The True Blue Twins: Instagram Sensations with Gorgeous Eyes

Tricky Brick / March, 01, 2024

Instagram is filled with dozens of adorable funny and talented kids but there’s something that sets Megan and Morgan Boyd apart. These stunning girls from Philadelphia charmed the whole world with their hypnotizing blue eyes when they were only four! Dubbed by their mom the Trueblue twins they became an internet sensation in 2015 when one of their photos went viral and everyone suddenly wanted to learn more about M&M. The twins used their five minutes under the spotlight to start successful modeling careers and they’ve been going strong ever since. Let’s take a look at their road to stardom!

1 Summer Girls

From the very first time her beautiful twins opened their eyes on June 6 2011 Stephanie Boyd knew she was looking at something unique. It was obvious Megan and Morgan are very special from the very start and their birth marked the beginning of an exciting new journey for the whole family. The two twins peered out at their mother with their striking blue eyes and Stephanie knew that it was just a matter of time before her girls would be noticed and admired.

2 Baby Craze

Like every new mom Stephanie couldn’t help but show off her new-born babies on social media. She started sharing their photos early on and her Facebook friends and Instagram followers couldn’t get enough of them. The rest of the world followed suit after pictures of the twins with the magnetic eyes went viral.

And how could they not?

The girls' unique hypnotic beauty is difficult to deny or ignore and the moment people lay their eyes on them they just couldn't look away.

3 Matching Outfits

Dressing twins is still one of the most hotly debated issues in the parenting world but Stephanie made her choice easily. M&M usually wear matching outfits and they both look adorable in them.

Megan and Morgan may share a unique look but they're easy to tell apart so dressing them similarly doesn't take away from their unique personalities or their sense of self - and their mom picks out super cute outfits anyway so there's no reason they shouldn't both get to wear them!

4 Mini Trendsetters

Even before they started getting fashion deals Megan and Morgan were dressing like kids of A-list celebrities. Their mom made sure her sweet little girls always look flawless and she’s got dozens of pictures to prove it!

And while A-list celebrities have stylists personal shoppers and a budget for this kind of thing Megan and Morgan's mom had to do it all by herself which makes this even more impressive!

Finding time not only to work and raise your kids but to style them too is pretty amazing.

5 Secret in Their Eyes

The Trueblue twins quickly grabbed the attention of the whole world because it’s extremely rare to see blue-eyed people not to mention African-American people with blue eyes. Research shows it’s usually a result of an ancient genetic variation.

And indeed it's such a rare condition that with one of the twins despite the fact that she has the predisposition for it it manifested in only one eye while the other remained the more characteristic brown.

6 Can You Spot The Difference?

The majority of parents with twins have trouble telling them apart at first before they start to take one physical and behavioural features that allow them to distinguish between the two. But that wasn't the case with Megan and Morgan's parents Stephanie and her partner Lovell Knight. Their baby girls aren’t perfect copies of each other since Morgan has one brown eye in a special manifestation of a condition called heterochromia while her sister Megan's eyes are both completely blue.

7 Morgan’s Heterochromia

There’s a reasonable explanation behind Morgan’s distinctive eye color. She’s affected by an extremely rare condition called heterochromia iridium. It can lead to difference in coloration usually of the iris but it can also affect hair or skin.

Heterochromia can be caused by a variety of factors but is not an inherently dangerous condition - and is actually considered quite beautiful and appealing by many.

And indeed many of the people who love Morgan's unique look frequently mention her heterochromia in admiration!

8 Hollywood Quality

If you think having eyes of different color will stop Morgan from rising through the ranks – think again! Some of the most famous people in Hollywood have the same fascinating condition. Mila Kunis Kate Bosworth and Alice Eve as well as Robert Downey Jr. Henry Cavill and Simon Pegg all boast differently colored eyes. If anything the number of celebrities with heterochromia is much higher than the same percentage of people with heterochromia in the general population - which means that the twins have a higher chance of becoming famous!

9 Runs in the Family

Morgan isn’t the first person in her family affected by heterochromia iridium. This condition is genetic in her case since her uncle and great aunt also had two different eyes – one blue and one brown just like her! But unlike her her uncle and great aunt were not of African American descent - and the chances of the condition being passed down with African American ancestry are much much more slim.

10 Sudden Exposure

The twins' parents always considered Megan and Morgan their little superstars but Deyonte Hunter musician and tattoo artist was the one who actually put them on the map. While their mom uploaded their photos to social media they only went viral after Hunter shared them with thousands of his followers. The twins got 2000 likes that day and many of Hunter's followers began to follow the twins' accounts. From that point on things just got better and better.

11 A Little Push

The Trueblue twins would have probably been forgotten if their dad didn’t give them a little push after Hunter shared their photo. Following Hunter's uncovering of the twins one Facebook user created a collage of their pictures and Knight decided to post the video online. It eventually received over 6.6 million views and gave them a taste of public recognition that with a little business acumen their parents were able to transform into a successful career.

12 Celebrity Recognition

Megan & Morgan didn’t just charm regular social media users. Celebrities were also mesmerized by their enchanting blue eyes. Actress Meagan Good and comedian D.L. Hughley were among those who shared their pictures and helped them secure their place under the stars as well as self professed fans of the girls - and it's no wonder! It's impossible to lay eyes on Megan and Morgan without instantly becoming fans.

13 Starstruck

Megan and Morgan aren’t quite as famous as Blue Ivy is just yet but they’re getting there. Their mom admitted they can’t leave the house without being recognized. Every time the twins go out at least one person stops them on the street and marvels at their hypnotizing eyes - and the girls have learned to live with their celebrity status. With such a striking unique look we'd probably be stopping them on the street and asking more about them too!

14 Fan Art

The twins are already starting to build an impressive fanbase and some of its members are pretty talented. The Trueblues regularly receive drawings and illustrations from their devoted fans and share them on their Instagram page so everyone can see and admire them. The artworks are turning them into real icons and it's impossible to deny the twins' appearance is striking and engaging.

Why people find the twins specifically so inspirational is difficult to pin down - but the fact is that they are.

15 Momager?

When you look at the twins’ Instagram and Facebook profiles it’s obvious that their mom is in charge of their social media presence and modeling gigs. We’ve already seen a bunch of ambitious mothers pressuring their children into snow business but is that the case with Stephanie Boyd? Stephanie says "no."

She says it was her daughters’ idea to give modeling a try since they always liked dressing up and posing for pictures and the twins seem to be enjoying themselves immensely in photoshoots.

16 Born This Way

Boyd isn’t the only one who claims Megan and Morgan always enjoyed being in the spotlight. Their aunt Ebony Morris said “they were born for this.” According to her they loved being in front of the camera from a very young age.

Looking at their photos that's difficult to argue with. The twins are more than just comfortable in front of the camera - they seem like they're having a blast - which is maybe why they're so successful in addition to their unique appearance.

17 Concerned Father

While the twins' fame and success are generally positive things not every member of their family is too crazy about Megan’s and Morgan’s new found celebrity status. Their dad Lovell Knight admitted their growing popularity scares him sometimes despite the fact he played a crucial role in transforming them into viral sensations. And really who can blame him?

While his daughters are exceptional all parents would want their children to have normal healthy childhoods - and fame and fortune can definitely mess with that.

18 Enough Exposure

After the twins gained thousands of followers a bunch of people tried to advise their parents about ways to take advantage of their sudden success. Knight doesn’t feel that’s necessary and believes his little girls have plenty of exposure already. Fame and success are all well and good but it's important to stay modest grounded and not to lose sight of what's really important: the wellbeing of his daughters. His approach is pretty sensible so let’s hope he helps them navigate fame with ease.

19 No Forced Selfies

Just because they became Instagram stars overnight doesn’t mean the twins enjoy the constant flow of attention they receive from strangers. Their mother admitted Morgan sometimes doesn’t like taking pictures with strangers and said that she would never force her daughters to take these photos if they're uncomfortable with what's happening.

That being said the twins are very very friendly and taking photos with admirers can be a lot of fun for them - as long as it's done respectfully!

20 Little Bro

Not everyone in Megan’s and Morgan’s tight-knit family spends every waking moment worrying about their rise to fame. Their little baby brother simply enjoys goofing around with his big sisters and joins them on every journey they take. Unlike the twins he doesn’t have distinctive blue eyes but that doesn’t make him any less adorable - and he still gets to travel around and see the world with them. The three siblings are very close and love horsing around with each other!

21 Ordinary Girls

Just because they have close to half a million followers on Instagram doesn’t mean the Trueblue Twins don’t enjoy childish shenanigans like everyone else. They like to goof around eat snacks and burst into song every once in a while just like any other kid their age - but while other kids may be raiding their parents' closets and make up kids when they want to play dress up the twins get to have professional stylists and make up artists taking care of them.

22 NewTube Famous

While Megan and Morgan are still too young to fully understand the meaning of their fame and newfound status they are slowly getting the hang of it. While they may not yet be entirely fluent in social media and how the platforms that have made them famous work they've picked a few things up here and there. For instance when they bragged about being famous to their teacher they suggested she should look them up on 'NewTube'. Close enough!

23 Different Interests

Megan and Morgan do have a lot in common but that doesn't stop them from developing their individuality. The twins have different interests and obviously different personalities. For instance while Megan is more interested in getting her hair done and trying on new clothes her sister Morgan enjoys taking photos and walking down imaginary runways.

When you meet the twins it's impossible to mix them up. Each one's personality clearly shines through in a unique and special way.

24 Strike a Pose!

Since Megan and Morgan always liked having their pictures taken their mom Stephanie Boyd welcomed all modeling and publicity opportunities with open arms. As they grew in fame the twins started doing professional photo shoots made appearances at various fashion events around the nation and received calls from several celebrities – including big shot talk show host Wendy Williams!

While many adults work very hard for a chance at that kind of success for the young twins it seems to come naturally.

25 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Modeling at such a young age can be quite overwhelming but it seems like the Trueblue Twins are enjoying themselves every step of the way. They like to goof around during photo shoots make funny faces and constantly cheer each other up.

Each photo shoot is playtime for them and while they work hard they do find the time to enjoy themselves and to just be kids.

That's a huge part of their appeal as models - you can just tell they're enjoying themselves and that makes their photo shoots great!

26 Filter Darlings

Speaking of funny faces… Despite the fact that they often have professional photographers at their disposal Morgan and Megan enjoy taking a good selfie every once in a while too. Like other girls their age these two pranksters like trying out different Snapchat filters on their mom’s phone and taking fun photos making faces and goofing around.

Who can blame them? We're guilty of quite a few funny and weird snapchat selfies ourselves so of course these two little girls would be all over it!

27 Little Fashionistas

Morgan and Megan developed an amazing fashion sense thanks to their mom Stephanie who's taken pains to style and dress them - but today she no longer has to worry about buying their outfits. Thanks to their influential status the twins can now easily get free clothes and accessories from different brands. As long as they pose in their designs and post pictures online the girls are sponsored. We wish we could get free clothes too!

28 Aspiring Designers

At this point in time the twins are still wearing clothes designed by other people but that could change in a decade or two. Megan and Morgan have a true flair for fashion and they often pick their own outfits. At one point they stayed up all night cutting their jeans because they wanted a new ripped pair. That kind of dedication could get them far!

Growing into the fashion world means the girls are developing a strong sense of style and we can't wait to see what they come up with if they decide to pursue this in the future!

29 Hair Goals

The twins’ outfits aren’t the only thing that makes them stand out. Their hairstyles are also always on point. With their mother's encouragement they tried everything from braids to bantu knots and looked perfect each time.

Megan and Morgan's hair dos have become nearly as iconic as their eyes and fans are always curious about what new style they'll try out in their next shoot. So far we've loved everything we've seen - and the girls seem to love it too!

30 Instagram Promoters

It was just a matter of time before Morgan and Megan found a way to monetize their success - but with over 400 thousand followers on Instagram it's difficult not to capitalize somehow!

Just like all the other social media stars out there the twins and their parents are using their status on social media platforms to promote everything from fashion and beauty brands to children’s books - and the twins get to keep the products the promote!

31 Supermarket Superstars

Turning a regular excursion to your local Wal-Mart into a classy glitzy event would be difficult for most people but Megan and Morgan make it seem effortless. The twins enjoy taking photos and posing in the aisles every time the go to the super market and they seem to have a knack for turning something mundane like grocery shopping into a super glamorous enviable activity.

What can we say? We wish our grocery shopping was as classy as these two make theirs!

32 Rihanna’s Doppelgängers

Megan and Morgan’s mom is a big fan of Rihanna and she came to a conclusion that her baby girls look just like her favorite singer. Some of her followers agreed that the twins bare uncanny resemblance to Riri but we’ll see if that changes as they grow older.

In the meantime both Rhianna and the girls are setting trends influencing fashion and inspiring countless people - so even if the superficial resemblance ends - their impact on the world is quite similar!

33 Queens of the Halloween

Morgan and Megan took their love for Rihanna to a whole new level during Halloween in 2016. They honored the Rhythm and Bass artist by copying her look from the promotional poster for her ANTI World Tour. Their outfits and makeup were very accurate and when Rihanna somehow stumbled upon their Instagram post of their costumes she said the twins looked perfect!

Obviously the twins (and their mom!) were over the moon when Riri's comment reached them.

34 Disney Fanatics

This doesn’t really come as a surprise but the Trueblue twins are big fans of Disney movies. They even attended an adorable Princess-themed sleepover with all of their cousins.

We know we're a little old for that now but that is one sleepover we wouldn't mind attending - and it seems like product placement works because we really want these pyjamas now too!

We think Disney Channel executives should be taking notes right now and start plotting a TV show with these two in the lead roles.

35 Jacksonville Fashion Week

Back in October 2017 the girls modelled at their first major fashion event. The twins travelled to Jacksonville Florida where they took part in the city's Fashion Week events. They were dressed up like real pageant contestants and got a chance to meet a lot of other mini-models who had similar upbringing. It seems like the group really bonded and had a great time - and why wouldn't they? Not many kids have similar experiences to those of the twins so of course it was a great opportunity for them to talk about things they probably couldn't with other kids their age.

36 America’s Next Top Models?

Other young stars weren’t the only new friends Megan and Morgan made in Jacksonville. During their visit to Fashion Week M&M also met America’s Next Top Model contestant Bianca Golden. Are they going to follow in her footsteps one day? We’ve yet to see about that but we’re sure even Tyra Banks wouldn't be able to resist them if they put their minds to it.

37 Haters Gonna Hate

Fame and negative backlash often go hand in hand but Megan and Morgan have a lot of people in their life who are ready to protect them. Their father is on the front lines of defence and he’s doing his best to keep them grounded. Mr. Morris is trying to teach his girls not to respond to negativity. He says that 97 of 100 people are going to treat them with kindness and so focusing on the bad will create a skewed view of reality.

38 Future on “Empire”

Mom Stephanie obviously has high hopes for her little girls since she believes they’re talented enough to appear on Empire. The hit series probably won’t be around by the time they grow up but we wouldn’t mind seeing these little queens on their own show some day.

With so much fame and success at such a young age we're sure the twins have a lot to deal with. We hope they do well no matter what they grow up to be!