Man Asks To Visit Doctor After Fiancé Pranked Him Into Believing Its Christmas

The social media world keeps on seeing one or another prank raining down to work out the bubbles of laughter around. The social media users love to stumble upon the funny bits to live their day to the full. To their delight, they are many witty people who keep their spirits up in various ways. Making an addition to the list, a woman shared the video of a prank that she played on her fiancé .

She was having a devil plan hovering in her mind. Grabbing the thrilling nerves, she got herself up for it when she sensed it to be the right moment. Her fiancé was asleep. She got into the room with the stuff. She went around decorating the room with Christmas bits. She adorned a Christmas tree with gifts under it. Not just that, she also placed a stocking on the fireplace. Adding some more Christmas charm, she went ahead to put a wreath on the door. Thus, she managed to create a perfect Christmas day to trick in her fiancé . Ensuring everything in its place, she went ahead to change the date to 25 December on her fiancé ’s phone.

Then, she waited for him to break out of his sleep. To her delight, he woke up and got startled by seeing the decoration in the room. Ushering his curiosities and doubts, she told him that it was Christmas. He looked at her with a bewildered look. He got ahead to check out the date on his phone. She said, “I’m worried about you.”


To his horror, it also showed the date to be 25th December. He got confused and began sensing something wrong with his nerves. Adding to his woes and angst, one of the friends (who was also involved in the prank) came in to wish him “Merry Christmas”. Adding to that, he said that he was going to see his mother for the holiday.

Finally, her fiancé gave in and accepted that he was not mentally stable. He asked her to take him to the hospital. Thus, the woman managed to succeed in pulling off the prank perfectly. To celebrate her achievement, she went ahead to share the recording of the incident.

She took to the TikTok world and posted the video of her prank under her profile named ‘@kenzielynnsmith’. It showed every part of it perfectly. One can see her decorating the room, her confused fiancé and her partner in the prank walking in the room in the video. Not just that, she commented, “He asked me to take him to the hospital” to shed light on his condition by the end of the prank.

To her delight, her prank managed to ring in the hearts around. They applauded her witty plan to the full. It has managed to rake up about 7 million views, more than two million likes and 15,000 comments. One of the viewers commented, “You should have made him think it all day and let him go to bed thinking it’s December then put everything back to normal.”

Another soul said, “His face. HE IS SO CONFUSED.”