Starbucks Barista Shares How To Flirt With Customers But It Could Cause Trouble

Many love stories start with a coffee. Often when starting new relationships and new beginnings in life, people go on coffee dates. But what if you come to know that it’s not just the person you came with who wants to date you but there might be another person in the room who is flirting? Flirting might not be face to face but through a coffee cup. The details might be so minute that you may leave the signs unnoticed.

A man who works at Starbucks has recently revealed these signs. The guy with Tiktok username boybellers explained this through a video. The Starbucks guy told the signs could be the barista running his fingers over yours while handing over the cup. It could be the barista passing you a flirtatious and wide smile. These signs are very common. We often let go of these signs thinking we are misinterpreting the other person but the barista of the famous coffee chain reveals sometimes our intuitions might be right.

Except the signs mentioned above, he also revealed in his Tiktok video how baristas flirt through a coffee cup. He showed photos of the cup in which coffee is served in famous coffee chains. The cup comes with different tick boxes for milk, number of shots, extra syrup and various other options to choose from. Below these tick boxes, there is a disclaimer about the coffee being too hot. Bellers explains in his video how baristas change the disclaimer “Careful, the beverage you’re about to enjoy is extremely hot” to “Careful, you’re extremely hot”.


If the barista is trying to flirt, he’ll just scribble the text from disclaimer to make it look like above. Bellers also advices people to check for these signs and specially their coffee cups. The video captioned: “Top tip from your fav barista” got him viral. It gained him more than a million views. A lot of people commented and shared their perceptions and experiences.

The video was flooded with baristas and customers sharing what they went through. Some baristas commented saying they had often scribbled the disclaimer to flirt with a customer. A customer shares her experience that her barista does this to him every time she buys coffee. Some other people shared that they often order iced coffees that do not come with this disclaimer hence they do not get any such signs.

People were also of the view that such an activity might be punishable. By removing the hot coffee disclaimer, they increase their chances of getting sued if the customer gets burnt by hot coffee. Bellers shared that he had also flirted like this with his customers. He also knew of baristas who do the same. People commented on the video suggesting baristas to not flirt this way. Covering the warning for their pleasure might hold them for a petty offence.