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Pregnant Woman Is Asked By Ex’s Girlfriend To Give Her The Babies

A woman knew she was the one to face it as well. She and her ex were both separate and her ex-boyfriend was already in a relationship with his ex-girlfriend. While she expected twins, she didn’t anticipate much about her boyfriend coming back for the babies. However, he was knowing the fact that his present girlfriend couldn’t be a mother, and he, on the other hand, always wanted to be a dad.

Everything was going well until his girlfriend started acting as if the twins were hers and this mom-to-be was nothing but a surrogate. The 29-year-old woman tells that she had a guy named Joe(30) for three months, following which he left her, to go back to his ex-girlfriend Kim(30). Just after the breakup, the woman gets to know that she’s pregnant. She told him about the same and it was gladdening for him as well. But this didn’t go well with his present girlfriend as she had fertility issues and she couldn’t be a mother naturally. Above all, there was no question of these two getting back together.

During the initial appointment, they got to know that she was going to have twins. But as soon as the news reached Kim, she told Joe about her mental breakdown and wanted to talk to the OP. The OP went to their house and Kim told her that she wanted to be a part of it as she’s about to become a stepmother. She also apprised that the OP needs to opt for home birth and also to formula feed the babies so that she could have them for half of the week. Also, she wanted the kids to call her Mama as the OP would be called their Mommy.

AITA for calling out my kids’ future stepmom for treating me like a surrogate? from AmItheAsshole

The OP elucidated that she had no interest in her advice and would make the best choices for her body as well as her babies. The miseries didn’t end here. Kim began to text her now and then to make the OP aware of her eating habits, exercise, etc. She even attended that the virtual genetics counseling appointment with her. And when she had to go for a 20-week level two scan, Joe suggested that she should go with Kim to which she clearly denied. Now that Joe finally came and got to know about the babies’ gender, things become more complex than usual.

Since the OP wanted to keep the gender as a surprise, she just posted about her pregnancy on social media. On the contrary, Kim too announced that she was expecting twins ‘the non-traditional way’. Kim threw a gender reveal party without even inviting the real mom-to-be. After warning Kim to stop treating her like a surrogate, the OP told Joe that she won’t be seeing either of them until they go to family court. Both Joe and Kim as well as their friends and family are now telling that she’s in the wrong and should even consider giving one of her babies to Kim. People on Reddit were infuriated by Kim’s behavior and advised the OP to see a lawyer.