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Woman Denied Sister’s Wedding Invite As It Was Tremendously Expensive

November, 28, 2023

It was shared by the woman on Reddit that the wedding was initially confined to few guests and was supposed to be a simple one but later her sister changed the venue to a one that was more at distance and urged the guest to stay at a luxury hotel nearby that would cost them £800 per night.

The woman shared without hesitation that attending her sister’s wedding would leave her broke. The woman explained that her sister has made her mind to have a big-fat fairytale wedding at an enormously expensive castle-themed hotel that was at a great distance from everyone’s home. She changed her mind to have everything fancy but did not book them for a wedding suite due to the room rates.

The bride’s sister also found out that the bride had asked both sides of the family to book a hotel at the beach that would cost £600 a night, per person which would make it further luxurious. Curious to know about the details, the woman enquired and revealed that it would cost her an extra £200 for the kid’s furniture as they do not provide it as complementary.

Frustrated about the situation, the woman added that the bride wanted her to stay there as she had already booked a photographer who was appointed to take pictures at eight in the morning just after the day the beach wedding was completed. She humorously continued that waking early the next day seemed to be another reason for not attending the wedding.

Truthful about the reason the woman refused to her sister as she couldn’t afford it but ironically the bride thought that she was acting illogically. Even after the bride used various reasons to convince, the woman refused the invite. The woman said, “The wedding is not worth going broke, not when I have two kids to feed, clothe, house, etc.”

In response to the woman’s refusal the bride raged out and blamed her for spoiling her wedding and having disgusting intentions so that the marriage doesn’t take place. It was the woman’s final decision to not go as the bride thought that she was the one who did not want the couple to get together and money was just an excuse. The bride was also mad at her as she called her a bridezilla.

The Woman’s post got viral and many started expressing their views. A person commented that her immature acts made it justified to not attend the wedding and going broke over such people is not worth it. The commenter continued that it was her wedding that she should spend such a huge amount provided the woman has a family to take care of.

Another person sarcastically commented that she shouldn’t be shocked if she, her fiancé, and the photographer are the only people attending the wedding. People also consoled the woman that definitely it was not only her on the guest list who felt that it was too expensive.

A third person commented, “Trying to live beyond your means is one thing and demanding others to do so is another.”

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