A Hybrid Robot Called Ear-Bot Uses Locust’s Ear To Hear

This recent innovation of an ‘Ear-bot’ consists of a dead locust’s ear which enables it to hear its surroundings. With the attainment of human-like features, robots like Ear-bot are now gaining the attention of the tech-freaks.

Ear-bot was created by the hard work performed by Tel Aviv University team. Initially, the robot that used an electronic microphone to perform the hearing function now performs the same function through a demised locust’s ear which was preserved in a robotic chamber. The process to create a hearing robot using an insect was explained by the team in the latest press release.

The research work of the team reflected on many interesting facts like the usage of animal’s sensory organs are proved to be more productive than their artificial equals. The preserved organ is constantly given the supply of oxygen and food so that it keeps on functioning. This process makes the Ear-bot recognize and answer vibrational sounds. A momentary action of the robot was recorded and released by the Tel Aviv University.

Reflecting on the recent innovation, the team said, “On evaluation, it is noticed that a laptop consumes somewhat 100 watts per hour, while the human brain consumes somewhat 20 watts a day. On the other hand, nature is well ahead of all of us and we should use this advancement to our advantage. A lot of senses like smell, sight, and touch can be automated if the principle we have presented is applied to them.”

According to the facts, animals can sense things much faster and accurately than humans like their detection power of an earthquake or explosive materials is strong and this feature of the animals can be used for advancement in the field of robotics. For example, an invention of a robot with the use of a biological nose will enable the robot to sense criminals and hence save human lives.

Many other features of many other animals could provide infinite inventions that would help humankind to evolve as robots will take over most of the difficult tasks. The field of robotics can be discovered beyond limits.

This most recent invention will make things seem more productive and futuristic rather than sci-fi frightening. If robots could perform tasks like weather predictions, sensing diseases, etc. then this would be a phenomenal world to live in.