Flying Saucers Sketched By Student Is So Real It Was Sent To MoD UFO Department

The same happened when some children drew sketches of a flying saucer at their school that was so convincing that all the sketches were sent to the police and ultimately filed by the Ministry of Defence UFO Department. This alarm raised in 1977 when ten kids told their instructor they saw a space apparatus floating close to trees during lunch break.

So, the instructor called Mrs. Hindmarsh further split the kids up and requested that they draw what they saw. The outcomes were so comparable she offered them to Cheshire police and the case was known as the ‘Nearby Encounters of a Playground Kind’.

Dr. David Clarke, of Sheffield Hallam University, was working at the MoD when the drawings re-emerged in 2009 and he later utilized them in a book, UFO Drawings from The National Archives. He said: “When I opened this file, it struck me ­because it was full of crayon drawings by kids from Macclesfield. Kids say all kinds of things but the teacher must have thought this was something to take seriously.”

He further stated: “Then this copper had written a report and sent it to air traffic control in Manchester to see if they had anything on radar. This dossier ended up being sent to the MoD UFO desk. The images are amazing.” The result of the inquiry was surprising as the students from the Upton Priory School were not the only ones who reported the sighting of a flying saucer.

Many children in Broad Haven, Pembrokeshire, confirmed the sighting of a UFO in a field. And many other students in Anglesey while playing netball spotted a cigar-shaped UFO. Thus, what started as a ‘Close Encounters of a Playground Kind’ case from Macclesfield, ended up being handed to Cheshire Police and put in a Ministry of Defence UFO file.

Well, there have been many incidents where people all over the world have sightings of flying saucer. But there have been no proper images of it. All the things that we have imagined is all thanks to the movies such as Star Wars, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Doctor Who.