Man Passes On Chores To Partner Who Is Doing PhD With Two Jobs

When talking about relationships, there always had been compromises and sacrifices involved. Relationships always work with teamwork and there had always been give and take. However, a man denied to follow it and had faced the music. A man aged 36 years had created an enormous flutter on social media after claiming that he didn’t have the time to look after the house as his girlfriend wanted. The man took it to social media where he explained his part-time work schedule during the day followed by two community classes after work.

The man further explained that it continued till 4 pm after which he got worn out. On the other hand, he shared that his girlfriend was studying for PhD, working part-time as a research assistant and lastly, she was working for another job. Since his girlfriend did the work from home, he believed that she had the time to do the chores. The man described his work as to where he served for an army in past. After that, he started community college to become an engineer. He was then working part-time at a job that needed physical work.

Both of them meet every day for an hour. The man told that after his work he attended a class through videos and took down notes and did his homework which took up a lot of time. He further added that engineer classes were quite tough and he didn’t have the time to clean the apartment. According to him, his girlfriend had spare time and yet she kept pestering after him to clean and cook. The man explained that he didn’t care for her to cook for him as he could find his food.


But his girlfriend was distressed because she felt that she was the one who was making the effort in their relationship and apartment to make it home-like for them. The man even added that he felt that his workload was more than her. He mentioned that he needed to concentrate on his classwork since he was behind due to his age. On the other hand, she was already well settled in her career and had a well-paid job but was still pursuing her PhD.

The post was flooded with responses where people were agitated with the man’s behavior. Many commenters asked the man to get over himself and questioned how he got through his whiny attitude. Others compared the duties of the man to that of his girlfriend and remarked that he wasn’t close to his girlfriend. Another user made a witty comment that it must be a huge apartment as he might be keeping that audacity there. The third pointed out that her workload was as draining as his.

The man had to come to a mutual agreement and step up for his part of responsibilities like cleaning or doing the other household chores.