Bluetooth Is Named After The Viking King Who United Denmark And Norway

One does not normally think about how a word originated or why we call that specific thing what it is called. Why are the trees, birds, animals together in a beautiful portrait called scenery? Why do we call orange, orange? Which orange came first? There are many questions that can rattle one’s mind. One of them being, why is Bluetooth called Bluetooth? Why is the technology which connects people and can transfer data from one medium to another called what it is called? Thankfully, we have its answer.

In the 10th century, King Harald “Bluetooth” Gormsson became King of Denmark and Norway. It was after King Gorm the Old of Denmark died and King Harald Greycloak of Norway was assassinated. Then King Harald “Bluetooth” Gormsson came in power of Denmark and Norway. The King merged the tribes in Denmark and converted the Danes into Christianity. He got his nickname as “Bluetooth” because of his dark-colored, bad tooth. The question still remains, that how did a Viking King managed to have the technology that was released in 1997?

The queries regarding the name are answered by an Intel worker, Jim Kardach. His inspiration remaining the Viking King for the foundation of the technology. In an interview Jim said that Harald united Denmark and even Christianized the Danes. He said that might just be a good codename for their program. He also added that during the creation of this program, he also created a PowerPoint slide with a Runic stone of Harald holding a phone and a notebook is each hand with a translation that said, Harald united Denmark and Norway and he also thinks that mobiles and computers should also communicate.

The website of Bluetooth says, that the Bluetooth logo is symbolized by combining a set of runes. It merges the younger Futhark runes, Hagall (ᚼ) and Bjarkan (ᛒ) combining Harald’s initials. King Harald died in 986 in a fight with the rebellion. But Bluetooth today still remains strong and is going strong throughout these years. Bluetooth, a technology that was earlier used to transfer songs from phone to another and was even used widely. In today’s new world this technology is found in far wider technologies.

Today, Bluetooth is used for more than just transferring songs. It is even used to connect our phones to the wireless speakers, headphones and to blast off music where you might just be. It is even found in laptops, tablets, controllers connecting our every electronic device with each other and is used by everyone who used these devices. Bluetooth, a very advanced technology helping us every single day, we might just thank the old Viking King’s tooth for a name so special.