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Mother Told To Throw Away Her Kid After Drawing On Her Chanel Bag

A mother was devastated when she found that her five-year-old daughter had drawn all over her Chanel bag. Chanel bags do not come cheap, and this one was one of her most favorites. The white Chanel Bag cost her more than $2,000 and her daughter drew on it with a blue marker.

One might think that the bag was ruined for good and could now only be used as a canvas by her five-year-old daughter. But the parents came across The Handbag Clinic. This clinic is an expert in restoring ruined bags. The clinic shared a video of the bag which showed the restoration of the bag on their TikTok.

They shared the clip and captioned it as: “What would you do if your daughter drew on a £2,000 Chanel? This is exactly what happened to this lady who booked her bag into our clinic. We carefully cleaned the ink and then use our unique metallic pigment to remove the staining.”


The bag was restored and it looked as if nothing had happened to it. The video shared by the mother and the clinic went viral with over 400,000 views and over 90,000 likes. People have a lot to ask and comment on. Many mothers and people with the same love of designer accessories could understand the pain. Some of them wrote that they would not be able to live with the pain if something like this happened to them.

A few started with a joke of throwing the kid away with the mother. One person said: “Return it. And no, I don’t mean the bag.” A second person claimed, “This is my daily birth control.” Another suggested to sell the kid and wrote: “Sell the child and buy a new bag.” “Throw the kid away,” suggested someone else.

But some could sympathize with the kid. Probably those who do not get what is it with expensive designer accessories. Or the ones who understand that the five-year-old’s do not know a thing about expensive designer accessories. And the parents have to keep them away from their kids.

A person commented: “Guys remember kids don’t understand the value of things and they don’t have common sense. If you can’t understand that, don’t have one.” Another added: “You all should not have children if you’re going to care about a materialistic good more.”