Man Refused To Be Twin Brother’s Best Man At Wedding To His Ex

A 21-year-old man took it to Reddit about whether he did the right thing to refuse his identical brother’s best man because his brother was marrying his ex-girlfriend. A debate began when he put forth the fact that his brother knew about the relationship and still pursued her and is now marrying his ex-girlfriend.

The man remained anonymous and shared that he dated the girl five years earlier when they both were sixteen years old. Their relationship lasted for two years after which they separated their ways. Because they had to go to college and both wished to go to different places. While the girl wanted to stay local and the man did not wish the same. Thus, ended their relationship.

When the man came home from university was shocked that his identical brother has a girlfriend. It was after his identical twin and his girlfriend got engaged and asked him to be his best man, he got to know who the girl is. He was shocked and hurt to find that it was the same girl whom he dated and refused to be his best man.

The man shared that: “I first started dating my now ex-girlfriend when we were both 16, however, we decided to break up before heading off to college when we were 18. I decided to go a few hours away while she decided to stay local. Also, note that my girlfriend was very close with my family so this was hard on my family as well.”

He further added: “When returning home from my first year of college, my brother surprised me with the news that he had been dating a girl for over six months now. The only problem – it was my ex-girlfriend.” He was angry and asked him to end his relationship with her. But his brother refused. But they agreed that they would never talk about it and that his brother would never be made them interact.

He got shocking news and wrote: “However, recently my brother surprised me with the news that the two of them are now engaged, and he wants me to be his best man. I told him not. He and I had agreed from the beginning that I would not have to attend any event where my ex would be there.”

He even shared his family’s views and wrote: “My whole family is calling me selfish and telling me I can suck it up for one night. But I just don’t feel comfortable being the best man at my ex’s wedding.” His story sparked a debate on Reddit and people had mixed emotions about the same.

Some thought that it was weird for him and why would his brother ask such a thing from him. While others think that he cannot keep up with his ignoring charade for his whole life. He needs to forget his past and take the high road. Well, one can only hope that they agree on something that makes everyone happy. But it is highly impossible to make everyone happy in this situation. Hope for the best.