Little Girl’s Genius Idea To Find Out What Mom Got Her For Birthday

This mother is laughing out loud as she shares her girl’s wonderfully executed plan of knowing her presents well before her birthday. It was a note that was written by little Tiegan. She could not wait any longer for her birthday and getting to know what her parents got for her birthday. It was a very devious plan filled with great sense of humor. She tried her best for her parents to tell her all about it. She acted as she was her dad while writing this note to her mother.

Tiegan wrote the note saying that she, as her dad had forgotten what they had got for their “favorite daughter”. The mother absolutely loved her idea and found it extremely funny and humoring. So much so, that she shared it on her social media account saying, “Finding this note a couple of days before your daughter’s birthday…”. All the parents absolutely loved her creativity. They all praised for her idea and the execution. Not to say anything less, it was great.

The note had said ‘Dear Mum’ but was crossed as to not reveal any secrets and was later changed to ‘Dear Wife’. The note then read, “I have forgotten what we got out favorite daughter Tiegan for her birthday so please write it here” with a big fill in the blank at the end. The note ended with a sweet salutation as well, it said “From your husband, (definitely not Tiegan).” It was indeed a great ending to an even greater letter. The little girl did show her creativity that can be seen with this brilliant idea of hers.


This post was so loved and enjoyed online. Everyone who read it was very impressed and loved this little girl and her idea. Since it was put on the social media account of the mother, it had received more than 13000 liked and 500 comments, only going up in number as more and more people read and enjoyed it. Nonetheless, people had a lot of praise for her, as seen by their comments. Where one said, “Definitely not Tiegan, That’s brilliant”. Someone else said, “Damn, That’s genius”. Another comment also read, “Seems Legit”.

Hence, the girl was then branded as genius. Her idea did prove that. As the post got more praised, people started asking the mother what she wrote back to her daughter impersonating her husband. They even gave her fun ideas as to what she can reply it back with. The ideas were also “genius”. A person jokingly said that she should write, “wait…it’s her birthday? When??”. Another idea the mother got to write in return was, “I’d put something like coal”. Someone else gave the genius idea to write “Dear daughter (crossed out) husband, don’t you remember the family tradition that presents stop at (her upcoming age) we don’t have to bother anymore. From your wife xxx.”

Nonetheless, the little girl’s idea is widely praised as it should be. We hope that she got great present that was not coal.