Dad Built A Mario Cart Stimulator For Nintendo Fan Son

David Wiernicki, of Trumansburg, New York made the ultimate Mario Kart simulator for his 12-year-old son. He used a high-end motion simulator built by his company, Force Dynamics and hooked the Nintendo game to it. The results are amazing as his 12-year-old is experiencing the greatest joys of life with a white-knuckle-ride machine that jolts and leans in response to the in-game bumps and turns.

Totally Game, a web series that covers inspirational gaming stories covered David’s story. In the video posted on the YouTube channel, David said: “This is the best possible version of Mario Kart. Our machines can move a lot. You’re feeling what’s going on.” David explained that the cart he built is based on Mario Kart: Home Circuit. It is the same game that was released in 2019 for the Nintendo Switch.

To give the game a tinge of reality the players use physical carts to turn their living room or other real-world spaces into Mario Kart courses. With the help of augmented reality, they are able to experience something new. With cameras loaded on their carts, they can have the driver’s view and go into the augmented reality. But one thing that they have to keep in mind is that they have to steer through physical gates placed on the floor to complete the race.

There is something special about David’s version of Mario Cart as usually, gamers would control their cart using a Nintendo Switch controller. But in this sense David’s version is different. It is so because his version has a TV bolted to it and is lifted up by three hydraulic struts. That helps it to move in response to the driver’s cart. Other than that, there is a wheel underneath the seat that can spin the contraption on its axis.

Accelerometers mounted to the carts fire data to a PC fixed to the simulator, which in turn drives the motion of the machine and adds up to the experience. Thus, David’s setup provides the ultimate Mario Kart experience. He further shared that: “Gaming is something that transports you somewhere else, that makes you believe you’re doing something else you couldn’t be doing otherwise.”

He continued: “What I build is a way to make that even more real. When I’m sitting in the machine, I’m doing that as someone who grew up playing games and wanted more and better, and this is how I’m delivering that ‘better’ to myself.” He advises that people should try his Mario Cart at least once for a wholesome experience.