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Mum Gives Birth To A ‘Toddler’ And People Joke He Already Has A Credit Score

Among all of them, there was one who deserves the top spot because every user was quite amused to know that she had given birth to a 6 kg toddler. User @shans1588 claimed that her second son’s weight was almost six and a half kgs. She had replied: “Oh you want to play the biggest baby? I got you.” Moreover, she also shared a picture of her son just after she gave birth with the help of two doctors. To give you an idea, the average kids weigh around 3.5 kgs during birth and if this measurement exceeds 4.5 kgs, they are considered to be bigger than the rest of the kids.

She added that after 38 weeks and one day, she had her second son through C-section with the help of two doctors. But even the doctors seemed to be astounded when the baby weighed 14 pounds and six ounces, which is roughly six and a half kilograms. Furthermore, he was also 60 centimeters long. She says that she gave birth to a toddler who spent 11 days in the NICU.


She adds: “Where clearly, he was the biggest baby in there. The NICU didn’t even have diapers for him or clothes, they had to go upstairs to pediatrics and get size three diapers and he came home in clothing, sized six to nine months.” The video has been viewed more than 28.8 million times and has got over 7.1 million likes and 103,000 comments. People even admitted that he looked similar to a grown adult.

A person commented that he has already got a credit score of 800. The second said: “I’m sorry but we gonna have to see the kid now.” The third joked that it seemed as if you’re born on Saturday but have to be ready for the NFL on Sunday. Another even joked that the kid drove himself home from the hospital. Someone else wrote that the doctors were holding him like a prize-winning bass. The follow-up video was also posted by Shan and she gave the update that her second son is now a five-year-old healthy and happy kid. Also, he’s fond of baseball, football, and Monster Trucks.

Well, it might be unusual, but this isn’t the only case. If we’re talking about the heaviest child born to date, then it’s the one weighing 10.2 kgs in Aversa, Italy in September 1955.