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Man Says His #Bantz Tattoo On The Face Is A “Good Conversation Starter”

When people get drunk, they usually end up making a lot of impulsive decisions, and most of them regret that decision later. Although this young lad too made an impulsive decision, he seems to be quite well pleased with it. During a drunken night out, he unwittingly got himself inked. The next morning when he woke up, he thought that he might have fallen over and bumped his head last night. Subsequently, he realized that it was a tattoo and he would not be able to get rid of it anytime soon.

He was surely taken aback for a while, owing to the obvious reason. Initially, he was in denial because he could not digest the fact that he had an actual tattoo on his face, that’s too right above his left eyebrow. It’s rather hysterical that he barely remembered going under the needle that night. Eventually, the tattoo did turn out to be beneficial for him. It ended up being more like an ice breaker, people would first stare at his tattoo and then ask him about it.

He had to face some sordid and unfavorable scenarios too, girls would be pretty apprehensive about how their parents would react after seeing his tattoo. He said that he would have had the same apprehensions if he would put himself in their shoes. He has faced all sorts of people some would be curious about it; some would snigger at him and some would admire it. He said, it apparently didn’t take him long to embrace that tattoo of his.

Strangely many individuals out there have been bothered by his tattoo and they persistently roast him for that. He has always been a strong-headed person, someone who has been proud yet comfortable with his individuality. And hence all those mean remarks never had any effect on him.

He further added that it might seem a bit bizarre but unlike others, he would not pay much heed to his tattoo since it has been done dusted, and no matter how much hard he tries he would not be able to change the past. He believed that everyone is entitled to their own decisions in life, and others should try and make peace it with rather than judging people for their personal choices. All of us should know, to stop meddling with things that do not concern us.