Mother Maintained A Record Of Jealous Pictures Of Her Daughter Every Birthday

Laura was spontaneous to capture jealously over her daughter Isla’s face whenever she looked at her younger sister Kiri unveil her birthday gifts. These timely pictures went viral as people became fond of Laura’s Photography.

The envious look of Isla was first captured by her parents when she was three years old. She was triggered by watching her sister open her birthday presents. Five years passed, Laura and James maintained capturing this look each year over green-eyed Isla’s face.

The couple from Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire shared pictures in which Isla was seen having a temper tantrum. In another picture, the eight-year-old kid had a look of desire for her sister’s gifts. 34-year-old Laura has now committed herself to capture these moments until Isla turns 18. This has now become a ritual for Laura as she and her family are even more excited about capturing Isla’s look rather than Kiri’s birthday. Though some online critics called it cruel, it has entertained friends and family and therefore they kept have going on.


Laura shared that this has become a tradition for them and it makes them laugh to look at the pictures. She told that it all started when Isla was three and Kiri was one year old. Naturally, being the eldest Isla got irritated looking at Kiri’s pile of gifts and the attention Kiri received. This tradition has become the most awaited moment for them.

They make her feel calm by assuring her gifts on her day. Laura said, “If we can’t have a laugh and a joke, especially in these times, we’ll all be miserable and I haven’t got time for that.” Even when the couple warns Isla prior that they’ll be clicking the picture, she still fails to hide her emotions come up to her face.


Though Isla promises she won’t be doing it but still somehow her emotions slip by. They capture the perfect shot each year and it becomes a ‘here we go again’ moment for them. Mostly James is the one who captures the image as the other one has to take the images of Kiri who unwraps the gifts.

The couple thinks that their two younger ones will also start doing the same. Reflecting on Kiri’s reaction to the same, the couple shared that she is least interested and has a basic nature about the gifts she asks for her birthday. Kiri asks for items like toilet roll, torch, etc.

Contrastingly, Isla is like ‘I wish I would be opening those gifts.” Isla’s choice of gifts is also completely different from Kiri’s. Laura shared that her Facebook friends now especially wait for June to have a look at the picture of the year. The family plans to collect these pictures and show them to Isla on her 18th birthday to make her embarrassed.

Laura received some negative reviews online regarding the pictures to which she responded, “If we can’t laugh at ourselves, we’ve got a problem. We’re quite a funny family. I’ve got no pictures of myself as a kid and I think that’s why I take them all.”