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Man Falls Prey To ‘Baby Daddy’ Rumors Spread By His Pregnant Coworker

This young man has faced scrutiny at his workplace after his co-worker spread some rumors regarding the birth father of her child behind his back. The unnamed man faced an emotional dilemma while confronting the woman about her seemingly harmless “jokes”. According to him, he worked with her in a small shop and he had known her as friend for the past 2 years. She liked to jest about them being ‘work spouses’ since they shared a considerable amount of time together at shifts and usually got along well.

The man did not mind her jokes since they were infrequent and the humor always stayed inside a respectable boundary, until it did not. According to him his co-worker got pregnant five months ago and it seemed she was planning to independently raise the child. Tension rose when she made uncomfortable jokes indicating that this man was the father of her baby. She would ask him to move and make space for the baby momma which gave everyone around a wrong impression.

Young man claims that the woman would ask him to lend a helping hand and make himself more helpful to her since she was carrying their child but he casually asked her to stop with the uncomfortable comments since the baby daddy joke was not funny anymore. She made only a handful comments in his presence but something more chaotic went down with the other colleagues. One of the colleagues spilled the beans to him that the woman claims they hooked up and he was most likely the father of their child.

Shattered in disbelief the man confronted the woman and asked her what she’s been telling people behind his back. He was driven with emotions since rumors had become close to perceived truth and everybody was wondering if the rumors were actually true. The pregnant woman did not receive the confrontation well and got pretty sensitive about it, he claims she made a big scene, abused him for misunderstanding her jokes and cried in the washroom. They discontinued conversation but the woman kept on bad mouthing him for snapping at her.

The aftermath left the man wondering if his response to the situation was exaggerated and whether he should reevaluate his actions. The post has recorded over 500 comments on reddit and the users are in support of the man for stepping up and confronting her for her actions which caused him embarrassment and discomfort. One user asked him to responsibly report this situation to the HR because he feels this was intentional. He said that the woman told people you slept together so that she could prove the baby was his.

Another user roped in to argue that her “joke” could’ve driven a wedge in his relationship. Third user concluded by saying that this was a deliberate attempt at creating an inappropriate and hostile work environment.