Mum Mortified After Realizing She Mistook A Man For Louis Theroux

Veronica Glendenning had posted the video on TikTok, which featured photos from a night she had spent at the famous seaside resort. In it, she wrote, “Another time *DRUNK* in Blackpool thinking we had met Louis Theroux.” In fairness, the man who’d been sipping a pint bore a resemblance to the famous TV maker especially, after a few drinks. She’d captioned the video “This is another Belter.” Soon the video got viral and got more than 250,000 views on the video platform.

In the video, Veronica was seen posing with a friend while ‘Louis’ happily posed for the camera, although he’d looked like a bit guilty in the third photo. The comic video had left people in stitches and lots of fellow fans also had accepted that they’d mistaken him for Mr. Theroux.

One had written that to be fair that man did look like him. Another one, added casually that he looked more like Louis Theroux than Louis Theroux did. A third person, questioned that why was Louis Theroux at a Toby Carvery. Another user said that he had to re watch it thrice before he could believe it was not him and he was sober.


Social media is a powerful thing that connects people from around the globe. In this incident, one person came forward and said that he knew who the man was. He wrote that he would ask his friends at work whether they could recognize the man as he was pretty sure that the man in the photos was someone who worked in his office on a different shift. He added that Louis’s lookalike was a funny bloke, but he had not seen him for quite a bit in the office. He said that as soon as he would meet him, he would show him this video. He was confident that his colleague would laugh his head off. He said that he would update her after getting the confirmation.

Others had shared their own stories of confusing a member of public with a celebrity. A person had written that, it reminded him of the time he had thought he met Denzel Washington and had taken a picture with him.