield them their free-drink reward.


But the reality of the incident did not remain under the covers. A video capturing the fake proposal and plan surfaced in the TikTok world. It was a kind of confession by the strangers. It supported the caption, saying, “So we met this guy at Texas Live last night and planned a fake proposal with him. People we didn’t even know got so hype about it and made it so fun. And we got free drinks for the rest of the night.”

The video did not restrict to the TikTok world. Someone also shared it on Reddit’s Trashy forum. The comment said, “Two people faked a marriage proposal and got free drinks”. But the user’s viewpoint did not match up with all other users around. Some of them declined to attribute it a ‘trashy’ move and applauded their witty plan.

Taking on that side of the video, one of them commented, “If anything they made the night more fun for everyone there!”

Another soul joined to support their plan. The person wrote, “Ok that’s kinda 200 IQ.” Not just that, one person popped in to brand it as harmless fun. Taking on that part, they said, “I’ve been with people that have done this. It’s harmless fun not trashy.” One more soul added, “Trashy? More like good job, who likes to pay for over priced under poured drinks lol.”

Thus, the video and the fake proposal left the people divided in their opinions on the platforms.