Scientists Unearth 3,500 Year Old Manual on Egyptian Mummification

The University of Copenhagen had revealed that they had discovered a manual that was present inside an ancient Egyptian medical papyrus. Sofie Schiodt, who used to work as an Egyptologist in the University had earlier reformed the very same method which was used in olden period.

Some reports suggest that this manual was not just any other guide but was the oldest existing guide on mummification that had ever been discovered in the history. It was extremely old. It was estimated to be 3,500 years old. The Copenhagen University told that mostly all of the secrets of the art had seemed to be passed on orally from one embalmer to the other.

Until the current time, very little written information about the process mummification had been found. In totality, only two pieces of text had been identified about the same. This newly found papyrus manual had a little different information as compared to the other guides that were discovered earlier. It had extremely comprehensive data about the embalming process.

Not only this, but it was the first manual to clearly explain how a deceased’s face could be handled for preservation. The process required many things that involved the use of red linen lined that contained a particular liquid with various different herbs and medicinal plants. The tidings and details present in this manual were very similar to that of the red cloth researchers who had conducted studies to find information about mummies.

The manual was more of an outline rather than a step by step guide book. It might have had been used to remind the information to specialists and experts who actually needed it in the past. Anyone who had used the manuscript would probably be aware of the basics of the methodology of embalming and mummification previously. However, the details in this manual were not enough to help anyone preserve a dead body. This procedure was much more complex and would need even more research.