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A 328ft Bending Glass Bridge Opened In China

The bridge has been located at such a height that it almost looks fictitious and unimaginable. It has been designed in such a way that whoever would see it for the first time could easily be petrified by its unusual structure. The design of the bridge has been inspired by Jade Ruyi. Many in China believe Jade Ruyi to be of good fortune and auspicious as well. Jade Ruyi has got a curved shape and hence the bridge was constructed keeping that in mind. It has been made with three undulating bridges; the deck of the bridge also has been contrived with glass.

The center deck of the bridge is entirely made up of glass which gives tourists an amusing view of the ground. Aforementioned it got opened in 2020 for tourists and since then thousands of people have visited it. The bridge became the favorite tourist spot owing to its location also, situated around the snow-covered white mountains makes the bridge more special and worth visiting. It surely takes immense grit to walk through that bridge. One of the tourists said he would call it fake because it seems totally unreal. Others said that they would want better handrails to grip on to. Someone captured the aerial view of the bridge and it looked like an eye.

No one could have ever imagined that something like this could be created but thanks to the determined creators, who did the inconceivable task. The developers of the bridge spoke about its construction and the ideas they had for it. They said,” intertwined into an undulating bridge body, we wanted to give visitors a sense of experience when they pass”.

They further said that the rigid and soft shape gets perfectly integrated with the natural scenery of the Fairy house which eventually results in rendering a breathtaking view to the visitors. The developers have tried the best of their abilities to make the experience intriguing for the tourists. And they are looking forward to making it more memorable for the visitors by launching adventure sports like bungee jump and zip line ride.

China has already been home to many such glass bridges but this one would definitely stand out. The world’s tallest and longest bridges are also in China. This bridge has certainly contributed to make the world a more beautiful place to live in.