Couple Transformed Their First Home Left Untouched For 30 Years

Ewelina Mejka and her husband Przemyslaw purchased the home in Rugby, Warwickshire, for £155,000 in May 2018 to live in their daughters Amelia, 12, and Lena, 9. The pair had a difficult job to do from the start with “substantial renovation” work need and just six weeks to complete it before they all moved in.

Healthcare assistant, Ewelina Mejka said the home was earlier possessed by an elderly lady who hadn’t done any changes to the house for the past 30 years and had left the house in a real bad state.

The duo found that the electricity and piping were all in good condition, meaning they could swing into action with the interior makeover by stripping out all of the carpet and wallpaper, as well as the original kitchen and bathroom.


Przemyslaw and Ewelina repainted every room of the home and spent £5300 on buying new windows and a front door, £2200 on a boiler, and £3000 on an IKEA kitchen, which Przemyslaw fitted himself. Wooden flooring and carpets priced £3300 and they spent a further £4200 on fitting out the bathroom, linoleum flooring, paints, and plaster- adding up to the total bill of £18000.

Once the decorating was done, they spent the time furnishing the finished rooms. Ewelina said that she scoured the Facebook marketplace and gave the bargain buys a “second life”, which included a dining table, bed, and a rattan chair. Przemyslaw, 33, built a coffee table to be placed in the lounge by using wooden pallets and watching a tutorial video on YouTube.


Almost three years later, the little improvements added have left the property unidentifiable from the one that they originally bought, with every room getting the full treatment.

The blue bathroom was transformed into a new one with lighter colors and the dated green carpet in the living room made way for the wooden floor, while the walls were painted cream. The wall which separated the dining room and the kitchen were broken down to develop an open-plan space with modern appliances, grey units and a picture wall with photo frames bought from Ewelina’s favorite shop Homesense.

They decided to paint the master bedroom in teal color, while Amelia had a large pink floral display on accent wall in her room and Lena opted for a pale pink with unicorn-themed trinkets.

Ewelina, 36, said that she loved how the house turned out to be. She loved it even more because it was their first house and they had done everything according to their own preferences. They were grateful for purchasing this house.