1 Lily Collins

Lily Jane Collins the stunning daughter of musician Phil Collins and his ex-wife Jill Tavelman has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry as both an actress and a model.

She has recently been the brand ambassador for Lancome and has starred in various films such as The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Mirror Mirror Abduction The Blind Side independent film Stuck in Love and the popular Netflix series Emily in Paris showcasing her talent and beauty.

2 Sarah Sutherland

Having a surname like Sutherland practically guarantees success in Hollywood. The youngest member of the Sutherland family 29-year-old Sarah is following in her relatives' footsteps as an actress.

Sarah made her acting debut in 2012 on the show Veep where she portrays the VP's daughter. She has also made a guest appearance on The Newsroom.

3 Destry Allyn Spielberg

Destry daughter of renowned director Steven Spielberg and actress Kate Capshaw has opted to pursue a different path from her family's acting background.

Instead the 19-year-old blonde beauty has recently signed her first modeling contract with DT Model Management. It appears that Destry's career is on the rise and poised for significant success.

4 Jane Carrey

Jane Carrey the fortunate daughter of the lovable and funny Jim Carrey was brought up away from the limelight to have a normal childhood. Despite her parents' divorce in 1995 Jane has her own talents including an amazing voice.

With her father's infectious smile Jane even appeared on the early seasons of American Idol capturing the hearts of many despite not making it far on the show.

5 Ava Phillippe

Ava closely resembles her mother in appearance often causing us to do a double take to confirm her identity. She is the spitting image of Reese Witherspoon and her ex-husband Ryan Phillippe.

At 17 years old Ava is preparing for college and is determined to establish her own identity distinct from her famous parents. These qualities only make us admire her even more!

6 Hailie Mathers

Hailie the cherished daughter of rapper Eminem (also known as Marshall Mathers) is known by her full name Hailie Jade Scott Mathers. Many of us recognize her name from her father's songs particularly "Hailie's Song".

Raised outside of the spotlight at her father's urging Hailie excels in both athletics and academics participating in her high school volleyball team the National Honor Society and the Student Council. Way to go!

7 Lily Rose Depp

Lily Rose the stunning daughter of French actress Vanessa Paradis and the rebellious rocker and actor Johnny Depp has made a name for herself in Hollywood at just 17 years old.

She began her modeling career with the prestigious designer Chanel and has appeared in a few independent films. Lily Rose is also an outspoken advocate for gender fluidity identifying herself as part of the spectrum.

8 Sailor Cook

Sailor Cook a college freshman attending The New School's Parsons School of Design in New York City is the daughter of supermodel Christy Brinkley. With genes like that it's no surprise that Sailor is stunningly beautiful.

However despite the obvious resemblance to her famous mother Sailor prefers not to be compared to her. It's clear that she is determined to carve out her own identity and make a name for herself in the fashion world. With her incredible beauty and talent Sailor Cook is definitely one to watch.

9 Greer Grammer

Greer Grammer the talented daughter of renowned actor Kelsey Grammer and his former wife Barrie Buckner has certainly made a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

At just 24 years old Greer has shown a natural talent for comedy landing roles in popular shows like iCarly Awkward Melissa & Joey The Middle and even competing on the reality show Cupcake Wars. Not limiting herself to television Greer has also appeared in a number of films between 2010 and 2016.

With such a strong foundation in both television and film it's clear that Greer has a bright future ahead of her. Her comedic timing and beauty have already captured the hearts of audiences and it's exciting to think about how she will continue to grow and evolve as a performer.

As she continues to hone her craft there's no doubt that Greer Grammer will become a force to be reckoned with in the world of entertainment.

10 Bianca Bree

Bianca Bree the daughter of Jean-Claude Van Damme is a talented actress and producer known for her roles in movies such as Alien Uprising Welcome to the Jungle Enter the Fist and the Golden Fleece and Paranormal Activity Security Squad.

Like her father Bianca has a passion for martial arts and showcases her skills on screen. Her mother former fitness competitor Gladys Portugues also contributes to Bianca's impressive genes.

11 Ella Bleu Travolta

Ella Bleu Travolta the second child of famous actor John Travolta has already made a name for herself in the entertainment industry at a young age. She appeared in the movie Old Dogs starring alongside her father and Robin Williams.

During a recent appearance on the Ellen show Ellen questioned Ella about her dating life but John Travolta intervened and saved her from having to answer.

12 Scott Eastwood

Scott Eastwood the son of renowned director and actor Clint Eastwood has made a name for himself in the acting world. With his striking physical appearance and impressive talent Scott has starred in movies such as The Longest Ride Suicide Squad and Mercury Plains.

While his famous last name may have initially helped open doors for him Scott has proven that he is deserving of success on his own merits.

13 Louis Bardo Bullock

Sandra Bullock's son doesn't experience constant paparazzi and media attention despite his mother's fame. Bullock is committed to keeping her adoptive children Louis and Laila out of the spotlight and protecting their privacy.

The eight-year-old Louis is unaware of his mother's career and even didn't know she starred in Minions. It will be interesting to see his reaction when he learns that his mom is considered one of the coolest moms ever.

14 Rumer Willis

Rumer Willis comes from a family of two incredibly well-known parents. Her mother is the actress Demi Moore and her father is Bruce Willis as evident from her surname.

Rumer entered the world in 1988 during the time when her parents Demi and Bruce were happily married. Now at 28 years old Rumer is a thriving TV actress with a knack for singing and she has even graced the Broadway stage.

15 Sophia Rose Stallone

Sylvester Stallone's oldest daughter Sophia is included in our list for obvious reasons - just one glance at her photo is enough to see why. Born on August 27 1996 Sophia Rose Stallone is the daughter of Stallone's third wife Jennifer Flavin. She attended the University of Southern California majoring in Communications.

It's clear that she inherited her beauty from her parents and it's no wonder that Sophia along with her younger sisters Sistine and Scarlet collectively won the title of Miss Golden Globe at the previous year's ceremony.

16 Homer Gere

Richard Gere is a well-known actor famous for his roles in popular movies like Pretty Woman and Days of Heaven. He was married to actress Carey Lowell and they have a son named Homer.

Despite their marriage ending we still keep up with their son who had a lavish upbringing as shown in the picture on the left.

17 Violet Affleck

Even though Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are no longer married they have three lovely children to show for their relationship. It's surprising to see how much their eldest Violet has grown up. At 18 years old she appears to have matured right before our eyes.

Violet excels in her studies particularly in math and Spanish and is preparing to attend college. With two famous parents and a stepmother who is also a movie star Violet has a bright future ahead of her filled with opportunities and the potential for fame and success.

18 Lila Moss

Lila Moss born on September 29 2002 is the daughter of supermodel Kate Moss and publisher Jefferson Hack. Following in her mother's modeling footsteps Lila made her debut at the age of 14 just like her mom.

In 2018 she appeared in a campaign for Marc Jacobs Beauty and landed her first solo magazine cover. Since then she has walked the runway for prominent brands establishing herself as a rising star in the industry.

19 Blue Ivy

Blue Ivy Carter born on January 7 2012 was always meant to be a prominent figure with her famous parents Beyonce and Jay-Z. Growing up surrounded by music and creativity she has been making appearances on red carpets and in the background of songs since she was very young.

At just 11 years old Blue Ivy had a memorable school break when she joined her superstar mother on stage during the Renaissance Tour.

20 Olivia Giannulli

Olivia Jade Giannulli has shown that her mother Lori Loughlin being a famous actress does not define her as just a celebrity's daughter. While her sister Isabella has explored acting in the entertainment industry Olivia has made a name for herself as a popular Instagram and Youtube personality.

With millions of followers she shares content ranging from makeup tutorials to college tips. However the 19-year-old USC student's parents are currently facing charges in a college admissions scandal accused of paying $500000 in bribes to secure their daughters' admission.

21 North West

North West the first child of famous parents Kim Kardashian and Kanye West was born on June 15 2013. From a young age she has been a prominent figure in the media spotlight. As the eldest of four siblings North is recognized for her distinct sense of style and fashionable outfits.

As she has gotten older North has developed a strong presence on social media often seen creating TikTok videos with her mother Kim and accompanying her family to high-profile events like red carpet appearances.

22 Rainey Qualley

It's no surprise that Rainey with a mother like Andie MacDowell is incredibly beautiful. Following in her mother's footsteps Rainey has pursued acting in films such as Mighty Fine (where she starred alongside her mom) Falcon Song and even made a cameo on Mad Men.

In 2012 she was crowned Miss Golden Globe an experience she later described as quite overwhelming. Nowadays Rainey is dedicated to her singing career dividing her time between Los Angeles and Nashville. She describes her musical style as 'bluesy country'.

23 Apple Martin

Apple Blythe Alison Martin born in 2004 is the eldest daughter of actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin. Throughout her early years Apple remained mostly out of the public eye only occasionally appearing in photos.

Now in adulthood Apple strongly resembles her mother and is following in her footsteps by exploring the world of fashion. After attending Paris Fashion Week in 2023 she is on her path to becoming a prominent figure in the fashion industry.

24 Dylan Frances Penn

Dylan Penn the stunning daughter of Sean Penn and Robin Wright has an impressive gene pool that naturally drew her to pursue a career in acting.

Beginning her modeling career in 2013 with appearances on Gap billboards and major magazine covers she has since ventured into acting and already has a few films to her name. At 25 years old she is poised to take on more roles in future films balancing both her successful modeling and acting careers.

25 Hannah Selleck

The daughter of the legendary actor Tom Selleck who has been a fantasy man for many women over the past 50 years chose not to pursue a career in acting like her father. Despite being born into a family of superstars 28-year-old Hannah decided to lead a more private life by moving to New Mexico and opening a horse farm.

In a rare interview she talked about her upbringing with a famous and influential father. She mentioned that her father always prioritized giving her a "normal childhood" by keeping her away from movie premieres and red carpets.

26 Gigi Santo Pietro

Everyone familiar with Wheel of Fortune is familiar with Vanna White as she is the one who unveils the correct letters on the show. However not many are aware that she has a 21-year-old daughter named Gigi.

Gigi is the daughter of Vanna and her ex-husband George Santo Pietro and there has been much curiosity surrounding her growth. Perhaps one day she will follow in her mother's footsteps and become a co-host on Wheel of Fortune.

27 Katherine Schwarzenegger

Katherine the oldest daughter of the Schwarzenegger family is the big sister to Catherine Patrick and Christopher. Despite growing up attending red carpet events and movie premieres Katherine decided to pursue a career similar to her mother's instead of her father's Arnold.

In 2010 Katherine became a published author with her first book Rock What You’ve Got: Secrets to Loving Your Inner and Outer Beauty from Someone Who’s Been There and Back. After her father's public scandal in 2011 Katherine discovered she had a younger half-brother named Joseph and publicly forgave her father for his affair with the family's housekeeper 14 years earlier.

28 Miley Cyrus

Miley is a familiar face to all with her father Billy Ray Cyrus now taking a backseat in the spotlight. Surprisingly some may not be aware that Miley is the lovely daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus.

While she may resemble her mother in appearance her passion for music comes from her father. With Dolly Parton as her godmother it's no wonder Miley has a strong country music influence. Although she is currently focused on her music career Miley has also dabbled in acting in the past.

29 Gigi Hadid

The Hadid family is known for producing exceptionally beautiful children. Former model Yolanda Foster and her ex-husband Mohamad Hadid clearly did something right when they had Gigi Bella and Anwar.

Gigi whose real name is Jelena Noura Hadid is now a successful Victoria's Secret runway model as well as walking for top fashion brands like Versace Chanel and Tommy Hilfiger. She is a prominent figure in the fashion industry.

30 Paulina Gretzky

Paulina Gretzky is now famous for her active presence on social media and successful modeling career. Her journey began as the daughter of NHL legend Wayne Gretzky who was known as 'the great one' for his remarkable hockey career spanning two decades.

Paulina remained relatively unknown until after high school when she ventured into modeling and singing. She made a brief appearance in the movie Grown Ups 2 and was recognized as one of the top 100 most desirable women in the world by AskMen an online magazine.

31 Domhnall Gleeson

Domhnall is a familiar face from popular movies such as Harry Potter Star Wars: The Force Awakens Ex Machina The Revenant and About Time.

He appeared alongside his father Brandon Gleeson in Harry Potter where Brandon played Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody and Domhnall played Bill Weasley. In addition to acting Gleeson is also a writer and is widely regarded as one of the most attractive redheads in the industry.

32 Allison Williams

Allison the daughter of former NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

She has appeared on the popular show Girls with Lena Dunham and is also a graduate of Yale University. In 2015 she married Ricky Van Veen with the ceremony officiated by Tom Hanks. Allison is not only an actress but also a highly intelligent individual.

33 Max Irons

Max comes from a famous and intriguing family being the son of the renowned actor Jeremy Irons. Following in his father's footsteps Max has also pursued acting and has appeared in various films including The Host Woman In Gold The Runaways and Dorian Gray.

In his personal life Max has been in a relationship with Vogue assistant editor Sophie Pera for the last three years.

34 Chester Hanks

Chester who goes by the name Chet Haze is the son of Tom Hanks who is not as well-known as his brother Colin Hanks. While Colin has had success in acting with roles in shows like Life In Pieces and Fargo Chet has taken a more unique path as an aspiring rapper.

Despite facing some controversies Chet has inherited artistic talent from his successful parents and has dabbled in modeling acting and singing.

35 Rafferty Law

Rafferty the son of Sadie Frost and Jude Law has inherited his father's handsome appearance. He has found success as a runway model for multiple brands including ASOS DKNY and British Vogue.

Known for his relationships with beautiful young women Rafferty often makes headlines in English tabloids for his escapades. It seems he has inherited more than just his father's looks.

36 Patrick Schwarzenegger

Patrick the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver has transitioned from being the child of a famous actor turned politician to a successful businessman. After graduating from USC in 2016 with a business degree he assisted his father in managing Project360 a men's clothing line.

In addition to his business endeavors Patrick has ventured into modeling and acting. However his primary goal is to honor his family's legacy particularly his ties to the Kennedy family by pursuing philanthropic efforts.

37 Ray Nicholson

Ray is the striking resemblance of his father Jack Nicholson. He is Jack's son from his marriage to Rebecca Broussard. It is widely acknowledged that Ray inherited his father's famous grin (the one that gave us chills as the Joker).

Ray has made a name for himself in Hollywood without riding on his father's coattails. He started as a production assistant in films then moved up to assistant director and finally ventured into acting in 2016. Wishing you all the best Ray!

38 Francesca Eastwood

Once again we see a member of the Eastwood family making waves. Francesca daughter of Clint Eastwood is making a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

She gained attention after her appearance on the E! reality show Mrs. Eastwood and Company and has since been featured in films like Final Girl Kids vs Monsters and Outlaws and Angels. With her striking resemblance to her mother Frances Fisher known for her role in Titanic Francesca is definitely a rising star to watch.

39 Jesse Johnson

Don Johnson and Patti D’Arbanville are the parents of Jesse Johnson who has pursued a career in acting following his father's path. He has taken on roles in various films and television shows such as Killing Lincoln Prey Redline Word of Honor and Nash Bridges.

While many of his roles have been smaller his performance in Killing Lincoln in 2013 is regarded as his breakthrough role.

40 Zoe Kravitz

Zoe is often compared to her mother Lisa Bonet but her father Lenny Kravitz is the more well-known of her parents nowadays.

Zoe is involved in acting music and modeling with roles in films like the Divergent franchise music with her band Lolawolf and modeling for Vera Wang and Elle magazine. She is also the step-daughter of Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa who married her mother in 2007.

41 Brooklyn Beckham

Brooklyn the firstborn child of Victoria and David Beckham is a prominent figure in both the fashion and sports worlds. At just 17 years old he has made a name for himself through his strong social media presence and involvement in the young Hollywood scene.

Brooklyn has been romantically linked to several young Hollywood actresses and is still unsure about his future path. Whether he chooses to pursue higher education or join his parents in their business ventures it is clear that Brooklyn is just beginning his journey to success.

42 Max Hoffman

Max Hoffman the son of Dustin Hoffman has been quietly building his acting career for many years. At the age of 32 Max made his acting debut in 1991 as the young Peter Pan in the movie Hook.

Since then he has appeared in various films including Meet the Fockers Remember the Daze as well as television shows like Ghost Whisperer On Holiday Ask Me Anything and Asthma. It's clear that talent runs in the Hoffman family when it comes to acting.

43 Rossif Sutherland

Rossif Sutherland the son of the famous Donald Sutherland and lesser known brother of Kiefer Sutherland is satisfied with his career in acting and directing.

Despite his lack of widespread recognition Rossif has appeared in movies like Timeline and Dawn Before Dead as well as on TV shows like ER Monk Flashpoint and Haven.

44 Dylan Brosnan

Dylan the 19-year-old son of Pierce Brosnan is poised for success as a model. He has landed campaigns with Burberry Spring/Summer 2016 and Saint Laurent Menswear showcasing his good looks and famous lineage.

Dylan's promising career is proof that a strong jawline long legs and a famous family can open doors in the competitive world of modeling.

45 Sosie Bacon

Sosie the daughter of Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick both Hollywood heavyweights has been acting since she was 10 years old.

She made her debut in the film Loverboy and has also appeared in her mother's show The Closer as well as in various made-for-television movies. Now 24 years old Sosie's parents are happily married for over 20 years. It's still a mystery as to who she resembles more - her mother or her father.

46 Gabriel Day-Lewis

Gabriel Day-Lewis bears a striking resemblance to his father award-winning actor Daniel Day-Lewis with his piercing eyes pronounced eyebrows and slightly over-the-top demeanor.

Following in his father's footsteps Gabriel is poised to become another success story in his family. He shares a love of tattoos with his dad and has even made a fashion debut at the Chanel fashion show in Paris where he appeared alongside actress Julianne Moore.

47 Trey Smith

It's difficult to imagine that Will Smith had a life before he met Jada Pinkett but he did. He fathered son Willard Carroll “Trey” Smith III with his first wife Sheree Zampino. Trey known as the DJ AcE is quite popular and has already released several songs including Find You Somewhere which features his younger siblings Willow and Jaden.

Being a Smith Trey is expected to do something impressive with his life and he is certainly living up to that expectation.

48 Max Winkler

Max is a talented director and screenwriter who has worked in both film and television. He is the son of Henry Winkler and Stacey Furstman Weitzman with his dad known for his role as The Fonz in the sitcom Happy Days.

Drawing inspiration from his father's on-screen success Max has directed episodes of various TV shows including New Girl The Grinder Fresh Off The Boat and The New Normal. At 33 years old Max has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry.