New Born Baby Leaves An Adorable Note For The Neighbor

A couple just had their first baby and gave a thoughtful note on behalf of their baby to their neighbor. The neighbor loved the thoughtful sweet gesture and did not know how to react to the whole thing. The neighbor living at the Sydney apartment received a note from the couple after their baby was born.

The note was a sweet warning and apology of the baby who is yet called ‘Peanut’ by his parents. The note read: “Dear neighbor… I am six weeks old. I live with my mum and dad who call me Peanut. I’m a very happy baby and love to play, but I get very cranky very fast when I’m hungry (after all who doesn’t?)?”


It further read: “Please have some chocolate on me, I’m really sorry if I wake you up at night – see you around. Yours sincerely” The note was not the only thing that the neighbor received, along with there were earplugs and chocolates too for the neighbor. The neighbor was touched by the super sweet and thoughtful note by the couple.

She shared it online and people were quick to react to it. Captioning her post, she wrote: “The baby is an angel and we have barely heard anything.” She even wanted to reciprocate the thoughtful gesture. But she had no idea what to buy them. The post shared on Facebook racked up many comments and among them were some sweet and adorable suggestions for a gift for the couple.

One person said: “This is the cutest. Maybe get them some flowers for mum and dad to say ‘congrats.'” Another person added: “I would give them a ‘Thank You’ note, congratulate them and give my number to reach out if they need assistance.” Others suggested that she could make a homecooked meal for the couple. Yes, with a newborn baby on hand and some assistance and the homecooked meal really feels like the best gift. Hope all of them stay super close always. And the baby is not too cranky.