Inventor Built World’s First Plane Made From Hemp

Hempearth got as innovative as it could get and managed to create a plane out of hemp composite. On top of it, it is also powered by cannabis only. The company uses hemp oil to fuel the plane. They claim that this plane is 10 times stronger than that made out of steel. The plane is extremely lightweight. It can carry up to 4 people along with the pilot. This plane has a wingspan of 36 feet. It is the most environmentally friendly plane ever made and is super sustainable.

Derek Kesek is the CEO of Hempearth. He believes that the hemp composite material that the company uses to build the plane could possibly replace all fiberglass that is used in aviation and other industries. The best thing about this aircraft is that it is powered entirely by hemp and runs on hemp oil. This means that it is completely sustainable. Hemp is entirely environmentally friendly as it needs very less water to grow and is extremely nutritious for the soil it grows in.

It being so lightweight, the plane requires very less fuel to run. The weight being less is an exquisite benefit because people and the weight it can carry will not affect the flight. Hempearth states that it is the healthiest plane on the planet. Being most versatile, it is also stronger than steel. The website explains, “This means that it can withstand a lot more weight before and breaks, and it can bend further than metal.” All these qualities make hemp very sustainable and eco-friendly.

If we compare this plane to the planes that are made of other material such as steel, this plane has next to no environmental impact. Most importantly, hemp is environmentally friendly as it needs less water and land than cotton to grow and it even returns the nutrients to the soil through a process called phytoremediation. All these characteristics make the composite material the most suitable to be used in production processes in industries. Cannabis is by far the most sustainable element that can be used and it is durable as well.

Considering the rising global warming and the state of the planet, we need more such innovations and ideas. The aviation industry is a major contributor to the production of carbon emissions. It’s a win-win to have planes and buildings made out of hemp. More and more industries need to shift to this environmentally friendly way of producing things. Hemp is by far the best composite material to be used and we need to make a shift as soon as possible to control the effect of global warming on this planet.