Woman Wants Guests To Pay To Attend Husband’s Birthday Party

Planning an event all alone can sometimes be a daunting task because it not only requires you to put your efforts, but even the cake, decorations, presents stack up the long list. Ultimately, you’re left with a huge bill in the end. So, hosting a party is hands down an expensive thing and it was not easy on the budget for a woman. A better idea was to ask all her guests to pay for the event, so altogether it’d be easy to celebrate it with ease. The anonymous post appeared on Mumsnet and it turned out that everyone had different opinions about it.

The post read that the woman’s husband had asked her to keep it as a surprise. Although she had some of the ideas for it but not enough money to make it happen. But if everyone in the event pays roughly $50, it can do the work but she’s still perplexed whether asking them for the same would be a nice idea. She asked if she should proceed with what she’s been considering or if she should pay it all herself. She also added that she’s planning to invite 10 people to the event.

People had different views, some felt it to be okay while others didn’t seem happy with it. A person said that it’s fine to ask them but they should be informed beforehand so they can budget. The second person suggested that it’d be better if she pays it on her own rather than asking others for it but it depends on her friends as well and only, she knows them better. For someone else, it seemed to be normal if he’s asked to pay for an activity, be it for his friend’s birthday too.

For some people, it would vary depending on the situation. A person admitted that asking them for food and drinks wouldn’t be that good but if they’re planning on something else like paintballing, then he wouldn’t think much about it and rather pay for it straight away. But also, some of them were not pleased by the idea and called it ‘rude’ to invite people and ask them to pay for a birthday event. Later in the ongoing discussion, the original poster elucidated that she wasn’t clear with her title. She was actually planning for an activity and she was not charging anyone to enter her house for a party.