Man Shares Hilarious ‘Rules’ Family Must Follow If He Ever Slips Into Coma

Actor and writer Paul Black has been trending on social media after sharing a list of ‘rules’ he would like his friends and relatives to stick to if he were ever to find himself in the situation. The humorous list consists of very clear and precise instructions about his grooming as well as food and pop culture news.

His first rule was all about hair maintenance. He explained that first of all, he would need a skin fade once a week. He didn’t want anything that closely bears a resemblance to sideburns or any unsightly growth. He claimed that he hasn’t got the facial structure for it.


Next up he asked for pop culture, once every two weeks that to from a trusted source, preferably a gay man. He said if Rihanna dropped an album or Meghan Markle got murdered, he needed to know. Even if he can’t hear all of this, his boy would know. It would sense it.

The third on the list was apologies from anyone who has ever ill-treated him and he clearly asked that who should come and do that in person.

Meanwhile, the fourth one on the list is a ‘social media campaign’. This was because he didn’t want the people to forget about him. He asked to spend as much money as needed to make it as good as possible. He demanded a dedicated social media manager be hired and paid £25 a year to ‘keep (his) spirit alive’.

Paul continued to share the rest of the list. It included making A Wish Foundation, personalized messaged from pop stars. They should be real pop stars, not the local ones. ‘GoFundMe’ must be arranged straight away to make sure that he has got enough money to purchase new clothes for his skinny body and his several media interviews when he comes out of the coma.

Lastly, he demanded that Lady Gaga’s latest album, Chromatica was played to him through his Airpods every day so that he didn’t forget about it.

The video has been viewed more than 411,000 times and was able to get over 7,000 likes. Hundreds of people also took out the time to comment, sharing their views, with many finding the whole thing too funny.

One person wrote he was creased and found it as an outstanding content. Another said he was a COVIDICU nurse and was dying over the ‘pop culture update. A third replied that the list was everything and extremely valid.