People Are Bringing Lost Loved Ones Back to Life

Deepfake technology is one of those things that has become a sensation in just a matter of weeks. Open up the social media and you’d eventually perceive what’s going on. This technology allows distortion of images and videos so as to make the person in the picture livelier as if you can interact with them. On the other hand, there are red flags for everything and so is it for this new trend. It can be a center point to create fake news and even pornographic content.

But just look at its bright side, there are several possibilities for good things too. Likewise, a company is using this technology to let people animate pictures of their lost beloved ones. We all have instances where we couldn’t have memorabilia with our relatives. So, this animation gets you a chance to recreate some good and nostalgic memories.

MyHeritage, a geology company, uses a technology known as Deep Nostalgia to animate old pictures, make them smile and blink as if it happened in real. However, there’s also trepidation among people regarding the deepfake videos. So, Deep Nostalgia has not included speech to avoid the content from getting misused. “While many love the Deep Nostalgia feature and consider it magical, others find it uncanny and are uncomfortable with the results,” says MyHeritage. Deep Nostalgia has been created by an Israel-based company D-ID.

Their driver hasn’t included speech options to ensure the prevention of this feature from getting hampered. Certain things like the creation of deepfake videos of living people can be a problem, so the company advises people to use it on their old photos only and not on the living people without their permission. The technology became so popular among the users that more than a million images were animated within the first 48 hours of the feature being available on the website.

People amused with the results have also shared it on Twitter. And this list also includes animation of Rosalind Franklin, Beethoven, Charles Darwin, etc. It’s totally free to try it on your own and you can upload images as much as you want., but some features come in a package that would cost you a bit.

It’s obvious that it can be easily utilized to create false content for fake news, crime, and porn as well. But, if used in a proper way, it can be a good source to reconnect with the ones you’ve lost.