Disloyal Boyfriend Caught By Girlfriend In A Hotel Room Set-Up

The woman shared the entire clipping of the set up on TikTok where she can be found with a user name as @jade_hik. The video went tremendously viral as it fetched more than 660,000 views and people loved how she caught her boyfriend cheating on the camera.

Reflecting on their bond, Jade shared that she was with him for almost a year and a half and she eventually noticed things getting toxic during the last months. She revealed that lately, they rarely had conversations and that he used to sleep on the couch.

She started noticing that he was texting a number continuously for over a month. She felt more doubt as he used to text that number almost the entire day without caring much about his current girlfriend. Jade later found out that this number belonged to his ex with whom he was trying to get back.

Filled with doubts every day, Jade decided to test her boyfriend’s loyalty. She took the help of her friend Hayley, who texted him to see whether he was suspicious and acted interested.

Worse Luck, he not only entered the conversation in a flirtatious way but also agreed to meet Hayley in a hotel room. When the plan was executed Jade’s boyfriend was surprised as he was welcomed at the room by Jade’s dad and his to-be ex-girlfriend Jade.

In the clipping, it was seen that Jade’s dad was tapping on the door and he said, “Hi I’m Hayley. You don’t go back to the house.” His dad was fed up because of the hurt his daughter had to go through just because her boyfriend screwed up and cheated. In the video, Jade was also seen screaming that she was her soon-to-be ex-girlfriend and revealing to him the fact that there is no Hayley.

The video was appreciated by a huge chunk of people as it got somewhat 100,000 likes and 3000 comments. People admired how Jade’s dad supported her throughout the situation. People started showering love for her dad for his supportive nature.

A person commented that he was delighted to see how Jade’s dad did not lose his temper and handled the situation respectfully. Another added, “My dad would’ve hit him the second the door opened.”

A commenter also wished that he would be grateful if he would have such an amazing bond with his father like Jade.