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Woman Embarrassed After Realizing Colleagues Heard Her Ranting On Zoom Call

November, 28, 2023

Ever since the pandemic hit the world, all the work-life have shifted online. Most of the work meetings are being done on Zoom. It is a nightmare for most people to leave the camera or mic turned on. For a saleswoman, the nightmare came true when she left her mic on while being on a phone call with her friends.

The woman, Alexandra Ceberio, ensured that she had turned her camera off but she missed to check her mic. She called her friends and started fulminating about the issues related to working from home. Her new colleagues were enjoying the whole scene.

One of her colleagues who has a TikTok account called “Allyvert” recorded this embarrassing moment and posted it on TikTok. Nonetheless, the video became famous within hours. It got thousands of views, comments, and likes. People could relate to the situation. They even shared their stories in the comments. The embarrassing moment made the woman famous.


The woman was complaining about how demotivated she was while working from home. She was not enthusiastic enough to take care of her gym hair and clothes as there was no one to notice her as all of them always have their cameras off. She was going on about the issues when one of her colleagues thought to interfere and informed her that they could hear everything she was ranting about.

After hearing the words from her colleagues, the woman was equally shocked and embarrassed. For a second, she didn’t know what to do. Immediately after that, she turned her mic off. She did this blunder within days of joining the new job. However, even after this embarrassing oversight, she was lucky enough to retain her job.

Nonetheless, this was not a new experience. Almost everyone has gone through the open mic or camera fiasco or has seen someone around them going through this at least once inpandemic days. Some of the commenters shared their stories in the comments. One of them agreed that this is indeed the biggest nightmare.

Another one commented that a similar incident took place with him when he was shouting at his dogs to remain calm while being on a staff meeting. His mic was on and everyone heard what he was saying. His boss’s response was similar to the college’s response who had informed the woman about her mic.

After seeing the response of the people, Alexandra made a video where she made sure that she had turned off her mic and camera. She would, for sure, check her mic 10 times in the future before entering into any meeting. We can say that she was enlightened after the embarrassing moment. She would remain cautious in the future.

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