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This Father went Out of the Box to Make His Son’s Birthday a Memorable One

Wacky November, 28, 2023

A committed father has been named as a ‘super dad’ after he created a themed-birthday party for his train-obsessed autistic son. He was sure that his son would never forget how exciting his birthday celebration was. The man shared on Reddit how he managed to design every detail precisely.

He started by telling the readers that his son, Harrison Maguire, was completely passionate about trains, so much so that when asked what he wanted to do to mark his birthday, he replied that he just wanted to go on the train. He was given many options to choose from, but he still preferred to stick by his obsession with trains. However, his dad, Charlie Maguire, was keen to make his 10-year-old Harrison’s big day a special one.

After thinking for some time, he finally got an idea of making a fun hide and seek game, complete with clues, on the London Underground. The 29-year-father spent days creating the game, which involved going from station to station in search of hints, and Harrison, who was known for his amazing geography knowledge, was thrilled.

The father and the son teamed up and set off from Rainham, close to both Charlie’s home in Dagenham and Colchester, where Harrison and his mother lived. The first stop was East London’s West Ham, with Charlie having travelled ahead and given staff the very first clue. There, Harrison was asked what would be used to wrap a birthday present as well as what cars drive on, with the answer taking them to Bow Road.

Eventually, the enthusiastic train fan had to work out several other guides which took him to the station such as London Bridge, Canary Wharf, Tower Hill, Victoria, Holborn, and Tottenham Court Road. Charlie believed that the clue solving day out helped to grow Harrison’s confidence, with his son living with both autism and ADHD.

He told the readers that Harrison had autism and ADHD so it made it hard for him to cope in school but now he was getting the help he needed. He was good with geography, it was commendable as he knew the capital of every single country. Now he was learning about trains and train stations. Charlie said that he travelled quite a lot and two years ago they went to Disneyland Paris. They went by a double-decker train which was very fascinating to Harrison. Now he loved the London Underground.

The father claimed that his plan for Harrison’s birthday was necessary for his independence. He had to take them to the right platform, work out what train they had to get on and where they had to go. He was so happy about it. He continued talking about it to date.

After they were done with the game of hide and seek, the duo stopped off for a spot of lunch on Canary Wharf and later enjoyed dinner out in the West End, where they were accompanied by Harrison’s stepmother. For his birthday gift, he was gifted canvas lit up with underground stations, mapping out exactly where he and his dad had been on their memorable day out.

According to Charlie, the gift has proven to be a huge success, with the 10-year old having since hung his train station canvas on his bedroom wall and didn't sleep without it. Charlie added that children were on their phones nowadays and he tried and did the opposite. He took him away once or twice a year. His mother had also enrolled him for boxing classes which helped him overcome his shy-person attitude and make friends.