Toyota Will Build Japan’s First Smart City With Robots And Automated Cars

It is being constructed at a former Toyota factory site just beside Mount Fuji. To run a city full of robots and high tech, we need a constant and renewable source of energy. Therefore, the source of power for the smart city will be the solar panels and electricity from fuel cells. They will extract power from a hydrogen-oxygen reaction. This will help in the conservation of natural resources as well.

Given the technological advancement of the country, it is quite obvious that the city will bring the latest technologies in the real world and help in sustaining a better standard of living. It is hoped that it will bring advancement in automated driving, personal mobility, robotics, and artificial intelligence.

Keeping humans that will be residing there in mind, there are three different levels of streets planned in the city. One is for the pedestrians; another one is for pedestrians having their vehicle. There will also be an underground road for the transportation of goods in different parts of the city.

Toyota’s e-Palettes will carry out most of the transport system of the Woven city. e-Palettes is the autonomous vehicle that will be used to carry out basic livelihood services like ride-sharing, delivery services, mobile retail shops, mobile hotels, and mobile workspaces.

The material that will be used in the houses of the city is wood. It will minimize carbon-footprint. The homes will also be installed with sensor-based AI that will check the health of the resident. This will help in the early detection of the diseases and led to proper treatment. The sensors will also give directions to the robots and autonomous cars to bring food and take the garbage out.

Toyota president, Akio Toyoda, expressed his gratitude to all the members who have been working day and night for this beautiful project. He is aware that building a city is a difficult task, let alone building a smart city. It is a project, envisioned for people of different backgrounds to live in harmony.

The themes of Woven city are, “human-centered”, “a living laboratory”, and “ever-evolving”. When the city will be completed and all set for the total run, 360 residents will occupy it initially. These 360 people will be from the group of senior citizens, families with young children, and inventors. It is expected that over time, it will grow to more than 2000 occupants.

The chief architect of the project who has planned the layout of the city is Bjarke Ingles. The main motive of building this city is to make inventions that will solve the social issues around the world. It is hoped that it will help in making this world a better and safer place.

Toyota has not given us an estimated time for the completion of the project. Nonetheless, we can say that whenever it will be completed, it will be a great project for mankind. It will indeed be a beautiful city to live in.