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Woman Finds Hidden Door In Her New House Leaving The Internet Baffled

A woman found a mysterious and a very tiny door in her new home. She explained that while going through her new house, checking everything out she found it and got rather baffled. It was clearly a very odd thing to be in her house. She, rather obviously got confused as to what it was and why it was there. The mini door also went down, as it was shown in the pictures she shared. She took her mystery in the world of social media and it did not disappoint in giving her answers to her questions.

People on the internet were also very perplexed by it. The woman shared some of the pictures of the mystery door. It was shown in the pictures, how clearly it was a big hole in the wall that also went down. Many people agreed on it being “Stuart Little’s house”. While that is a very interesting perspective, many other had other opinions over it. She received various comments about the hidden mystery. Apart from giving her opinions as to what it might be, many people were clearly confused and amused by this tiny little door.

Someone in the comment section said it was a laundry chute and how they had one just like this door. They explained how it might work, and that is just after throwing the clothes on the floor one can kick it through the door. Many disagreed to it, as the door was too small for the clothes to fit and it would not work to have clothes thrown that way, however fun it might be. Some replied to that statement saying that you must throw it one by one, like throw the jeans or a shirt by its own, rather than taking an armload of the laundry and just throwing it in.

One person in the comment section said that it might be a milk delivery box, one cannot know how it would work but it definitely was a suggestion given to the woman. Another person gave a slightly more valid answer, but still confusing. They said that the door might lead to a garbage bin. How it would work is once you sweep the floor, you can just throw it through the door and into the bin. That might be a very useful thing to be and have a use of. It could be very convenient for the woman to have.

Another large part of the comment section believed it to be something from a children’s story book, as someone suggested that the tiny mysterious door must be how the tooth fairy gets in. Though, the fairy coming out of thin air is more magical, the mystery door is somewhat acceptable. A part of the comment section then collectively believed it was Stuart Little’s house after someone suggested it to be. Whatever the mystery door might be, we hope for the mystery to be solved at its earliest.